NPD July 2014 Report: PS4 Beats Out Xbox One Again

Total industry spending shows 16 percent year on year increase.

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Though it didn’t specifically list sales figures, the NPD’s July 2014 report revealed that the PlayStation 4 beat the Xbox One for the seventh month in a row in sales. Sony proclaimed at Gamescom that it had sold more than 10 million units worldwide. Even when it came to combined Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales though, the PS3 and PS4 together came out on top.

Microsoft didn’t have much to say other than Xbox One sales had doubled from month-on-month, owing to a price cut in June, and that consoles are selling at a steady pace. According to the NPD, total industry sending was at $514.3 million, indicating a 16 percent year on year growth.

Hardware sales increased by 100 percent year on year for $198.8 million. Software sales were down to $178.2 million, which meant a 15 percent year on year decrease, but this was due to the lack of many major releases in July. Despite the low sales, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us still emerged as the top game on PS4 and PS3.

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  • This_Games_hero

    Those recent monthly sales numbers are pretty weak if you compare them to holiday numbers. Plus you got to take into account the Xbox has not been launched and many many countries as PS4, but that will change this September. 🙂
    PS4 isn’t doing all that great in Japan. Actually Sony is doing pretty horrible as a company:

    • slumdog hundredaire

      PS4 is doing great. Sony Corp on the other hand…..

    • demfax

      Sony is on its way to recovering from years of losses and recently posted a quarterly profit as almost all of their divisions were profitable. They are not going bankrupt.

      Sony has total assets worth US$148.9 billion dollars, yearly revenue of $75+ billion, and $27+ billion in total equity. It is still one of the largest corporations on the planet with 150,000+ employees, ranked #233 in The World’s Biggest Public Companies on Forbes, and ranked #94 on the Fortune 500 2013.

      One rating agency’s opinion on Sony’s stock means almost nothing. Sony is recovering in finances, it posted a profit last quarter with almost all divisions reporting a profit including the Games division, and its stock price is stable or rising recently.

      Sony is selling or splitting off their lossy businesses (Vaio, TVs) and focusing on their profitable divisions. This means they’ll soon cut their losses and start turning a profit. Sony is in for a year or two of losses and restructuring, then provided their profitable divisions stay profitable, they’ll be on solid ground.

      The games division is in a net profit, posted a profit last quarter, and is well funded. Sony Computer Entertainment employs over 8,000 people working on Playstation across 50 countries. PSN is vastly improved and Sony is continually investing more into improving it.

      Macroaxis probability of bankruptcy declined from 79% to 44% and continues to shrink to this day, indicating a recovery.

      It’s sad PS4 is dominating so badly that ignorant fanboys are left desperately wishing Sony would go bankrupt. Keep dreaming, it’s not happening.

    • Mike

      Way to link an article that’s 7 months old dude. Pay attention to something a bit more current. You don’t know what the market for Xbox outside of the US and UK are either by the looks of it.

  • GHz

    This is good news. Sony needs every ounce of success. I think they should set PS4 brand on its own so the rest of company don’t bring it down if it comes to that. News from Japan wasn’t good for Sony as a whole this month, despite the runaway success of the PS4 brand. PS4 is doing phenomenal and its good for the gaming business as whole. And the XB1 not selling as many doesn’t mean that XB1 is failing because its selling great as well. You have two great sprinters in the race, and if these console had 1 year lifespans, PS4 won gold and XB1 won the silver. See, no losers. Not bad.

    • demfax

      Xbox is far from doomed. MS is making the right moves for a sales recovery. They just need to drop the price, launch more exclusive games, and wait for the bad PR to disperse.

      Imo Sony is making the right moves for a financial recovery itself.


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