Phil Spencer Comments on Positive Statements Regarding Sony, DX12, Xbox One Games & Updates

Xbox boss talks about various things including the stability of Windows 10 and upcoming update features.

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It’s no secret that the Xbox One is in a significantly better place now than one year ago. In fact, it could be argued that the console is on fire despite issues with games like 343 Industries’ Halo: The Master Chief Collection. With Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 – not to mention games like Quantum Break, Ori and the Blind Forest and many more on the horizon – things are starting to pick up for Microsoft.

That being said, Xbox division boss Phil Spencer is a humble guy. He recently tweeted praise for Sony’s PS4 along with the Xbox One and the great games that came out for both consoles. This rustled a few jammies to be sure but Spencer maintained that, “It’s about gamers finding Xbox valuable, if we build the right platform the right things happen” rather than any real cut-throat war between both consoles.

That’s not all though. Spencer also had some important tidbits about various other things. First, he revealed that there would be more information on DirectX 12 as the company gets closer to releasing its next big OS, Windows 10. “We’ll be talking more about DX12 in 2015, important part of Win10.” For those who don’t know, DirectX 12 will be shipping with the operating system when it releases next year.

Spencer also stated that as far as Windows 10 goes, “I’m finding tech preview to be stable and easy on my daily work laptop.” So for those who own average laptops and were disappointing with Windows 8’s so-called low system requirements, it sounds like Windows 10 will provide a better experience.

Also on upcoming updates for the Xbox One, Spencer revealed that there wouldn’t be any significant changes coming in December and January. “December and January will really only be backend features for platform, no real public facing features.” This makes sense when you consider most of the very big changes were introduced throughout 2015 including improved Snap capabilities, Achievement tracking and much more.

Spencer also said that he liked the idea of people without licenses downloading off of the store in order to reduce installation times for games. When this feature will be implemented for consumers remains to be seen but at the very least Microsoft is aware of the same.

For those wondering about specific games like Happy Wars which are yet to release for the Xbox One, Spencer said that, “I promised an update. Team is making good progress but they don’t want me to commit them to a date yet, sorry.” Now if only we could receive some more information on when games like Capybara’s Below would be hitting the console. Regardless, keep the hope alive.

What are your thoughts on the current scenario of the Xbox One and the upcoming changes we’ll be seeing such as with DirectX 12? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • It will be interesting to see what comes of DX12 and Windows 10, will the operating system of Xbox One get an overhaul like the Xbox 360 and NXE?

    What first games will utilise DX12, will it be first party titles (first) or will Microsoft farm the coding out to a second/third party to incorporate into one of their titles.

    Possibly Respawn Entertainment and EA games (TitanFall 2), Square Enix (Rise of the Tomb Raider)?

    • Psionicinversion

      halo 5 is the first and then first partys because i dont think theyve even released a beta SDK out to 3rd parties yet and wont do for some time

    • Lennox

      You’re right. But as close as EA and MS are, I’m willing to bet that they may have a beta version of DX12.

    • Mark

      That’s a keen observation……..considering Mantle can be easily ported to DX12 code, and Frostbite is EA’s engine (which uses Mantle now), that’s a strong possibility. I’d luv to have atleast some select 3rd parties using DX12 upon launch (holiday 2015).

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Yet the best option still would be to partner with Nvidia (Since AMD screwed them) and go full PC gaming since that is where the market is heading.

    • Starman

      You’re delusional , if you think because PC has better graphics , all gaming is headed in the PC direction … Remember this , before you let something like that come out of your mouth again , “until they figure out a way to control piracy and get big exclusive …we have a long ways to go before your “pipe dream comes true.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Sorry for your loss. Kiddo. By the way, PC does have better graphics.

    • I’ve been hearing about how the market is heading towards PC gaming and consoles will be dead soon for a couple decades now. But yet this generation of console has so far outpaced the last gen, and that gen outpaced the one before it. So the reality of the market seems to conflict with where you think it is headed…

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      The reality of the market is the one Sony and MS are not selling you. PC gaming is vastly outpacing consoles in software and hardware revenue.

    • It very well may be outpacing it – but the fact is that consoles seem to only be getting more popular right now.

      I’ve been hearing your argument for quite a few years now and, funny thing, it doesn’t seem to have blunted the popularity of consoles one iota.

  • Mark

    In general I think Phil wants to work in the console industry for a long time (already has), and wants to be #1 with Xbox, but, would like to see Sony and Ninity succeed as well, as it’s good for consoles in general. Phil’s impact will be felt big time in the next 2 years. I think he’s already turned the ship around, but it’ll take time before he hits his full stride with the X1 and Windows gaming. Sony’s doin their thing, and we’ll see what Nintendo does hardware wise in the coming years……..will they go full next gen?

  • Kidd

    With window’s 10 Dx12 and everything Microsoft has done and improved in just a year or so show’s there committed to what the fans (Consumer’s) want done and the service we deserve. They are coming along as a team and as a company that are valuing our opinions as a buyer and turning them into a innovation we use daily. I could not be happier about the changes and am looking forward to whatever else they have to bring to us as a consumer!


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