Phil Spencer Discusses Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One

He discusses why it works the way it does.

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Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One was surely an amazing surprise, back when Microsoft revealed it at E3 earlier this year, and that, coupled with Sony’s lackadaisical response to the issue, is what marked the turn in their public perception, and generation of goodwill.

Phil Spencer took to his Twitter, as he is wont to do, to discuss exactly what makes the backwards compatibility on the Xbox One work, and answer questions and concerns users may have had about it.

Discussing the download requirement for all compatible Xbox 360 games, even those for which the user may have a disc, Spencer said it would always be a requirement. “It will always be a download, we need some data for the emulator that isn’t on the 360 disc,” he said. He also confirmed that the emulator will never be included or embedded in the OS– it will always have to be included as a wrapper on the game files being downloaded, at least for this generation.

Personally, as many caveats as it comes with, I’m a fan of the Xbox one backwards compatibility, if only because of the coding marvel it is. I look forward to seeing the bulk of the Xbox 360 library working on the Xbox One.

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  • XbotMK1

    Well then you should know that the PS3 is much harder to emulate, and Sony didn’t give a lackadaisical response to it. In fact they praised it and they accepted the fact that they probably will never be able to offer native backwards compatibility because of the cell processor.

    And the only reason why Microsoft added backwards compatibility is because they’re losing. Microsoft didn’t give two sh*ts about backwards compatibility when they launched the Xbox One. People asked Microsoft if they were going to offer backwards compatibility like the PS4? In fact, on multiple occasions Microsoft stated and I quote, “Our fans want to play new games, not old ones.”

    And the Xbox One backwards compatibility only offers a small minority of Xbox 360 titles.

    But of course the industry lies, hypocrisy, and the Microsoft *sskissing continues as dumb*ss website continue to hide Microsoft’s lies, greed, and scams like putting AA batteries in their controller to make you buy a chargable one. Like charging for a proprietary headset adaptor. Like charging you for party chat, free to play games, and charging you just to live stream your games from Xbox One, when all of these are free on the PS4 and PC. Like not including the ability to upgrade your HDD but websites get excited for a new 1 TB Xbox One.

    And praising features that Microsoft steals from competitors after they once ignored or downplayed them.

    Nothing is more disgusting or hypocritical than how these sites get excited for monthly free Xbox Live games. Microsoft recently revealed that they’re giving away MGS V Ground Zeros which PlayStation Plus offered two months ago. Not only are they copying PlayStation Plus, but copying the same games from PlayStation Plus so that you’ll just pay for one service and not their competitor’s. How do people support such a company or product?

    I remember when PlayStation Plus first launched, there were Xbox focused news sites who were asking Microsoft to start offering free games like PlayStation Plus, after claiming for years that the $60 Xbox Live subscription a year was worth it because they think Xbox Live was better. So if Xbox Live is better, why would you ask for free games after you defended the $60 a year paywall?

    • Terminator

      Nothing to see here people just your hypocritical, misinforming, PS Drone XbotMK1. Flag and move along.
      For reference here is XbotMK1 for you.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      So supporting Sony’s way of forcing you to rent your own PS3 games is a better way of doing backwards compatibility ?

      A lot of salt out there

    • Ahmazin

      I’m just waiting to see how backwards compatible it will truly be. I’m in the preview… and the titles so far available… well let’s just say it’s worse that the original xbox to 360 backwards compatibility.


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