Phil Spencer: Decoupling Xbox One and Kinect Will Lead to Better Kinect Sales Later

Head of Xbox believes “experience with Kinect is the best Xbox One experience”.

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Microsoft recently announced that it would begin selling the Xbox One without Kinect from June 9th onwards at $399. This was a significant U-turn from the company’s earlier stance of Kinect being essential to the Xbox One experience, but Head of Xbox believes this will lead to more consoles with Kinect in the long run. This is because consumers will be spurred towards the Xbox One quicker and then purchase Kinect when they see how much value it offers.

In conversation with CNET, Spencer said, “In the long run, I think we’ll actually end up with more Xbox Ones with Kinect out there with this strategy.

“If consumers choose that they don’t want Kinect, or they want to add it later, we’re going to make that available. But this is about a continuum and in the end, I hope everyone sees that the experience with Kinect is the best Xbox One experience.”

Kinect will be available separately this Autumn for the Xbox One, though a price has yet to be indicated. Stay tuned for more information.

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  • ME3X12

    I will say this much I’d punch Don Matrick in the face if I ever saw him. I personally always felt Xbox should of been released as the most powerful console on the market and had Kinect 2.0 sold separately or had a two sku options one being just the Xbox One without Kinect and the other being the premium option bundled with Kinect just like they did with the 360 at launch. This way they could have a more powerful system plus still give options to consumers. I don’t think their is any question within MS corp if they could do it differently and do a relaunch they would do this and would beef the specs slightly. Don Matrick is clearly to blame for this. He had a good vision but the problem was he did not take into account what the consumers as a whole truly wanted. Someone at MS should of stepped in and saved themselves from that moron Don Matrick.

    None the less Xbox one is a great system with a great controller and the best online and features and also has the best and most first party exclusives lined up. So hopefully now Phil Spencer salvage most of this the best he can and thus far he’s doing a bang up job and is establishing himself as the best guy around for any company running a game console division to bad we did not have him prior to launch we could be looking at a much more powerful Xbox but we will never know. Again Xbox One is still great and it’s about the games but man what could of been one can only dream.

    • Avatar Roku

      Don Mattrick made Xbox the best selling console for the last 3 years. He also turned the Xbox division into a profitable entity. There’s a ton of Xbox One owners who want to wring Phil Spencer’s neck today. Let’s see how he does, but so far the Kinectless Xbox (tard pack 2.0) seems to be failing. The new $399 system is not getting preorders on Amazon despite tons of site promotion and lower price.

      What does this genius Spencer do if the new downgraded SKU flops? What’s his plan B I wonder?

  • Michael Norris

    ”I hope everyone sees that the experience with Kinect is the best Xbox One experience.”

    Really Mr Spencer? Really? i hate when PR tries to tell us how much better our experience would be with hardware we don’t want or never needed.MS isn’t the only company that does this,just saying it’s total bs.

    • Avatar Roku

      Why pick on the Kinect, there are people who only buy digital and say the Blu-ray drive is worthless. There are people who never connect their game machine to the internet and say WiFi and Ethernet are worthless. There are even people who only use Xbox for video apps (I know several of them), to them the game controller is worthless. My point is that Kinect it’s no different than any other component.

      By the way I bought Xbox One for Kinect and all the amazing things it does. If they stopped selling Kinect I would sell my systems and all of my Xbox games. Then I’d buy a machine from a company that was interested in innovation.


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