Optimizing For DirectX 12 Will Take A Considerable Amount of Time – Zomboko

Not in their plans.

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Crossing the line

Microsoft’s upcoming API has seen its fair share of praise. The API, no doubt holds immense potential for games development when it launches late next year. AAA development studios will take full advantage of the API and games on PC and Xbox One will perform better as the API promises to reduce CPU overload.

But not all will be able to reap the benefits of DX12 as smaller studios and indie developers will focus on current technologies to improve performance. But will games that are due in 2015 take advantage of the new API? Zomboko Entertainment, the developers behind Crossing The Line, are one such developer that won’t be using DX12 in their game which is due in 2015.

“No, adding support for DX12 and its subsequent optimizations can take a considerable amount of time, which is not in our plans,” Artyom Mironov, the studio’s founder said to GamingBolt.

This is rather interesting since the game is due in 2015 and given that it’s primarily being developed on the PC first. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Guest

    Poor indies, nobody gives a F*CK.

  • d0x360

    Let’s use some common sense here…

    Of course indies aren’t going to code to dx12 in 2014 and if the project has already started they won’t in 2015 either. A lot of devs still use dx9. Why?

    The answer is simple. Time and money. You have to learn how to code for a new api. A new api doesn’t have many if any free public examples or code bases to pick through. Only big studios can afford to spend the time to learn. Also indies generally aren’t looking to have the best graphics possible. They are small teams they can’t blow you away with super high detail worlds with the best effects because they would never finish. By the time they got content complete some new effects would be out and they would have to go back and add them in. Rinse repeat.

    I love how all your articles about anything that has to do with microsoft have a negative slant somewhere in them.


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