Oxide Games Dev Praises PS4’s Architecture, Hopes PCs Could Use DDR5 RAM As Well

Dan Baker also talks about the licensing of Nitrous.

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Oxide Games may be a relatively new company but it’s come under the spotlight thanks to the amount of talent involved. The company has already begun making waves with its Nitrous engine geared towards next-gen consoles. Speaking to Oxide Games’ partner Dan Baker, GamingBolt asked about the differences in power between the PS4 and Xbox One, especially with reference to the former’s 8 GB GDDR5 RAM, and how different they really were.

Baker responded that, “We like the PS4 architecture very much.In fact, we’d love to see PCs with DDR5 RAM on them because according to our analysis memory speed is an issue even for the CPU. Once you put a GPU on the same die, you need that much more bandwidth.”

When will the Nitrous engine be available for licensing? “Right now, we are working with a few close partners. Oxide is still a game company first – and we are building Nitrous to suit our own needs for the games we want to make. Actually, we are in a position where we don’t need to license our tech at all, but Oxide really wants to see (and play!) the types of games that Nitrous enables. In fact, we weren’t originally intending to license the technology quite so soon, but the interest has been really high so far.”

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  • Dakan45

    “we’d love to see PCs with DDR5 RAM on them because according to our
    analysis memory speed is an issue even for the CPU. Once you put a GPU
    on the same die, you need that much more bandwidth.””


    DDR4 hasnt even come out yet.

    “memory speed is an issue even for the CPU

    Eh duhh, the memory controllers are on the cpu, putting GDDR5 only will be a bottleneck, having only one pool of ram is better but you gotta balance it somehow ms did that with ESRAM but the weak gpu holds the system back.

    ANYWAY Pcs have GDDR5 since 2008 in videocards. The problem is that having only GDDR5 is bottlenecking cpus due to latency issues. Sure a tablet low power cpu like the one on next gen consoles doesnt need DDR3 but powerfull cpus do since the memory controllers are on the cpu. There are APUs on pcs but there arent any high end APUs, for pc gaming you need alot of cpu power specially with developers using up to 3 cores mostly. When mantle comes out and developers hopefully decide to utilize cpus completly and optimize the gpu on low level, then it will be relevant not now.

  • Matt

    I’m trying to figure out if it’s a spelling error or if they’re literally wanting DDR5 which is years away… Memory speeds coincide with DDR5 because going with lower latency ram is the only way to speed up the CPU according to their “analysis”. The only problem with that is that this is a console “praise” article written by a relative no one quoting a relative no one and if he’s wanting GDDR5 for the CPU then this guy is a complete dumbass.

  • Jason Mounce

    I hope DDR5 was a spelling typo and he actually had said GDDR5….

  • Lag-Fighting Tactics

    We did ask Sony for GDDR ram and they listened.
    The xboners budget gpu is there for herding it’s uses into Skype and watching tv for
    stat collecting than been games focused.
    They even now praise 720p as sort of close enough too 1080p that they now don’t mind very weak hardware as it’s gives the “1080p feel” when upscaled.


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