Phil Spencer May Be Teasing Perfect Dark


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Perfect Dark 3

As of right now, Microsoft has, without a doubt, the weakest first party lineup and stable of franchises in the industry. Nintendo’s catalog of games is, of course, second to none, and Sony has been building up a healthy set of franchises over the last decade or so as well. Microsoft’s, in contrast, stands as really anemic.

It doesn’t have to be this way- Microsoft is sitting on a gold mine, as it owns Rare, and Rare’s franchises would give it some extremely strong, compelling original games. In recent years, Microsoft has made more of a move to utilize Rare IP- the Xbox One launched with Killer Instinct, for example- and Phil Spencer was teasing a new Rare game for the Xbox One a while ago, while Microsoft registered a trademark for Battletoads as well.

Now, it appears, that the new Rare game may in fact be Perfect Dark, judging by Phil Spencer’s teasing on Twitter.

Of course, it is to be noted that he didn’t say anything too specific- but given the context that we have, it’s not a stretch to believe that Rare may actually be working on a brand new game in the series. Now, whether that game is any good or not is something that remains to be seen.

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  • d0x360

    Microsoft owns a ton of good IP. The problem is a lot of it was released on the original Xbox and that audience was mostly hardcore shooter fans.

    I’d love to see new games in the following series. Crimson skies, mech assault, rallisport challenge, voodoo Vince, blinx, perfect dark, amped, quantum redshift, project Gotham, bloodwake, conker, midtown madness, nightcaster and otogi.

    There are a few I’m missing but og Xbox had some pretty good exclusives some of them rough around the edges but all of them fun with tons of potential.

    The really odd thing is we haven’t seen another mech assault. That series sold really well and it was tons of fun, same with crimson skies.

    • Yami Sen

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    • Mark

      Would luv to see Banjo. I think that’s what Rare’s workin on. Also, Phil luvs OG Xbox exclusives 🙂

    • d0x360

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a new platformer either. I think rare is working on something more unexpected but you never know.

  • HisDivineOrder

    I don’t know. Usually, when they’re working on a game, they don’t make much of a comment at all. That comment is Phil Spencer’s typical, “Yeah, that’s a good idea. We’ll consider it for the future” default answer nowadays. He realized that all the silence wasn’t working out before. And telling the God’s honest truth is just not in the cards because, well, they’re a huge corporation. They can’t do that. It’s like a giant corporation admitting it released a console with a near 50% failure rate and doing a recall. It doesn’t happen in the modern age. Instead, they do a “quiet” warranty “upgrade” while claiming nothing is really wrong for as long as possible, hoping the problem will resolve itself. And if it doesn’t, then they can claim the warranty extension is a “good will” instead of the alternative to a recall that it really is.

    No, I think this is just the new Microsoft being new. The new Microsoft wants to look like it’s listening to users instead of ignoring them (ie., Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 to 8, Metro in general, Surface (ARM-based), Xbox One’s initial reveal, Xbox One’s initial description of changes to the console dynamic, lack of Windows gaming initiatives, no Office for iPad/Android for far too long), so they’ll give you the no-nonsense answer of, “Yeah, we’ll do that eventually. I’m sure.”

    I suspect Battletoads is the game they’re going back to. Funny story. I watch this guy Maximillion Dood on Twitch and he loves him a fighter. He’s working with the guys over at Iron Galaxy on Killer Instinct (the new one). And just recently, he played him some Battletoads.

    I’d say THAT’s more of a sideways hint at what Microsoft is doing than anything Phil Spencer’s going to say. Because I think Max has a reason he has Battletoads on the brain.


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