Phil Spencer Commends Sony’s Performance With The PS4

‘I really respect their focus on investing in new things and creative things’

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has commended Sony’s loyalty to their franchises despite whether or not they are best sellers. He was quoted:

“Sony – and I’m focused on first-party because of what I do – I really respect their focus on investing in new things and creative things, what they’ve done with David Cage and Quantic Dream around Beyond [Two Souls] and Heavy Rain; they stay committed to franchises even if they don’t sell 10 million units, they’ll stay committed to things.

“I think that long-term commitment to franchises is important, where it’s easy to pull off the Band-Aid and move onto the next thing [if it doesn’t sell]. I respect their ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. I’ll say, they’ve done a nice job with PS4 […] When I think about their announcement, their clear focus on a customer, leading with the value proposition of what they’re trying to do, staying true to a vision, I think they’ve done a nice job in how they defined the PS4,” has said in a recent interview with OXM.

He is indeed correct. Sony and Microsoft both have literally been pushing for a ton of exclusives in 2014. It’s going to be an interesting year ahead. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • El Nino

    Oh my! No comments in this section? I guess it’s true what they say: Gamingbolt is Microsoft-paradise and PS4 should therefore be bashed when bad news appear and ignored when good news (like this one) appear. Oh my …

    • Dakan45

      lol nice one its the other way around gamingbolt will try to bring ps4 on every xbox thread and that comes from a pc gamer.

  • Kam Williams

    Good to see Spencer demonstrate how to be a professional. Now just compare Spencer’s comments with some of the things Sony’s executives have been saying about the Xbox One. Even though the Xbox One is being outsold (at the moment), Spencer keeps it classy…something Sony fanboys are incapable i’m afraid.

    • DNA

      Trust me, if Microsoft could trash talk Sony they would but can’t so won’t. And the times they could have Sony was clever and humble enough to come forth, admit guilt, apologize and move forwards.

  • Richardo

    I think his comments reflect the internal struggle he and others in the Xbox division have to go through when a 1st party title doesn’t sell great. He has to convince those above him that they should continue funding that 80 million dollar title even though it didn’t make alot of money, or maybe even lost some money.

    Its about convincing his bosses and those on the board of directors and investors, that games take time to get traction and are nesseary part of launching a console. And Launch titles are more about getting money, they are necessary to stay alive in the 1st year before install base is big enough to recoup development costs for st party titles. I bet you many of these launch titles for MS/Sony do not get back their value, but its a necessary cost to gain traction for the system.

    That patience is what they needed to give Rare. But they did the exact opposite and demanded specific launch dates and forced Rare to twist and warp projects to reach a certain goal or launch date back during the XboxOG and 360 days. Almost anytime a title didn’t sell well enough they had Rare work on a new franchise. Bungie has hinted about the heavy parenting hand that Microsoft had that stifled them.

    The guys who head the Xbox division are absolutely fantastic but they have to deal with all this politics in the corporate giant that is MS.


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