People Are Buying More DLC Thanks To Xbox One and PS4

Say analysts.

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According to analyst firm EEDAR, the new generation home consoles Xbox One and PS4 have made the gaming market a much better landscape and have made it easier for gamers to function online, which means they’re now more willing to buy downloadable content than they were with the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

“The marketplace has really expanded well,” said EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin. “If you make a good enough game you can continue to sell more of your game in a better way than you could on the 7th gen platforms. You can sell better ongoing DLC, you can monetize with micro-transactions, it’s a better marketplace.

“People are more [comfortable with] paying for additional content than they used to be. As practice becomes common practice, and it gets very prevalent, it gives you the ability to monetize well if you execute well. That’s a really good thing for the industry.”

As PS4 and Xbox One owners, do you feel you’ve been more inclined to buy DLC lately? If you don’t own the two systems, do you think your view regarding DLCs can ever possibly change? Tell us in your comments!


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  • Elizabeth Bailey

    It’s the end of the world as we know it.

    It’s amazing how many people here think

    this generation of consoles could truly be the last:

  • Psionicinversion

    More willing to buy DLC, are you freaking kidding me, we arent willing to buy it were FORCED to buy it to extend our games, damnit what a dumb approach to an article, with EA stuff is purposely cut out to sell to us later. Stupid people its thinking like that which is why were in this mess in the first place

    • I disagree… I bought the AC DLC “Freedom Cry” and that was hardly an extension to the game – it was basically a short AC game in and of itself…

    • Psionicinversion

      i mean the games like from EA where you can tell stuff is purposely cut out just to sell like Sim City and there addons, The sims is prolly the worst but ppl buy it so its becoming more and more common worst of all accepted

    • I haven’t played the new Sim City yet so I don’t know about that… I really wanted to since I have a love of that franchise almost as much as that of Civilization, but then I heard so many bad things about the latest release I just steered away from it.

    • Psionicinversion

      when the offline mode comes in ill be able download it, im sick of EA and there piles of trash, go look at the amount of DLC you can buy for sim city, its a joke and they were pumping that out before they fixed the game…. this is a parody of Boogie2988 playing his character Francis on the views of simcity when it was realesed (bout a year ago now i think) BEWARE you will laugh your a$$ off…


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