No Half Life 3 Information Is A Tad Disappointing

And the wait continues.

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Gabe Newell’s AMA has come and gone. We’ve come to know about Valve’s plans for new IPs and budget Steam Machines. But something was missing and we all knew it. Yes, yet again, Valve Software failed to provide any information about Half Life 3.

It’s to be expected at this point. Valve is too focused on trying to get SteamOS and it’s Steam Machines off the ground to really pay attention to Half Life 3. Even if Newell was interested in providing answers on the same, it would probably be the same old song and dance – that they are working on it, that it has to be perfect and that it will be ready when it’s ready.

But to not even provide even that feels kind of odd. A conspiracy theorist could take Newell’s lack of information on the same to mean that Half Life 3 could actually be out there. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Tex Mex

    Half life 3 = bucket loads of $$$$$. 3 generations of fans. They are insane not to release. It is madness. Steam OS is a pipe dream. HL3 will bring funds to develop Steam OS is they insist on it. Samsung and Apple release average handsets just because they can. So why not release this game? Quality is there priority so do it boys!! We will all be old men soon and will be dribbling unable to hold a bloody mouse.

  • Ken Spencer

    Gabe knew full well that an AMA in return for donations would bring out the HL3fans wallets ignoring their questions after that is beyond insulting. Its beyond trolling anyone who donated in return for an AMA that actually was not ANYTHING should feel robbed. Thats the kind fan abuse I expect from EA not Valve.

  • Socrates

    The longer they wait to make Half-Life 3, the more fans Valve will pick up. I wasn’t a fan of the Half-Life series until well after Half-Life 2 came out. And, yes, they might not even be working on it, but if they are at least it seems they are trying to be somewhat good at marketing. But, with Valve’s history of multi-year-long gaps between prequels and sequels, laziness will probably end up being the reason they have waited so long to say anything about Half-Life 3.

  • Anthony Morales

    everyone should just relax, they’re probably making it on the down low while everyone else is focused on new consoles and such i’m pretty sure that they’re smart enough to be working on SOMETHING and then before you know it, boom half life 3. The suspense just attracts more attention to the past two games.


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