Pete Hines Under Fire From Fallout 4 Fans, Accused Of ‘Not Caring About The Lore’

Hines has had a few social media missteps the last couple of months.

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While Fallout 4 fans have to appreciate the fact that Bethesda’s Pete Hines is approachable on Twitter, one has to wonder if the VP might start to reconsider a platform that only allows him to community 140 characters at a time. Over the last couple of months, Hines has made a number of short, seemingly terse comments that have got him in a bit of hot water. The latest is a comment that some fans of the series have taken to illustrate that Bethesda doesn’t really care about the Fallout series and the lore that surrounds it.

Hines was asked by one fan about a particular part of the story and according to about a personal log that appears in Fallout 4. According to this player the log describes the drug Jet, something that didn’t occur until the events of Fallout 2. Hines responded that the log does not show what date it was posted, alluding to the possibility the log was entered in the appropriate time frame. Hines is then asked about a quest called “kid in the fridge”  where “a ghoul kid survived 200 years in a fridge without food or water. How’d he do that?”

Hines responded that he was “not interested in discussing how realistic things are in an alternate universe post-apoc game w/ talking mutants and ghouls” That response prompted a fury of responses all claiming Hines doesn’t care about the lore of the game, while others took aim at his response having a “don’t give a crap” tone to it. Hines claimed neither of those opinions were true, that he cared very much about the game but that he simply didn’t think there should be so much attention dedicated to finding realism in a game where mutants and ghouls roamed the land. We’ve got a feeling this might dog Hines for a little while.

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  • Overkill-a

    Little kiddies will cry over anything. I for one would like to tell Hines, “Thanks man, I love Fallout 4!”

    • Unknown

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    • One With Shadows

      I’m noticing two things here, in this comment section…
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      2. Somebody’s extremely out numbered. Notice how everyone likes Fallout 4. I’m guessing youre just mad cuz your Mommy wouldn’t let you play it. It is rated M after all. Oh I just thought of a 3rd…

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    • Unknown

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  • JFpaes15

    It must be so reassuring for old school Fallout fans to know that Bethesda don’t give a damn about the lore and consistency of the IP.

  • Brandon Gurney

    Seriously? This guy spent 5 years of his life creating this game. Let it go you brats. Games awesome.

    • Unknown

      Seriously? This douche-bag didn’t create nothing, he’s just a very lousy & arrogant pr agent that should’ve been fired a long time ago. Also Fallout franchise sucks.

  • Dernden Nermden

    Children are irrational lunatics. Why should Pete bother explaining anything to a kid? especially when the answers are in the game. The kid was probably dogpiling him to dirt anyways. You dont see Scorsese fans comparing him to dirt cause of an unrealistic action scene or something, then demanding answers on why it sucks.

    • Unknown

      I bet u’re his mistress since u’re defending him to the moon. Get a life!

  • Unknown

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