Owners Of New PS4 Models Can Use Hard Drives Larger Than 2TB With Nyko Data Bank

In case you somehow need more than 2TB of storage.

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This will probably come as good news to a lot of people with storage woes on the PlayStation 4- all new model PlayStation 4 owners are now able to use 3.5” Hard Drives larger than 2TB in the Data Bank without any performance issues or having rest mode affected. This was previously not possible, and it does not require any modifications of any kind on the user’s end- all that is needed is for the user to use the Universal Cartridge, which is needed to use the Data Bank on the new PS4 models.

The Universal Cartridge will be included with all Nyko Data Banks moving forward, and if you have already purchased a Data Bank for yourself, but don’t have a Universal Cartridge, you can contact Nyko’s customer support so they can assist you with that issue.

Of course, none of this would be even necessary if Sony just let you supplement the internal storage with USB HDD storage, like the Xbox One and Wii U do, but clearly, that’s too much to ask of them.

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  • “In case you somehow need more than 2TB of storage.” I installed a 1TB drive at launch. I am constantly deleting games to make room for new ones. It would just be a matter of convenience, not necessity.

    Also, source would be nice. http://nyko.com/blogs/news/81188612-2tb-restriction-lifted-from-nyko-data-bank-for-newer-ps4-models

  • BigPrimeNumbers

    Sony really DOES need to support external HDDs; I couldn’t agree more!

  • legacy

    Sony trying hard as hel so nobody won’t hack the system ,but everbody suffering from the low 500 gig model

  • Gamez Rule

    Just place *upto 6TB* in that case and no need for any more storage solutions.

  • hiawa23

    I got a 1TB hybrid drive in mine & since I only buy exclusives like Uncharted, Killzone for the PS4, multiplats on my other console, that should be good enough for a while for me. No data bank for me. Hopefully, at some point Sony allows external drives or bigger 2.5 drives will be available if I need them.

    • archfiendx

      Not everyone wants to buy games on an inferior console hardware like you.

    • hiawa23


  • archfiendx

    Or you could just unistal the games you don’t play much and only instal the ones you do play considering 500 GB is more than enough to keep many games you play installed and considering it doesn’t take long to instal games on the PS4, unlike the Xbox One. Or you could just Instal a 2 TB internal hybrid drive which will speed up your entire system which is something Xbox One can’t do because it’s stuck with the slow standard 5400rpm stock HDD because Microsoft appears to be trash at making hardware, which Pramath conveniently fails to mention.

    Sony shouldn’t have to make piracy that much easier by allowing external storage just because a whinny, Microsoft shill wants it.

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