Nitrous Engine Devs Wishes To Drop DX11 To Maximize DX12’s Potential, Talks DX12 Adoption Rates

Oxide Games talks about seeing a greater adoption over time.

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DirectX 12

DirectX 12 is no longer an API that’s seemingly on the horizon – it’s out and about with Windows 10. The question is – how many developers are making games to take advantage of it? It will be a while before every single developer hops on board but GamingBolt had a chance to speak to Oxide Games, creator of the Nitrous Engine and Ashes of the Singularity, one of the few DX12-supported games on the market, about the API’s adoption rates.

We asked Dan Baker, Tim Kipp and Brian Wade of Oxide if their close relationship with Microsoft for DirectX 12 could provide any information on the adoption rates of the API and feedback from devs that have used it so far.

They stated that, “We have a pretty good relationship with Microsoft. I actually worked on DirectX years ago, so I know those guys personally. We gave Microsoft out entire Mantle station and said, ‘have at it.’ We worked back and forth with them for a year. They helped us a lot with the initial implication. We’ve learned a lot. The difference between DX12 and the previous API is that the previous API was designed by Microsoft and they threw it over the fence and hoped it worked. This time around we actually had everything working and prototyped before the API was finalized. We’re pretty sure that everything works great. That’s a huge change from the previous ones.”

Right now, the adoption rate for DirectX 12 is fairly positive and there’s a desire to drop DX11 support in order to make full use of its potential.

“Consumer adoption seems pretty positive. DX12 works with a vast majority of GPUs. We’re not at a point yet where we would drop our DX11 support. We wish we could. Wish we could because we can’t completely take advantage of all of DX12 until we kill our DX11 version. We’re pretty happy with the adoption. To some extent whenever you’ve got something new like DirectX 12, you need people to pioneer the way. Once they prove that it works then you start to see a greater adoption. It’s an exponential growth. Somebody’s got to start somewhere. I’m really glad we’ve got such a good working relationship with Microsoft and Nvidia and AMD because trying to pioneer a new engine on top of a brand new graphics API and a brand new OS is definitely challenging for everyone involved.”

What are your thoughts on DirectX 12 and its current state in the industry? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for our full interview with the developers next week.

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  • Truth™

    PC Gaming keeps winning and stays winning

    Consoles will have no benefit whatsoever and both will remain 20FPS trash boxes.

    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      We haven’t ask for DX12.1 only DX12.0


  • Starman

    Facts …. and xb1 will benefit from DX12 in a big way … FACTS !!!!

    • Psionicinversion

      the Xbox 1 will have amazing graphics…. when PC games can be streamed through the xbox!!!

    • Starman

      Like I told you guys b4 , I’m a true gamer … I don’t have the best rig out here but far from the worst(can play most current gen games on ultra and 2k some 4k…but it struggles a bit lol) i know nothing (console) can mess with it , I have all consoles for exclusives … Xbox has some very nice games now and soon to come , still waiting on my PS$ to wake up but , that’s about the size of it … from the old school , still love my console , …now my 25 yr old son , is like you guys , can’t say sht about the PC lol . but it’s cool …i don’t and wont miss out , because i have all gaming platforms …

    • Psionicinversion

      point being dx12 isnt going to do much for the xbox so the only way to get big advance in graphics on it is by streaming a pc game through it

    • Starman

      One thing you missing … not trying to say it will match what it will do to PC …but, like the PC it will max out the xb1 to “IT’S limit” not Pc limit … I do know the difference ….

    • Psionicinversion

      you said itll affect it in a big way but that big way is probably quite tiny. itll help on the cpu side of things more but cant see it improving much

    • Starman

      LOL , I can’t win with you ….i get it tho ….

    • Psionicinversion

      tbh it depends if xbox’s current api is set up to feed the gpu with all 6-7 cpu cores already because it was a hybrid api when it launched. Even if it did say activate it, it would be able to send it faster but its only got like 12 compute units to feed anyway.

      Lets say for instance the AMD 400 series sticks with the same SP’s in its CU’s which is 64 SP per CU and the high end was 50% more powerful than Fury X. itll have 6,144 over 96 CU’s… thats why DX12 will have a massive impact on PC. lets say i get a 6 core intel or AMD Zen in 2017. Thats 12 threads, i.e. 12 “cores” DX12 can execute on to feed those 96 CU’s rather than just 1… but judging by Ashes of the Singularity benchmarks of DX12 vs DX11 mainly helps with heavy batches, so games will have to constantly use heavy batches to get the most performance back.

