Phil Spencer On Windows 10 Livestream, Scalebound Progress & Xbox One Screenshot Information

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As per usual, the ever reliant Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to once again answer questions that are put to him and generally stay in touch with the Xbox community of gamers. This time around he answered some questions regarding Windows 10, Scalebound, Platinum’s Xbox One exclusive game, and the Xbox One screenshot feature.

Spencer confirmed that some of the Windows 10 event is going to be live streamed but gave no details of where and when. In response to questions about this, he said “Parts of the event will be streamed. I’ll confirm where it will be streamed and tweet that out.”

When asked if Xbox One would be able to capture screenshots come the end of January, Phil simply replied, “Not January but soon.”

Finally, answering two questions on the matter, Spencer addressed the state of Scalebound, Platinum’s upcoming Xbox One exclusive. First by redirecting gamers to TiC podcast and then pointing out that it’s not likely to be seen before E3 by saying, “Ken talked about it some on the TiC podcast, I think it will be awhile before we talk about it again.” He also said, “The Xbox Scalebound team is near me so I see it daily, they are making good progress. I sneak on builds about once a week.”

Source: Twitter.

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  • Scalebound just might be the sleeper hit of the year. Like sunset overdrive was for me and many others. Platinum games have always been one of my favorite studios for action adventure games.

    • VersaType

      I hope this game sells really well. Platinum deserves to make a big profit after making such great games! They’ve been wanting to do really well in the west. This is their chance.

    • I agree! I believe them when they say it will be amazing because of Platinum’s history. It will definitely have fan support. I just hope they release it on a date where it can receive recognition because there are a lot of great Xbox games coming this year. Starting in March with Ori and Blind Forest.

    • VersaType

      I agree. They could try releasing it in October like they did with Sunset Overdrive.


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