Olivia Munn Sits in For Kathy Lee Gifford on ‘The Today Show’ as She Moves Her Way Up

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Olivia Munn was once our well known, cute and lovable co-host of ‘Attack of the Show’ on G4TV.  She has since moved on to bigger and better things trying to expand her career in show business.  We all miss Olivia wild and off the wall tactics on Attack of the Show, but we at GamingBolt.com fully support her choice to better her career… just don’t forget about those fans that helped brings your quirky self to where you are now Olivia!

She is now filling in for Kathy Lee Gifford on The Today Show during the fourth hour until Kathy Lee returns.  As if that isn’t enough to put her in the spotlight, she also has a new show called ‘Perfect Couples’ that airs on Thursdays at 8:30pm.  She of course brings her unique quirky talent to The Today Show as well as her new show on NBC. Olivia Munn plays the character Leigh on the show. Below is a brief plot description of the show.

“Perfect Couples revolves around three unique couples at various stages in their relationships, yet who face similar problems. Vance and Amy are a couple who fight a lot and have a very active sex life. Rex and Leigh view themselves as relationship experts and therefore a “perfect couple”, while Dave and Julia are considered the normal pair to whom everyone can relate.” – Wikipedia

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  • jbg0623

    I loved her on AOTS I’m just kind of curious as to why she’s chosen to be a part of such crappy shows. John Stewart didn’t even seem happy to have her on The Daily Show (if you noted the malcontent in his facial expression on that episonde). She was in Ironman 2 which was a smart move but the today show and now this sitcom? I think she’s better than all this and she’d be better off doing some small one-show deals with Spike, and I’d really like to see her in more movies. Some people just look like movie stars and she is definitely one of them.

    • PrivatePyle

      She was in Date Night.
      I’m kind of embarrassed I know that but it was the only thing I remembered from that movie.
      She’s definitely moving up.

    • jbg0623

      Yea, I do kind of miss her on AOTS though, I don’t see why she doesn’t go back for guest spots.

  • nmalthus

    Sitcoms are not a bad idea however the Today Show is crap. I’d love to see her doing tv series though.

    • doub7

      aots & kevin made her now shes sitting in 4 an old drunk

  • tareq salah

    I liked her in aots more than what she is doin now. I watched perfect couples and to be honest she is the worst out of the cast. I think it would be better for her to stay in aots and do guest appearance here and there.

  • aquaman22

    I’m sorry but this woman is an idiot and should not be involved in video games. She’s the Jessica Simpson of video games. Remember?? you remember, the one that ACTUALLY thought tuna was really chicken….Well anyhow i’m glad she’s off and gone of the show, and to those who will miss her hot little body, there’s a million and one good looking women that can replace!!!

    • PrivatePyle

      *cough* Candace Bailey *cough*
      Much cuter.

    • doub7

      *cough* sara underwood *cough*
      Much cuter

    • jbg0623

      I reeeeeeaaaaaaally have to disagree. The only person I see replacing her in terms of hotness is Morgan Webb and that would never happen. Sarah Underwood’s already done nude yoga for playboy and that kinda ruined her for me. She’s very hot but she’s no replacement for Olivia. Candace just sucks all around, but Andy Allo on the other hand, now that’s a girl I’d see as a replacement…..also a girl I’d like to see in Maxim and eventually Playboy. There are other girls who could replace her but the ones they’re thinking of just aren’t right for the job. You can’t just toss some skinny blonde in front of G4 cameras and expect everyone to adore her. Sarah Underwood is kind of a ditz, Olivia’s nowhere as dumb as her. And at least Olivia makes me laugh, Sarah makes me want to punch babies. Especially when she’s reading the feed, she does this hand clap thing every other sentence, it’s like a nervous tick and its distracting.

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  • doub7

    She has been really busy 4 sure. Perfect Couples is actually a pretty funny show, I have seen all of them so far. I like Candace Bailey but she is nowhere near as good as a host as Munn. Olivia is hotter imo also, but 2 each his own…lol.

  • charles2029

    What is she up to these days? I last saw her in Iron Man 2, then her show was cancelled.


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