Pachter: “Wii U won’t save Nintendo”; “35% of Wii customers lost to FB and phones”

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Michael Pachter, the famous analyst is at it again, and he posted in NeoGAF saying that the Wii U won’t be able to save Nintendo, and they won’t be profitable anytime soon.

He explained, “I believe (and please feel free to disagree) that a large portion of the Wii audience comprised casual gamers–those who bought one or two games a year the first two years, then put the Wii aside–and that those casual gamers moved on to another platform.

“The “other” platform may have been Facebook games, smart phone games, tablet games, or one of the other consoles, but once they moved on, they are not likely to come back.

“Summing this up, I think the addressable market for the Wii U is around half of the market for the Wii, and I think Microsoft and Sony will compete for a portion of that market if the Wii U is priced too high.

“I think that the dedicated handheld market is permanently impacted by smart phones and tablets, and think that Nintendo’s addressable market is probably also half of its former market.”

While he does make a fair point, it’s too early to say if the Wii U will be successful or not. As far as I am concerned it all depends on the price of the system, which no doubt Nintendo has realized after the 3DS debacle.

He also tweeted that, “I don’t think the Wii U will save Nintendo. The Wii sold at least 35% of units to casual gamers, who are lost forever to FB and smartphones.”

“Nintendo SW sales dropped from ¥433 bn to ¥293 bn from 2010-11; HW sales dropped from ¥625 bn to ¥468 bn. This reflects “disarray,” he added.

I kind of feel this is just one part of the equation and he isn’t taking into account the Yen’s appreciation and other factors.

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  • tanto

    pachter needs to be ignored.

    He is never right

    Handhelds are under attack are they?

    Is that why the 3ds was the number 1 system sold in 2011?

    Is that why 3ds sales have tripled ds sales in the US during the first year? Is that why?

    ““People who have handhelds are either hardcore Mario nuts or kids under 12.”

    So that would be 16 million people worldwide now? more than the ds had sold in its first fiscal year.

    Pachter is known as the fool of the game industry for a reason. He is never right

    nintendo has said they will be profitable this year. WHat the fuck does he know

  • tanto

    if the 3ds market is half. Than why has the 3ds sold 3 times as much as the ds did in its first fiscal year?

    He will never address this because it unravels everything he says

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Calm down, dude. It’s just an opinion.

  • Jesse

    This guy oh man… All I have to say is this, look at Pachter’s previous analysis on the 360, the Wii, the PS3, and the 3DS…. This guy is the worst analyst ever! Yea, he has the right to his opinion but I swear this guy’s opinion is crap. Pachter, you lost all credibility in my book! You should jump of the highest bridge you can find, get real man…

  • Cookies R Us

    “famous analyst” lol. I think we’ve all seen his previous “analyzations”, but I still get a good lul out of reading an article about pachter.

  • daniel

    Patcher is so clueless, Nintendo is so powerfull all they have to do is release another pokemon game an make billion bucks off it.

  • ecchiducki

    ^ lol, so true.


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