    • Mark


  • Psionicinversion

    DX11 needs to die on PC and go with dx12/vulkan either one doesnt matter its better than dx11 and opengl

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  • Mark

    Well, there it is. We won’t see a large number of games running DirectX12 features for years! Dam, it’s best to just enjoy the current games we do have with DX11 then……and to be fair, current games do look pretty dam good. There’s some moments in Tomb Raider where I just have to sit still and save a few screenshots. This thing is crazy beautiful.

    • Psionicinversion

      DX12 games are coming this year all though full ground up dx12 engines wont be here for a quite a while

    • Mark

      Yeah the engines will take quite a dam while

    • Gamez Rule

      Although DX12 is coming the Xbone IMO will not see the benefit of the games as not all devs will be using it. Maybe the next gen MS console will.

    • Mark

      Well first parties will tho. Fable Legends is running under DirectX12, and dam it’s gorgeous especially the lighting and particles. And even that isn’t being built ground up with DX12. So there are some benefits that isn’t being used yet, per Phil Spencer. However, it isn’t gonna allow something like 5 times more polygons on screen (not pixels) or GTX 980 performance lol. It’s just gonna allow for more Draw Calls, which amounts to more on screen at once, as also mentioned by the dev above. It’s just the fanboys going into a rage over this….pretty disgusting stuff.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yeah I agree. DX = MS, and that’s always been the case but nowadays DX should be more open for all platforms and not just Windows IMO. If not devs will just not use it to it’s full potential like we have seen in all DX’s.

      Another thing that’s worrying me is unlike DX11, there’s no major gaming titles at launch using true DX12?

    • Mark

      Yup. Nothin to show for lol. S’why I originally posted that it’s gonna take quite awhile for this thing to take off, atleast on most games which is 3rd party responsibility. I just take DirectX12 as generally positive. Developers always wanted super low level APIs, which will allow for some mind blowing games in the future. But for me, I look at Quantum Break and see what they’re doing with VFX, now that’s talent. People forget that even with the best API, best graphics engine, best physics middleware, studios and devs aren’t created equal.

    • Mark

      Here’s Fable in a DX11 and DX12 early beta comparison. So Microsoft will prolly be the only one pushing the features of it for first parties in the coming years. EA did mention they want DirectX12 to be the standard by end of next year….but it’ll never happen!

    • Orion Wolf

      Indeed they do, but imagine the AI, destruction and of course the visuals themselves, etc if dx12 has been used with the launch of the x1 and imagine the PC exclusives (like star citizen) and even the ports (which supposedly would have been a lot better than what they’re now – which is not really heard, imo) that would come from that.

    • Mark

      Yeah we’d have seen even better lighting and more fluid particle effects in these games. But I guess it’s better now than later, for Microsoft and the industry to develope these new APIs.

    • Gamez Rule

      I think deep down we knew this would be the case with DX12. I mean just how many developers are making games to take advantage of DX12 when DX11 is still about?. And lets be honest we still see plenty of games being made today for DX9.

    • Mark

      Yup. I mean c’mon, DX9! Ahahaa. Wow.

  • Hvd

    dx12 should be required for all games to force people to stop using win 7 & 8.more devs need to make that happen im glad ea want all their games by the end of 2016 to require dx12.more devs should do the same.

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    People forget is still onl DX12.0
    DX12.1 is our full 2nd gpu professional unlocking access

    • Guest

      Does Sony pay you to be on EVERY SINGLE Xbox thread with your MisterX parody stuff? Sure, he is a crackpot and everyone knows it…but you need some new material.

  • Bobby

    Seems like a mistake given so many people are refusing to migrate to Windows 10

  • Paul

    I think there is a few things we should remember, the adoption rate of Directx 12/Vulcan is likely to be much faster this time round, most of us already have a graphic card that works with it, the adoption rate is happening pretty fast with gamers according to Steam hardware survey and then there is the Xbox One, once that uses Directx 12, it should be quite easy for them to use that on the PC, also I’m willing to bet most developers want to move to it.

    So with all that, most games could be Directx 12/Vulcan by the end of the year, but I think many will still support Directx 11 but I suspect most of their effort will go on the Directx 12/Vulcan version.

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