Phil Spencer On Xbox One Cloud, Titanfall 2, Xbox OS X App And More

Backwards compatibility for more games is just a matter of time.

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There’s a reason why we recently named Phil Spencer our video game industry personality of the year. The Xbox chief is not shy about taking to social media and talking about what interests him. Most recently he was talking about just how Microsoft handles using its Azure cloud services for any number of different games. He also talked about the plans for bringing even more games to the backwards compatible features on the Xbox One, whether there might be a Mac version of Xbox App and finally when Titanfall 2 might be coming.

The Titanfall 2 talk actually ties into his clarification about Azure. One particular Twitter user asked him whether there were plans to lock down Titanfall 2 adding “hate to see the franchise lose out on Azure Cloud computing and servers.” To this Spencer replied, “Azure services are available to any game, even other platform’s exclusives. We wouldn’t keep someone from using.” When the user decided that meant it was a no comment, Spencer pointed out he really can’t say a lot about 3rd party games until there really is something to report.

When it comes to an Xbox app for the Mac (OS X) Spencer said they didn’t have one because there hasn’t been a lot of requests for it. He did tell the person who was asking for it that they could certainly put in an official request for the application. Spencer added he wanted to see how many people would be interested in such a thing. Finally Spencer reiterated that he wants to bring as many older games to the backwards compatible service, saying it was just a matter of time.

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  • Robert

    Sony exclusive games
    Powered by Microsoft Azure

    • Rodney Patrick

      Services dumb@$$ meaning that anyone who want to use Azure servers they will have to pay for,win for Microsoft.

    • archfiendx

      And why do you care so much whether Microsoft gets money? And how is that a win?

      If Azure is available to anyone then it contradicts how Microsoft fanboys stated that, “Only the Xbox One has the powa of da cloudz” which we all knew was a lie. It looks like Microsoft fanboys have lost their ammo again.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Stfu dumb@$$ sonyfangirl

    • Jacob S

      On a cloud based multi plat off loading physics and ai to the cloud is something that the PS4 was not designed for nor does Sony have the money to invest in the server farms required. PS4 will never be able to match the physics, AI, player count, particle effects that the Xbox1 will be able to achieve with cloud computing… even with slow internet speeds.

    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      Yes, so we could ask for them not to use DX12 on our version as not to damage Sony to much during their recovery period.
      Apple will step in we are told. Sony had to sell their HQ they are in EEE credit rating.

    • BobFour

      Mag is 256 on PS3..

    • Jacob S

      MS said anyone could use the cloud for FREE from day one. 3rd party devs chose not to use the cloud computing because of the requirement of a internet connection for single player/campaigns. If they did the PS4 / X1 power difference debate would be going a lot different.

    • Mav6

      They never said it was FREE to use and that is where the issue lies with 3rd party developers. The money it costs to do compute calculations on AZURE or to use MS dedicated servers for multiplayer games are very expensive. These developer would rather cut corners and use Hybrid, P2P or in house servers that are always overloaded because it’s cheaper. Titanfall, Halo 5, Forza5/6/FH2 and Gears Ultimate are far superior online experiences to anything else on the market and it’s not even close.

    • Mark

      I have to say Mav, that Halo 5 performs miracles online. I can only remember experiencing one dam hitch during gameplay. As for Black Ops 3, this is so not the case!

    • archfiendx

      That is a dumb comment.

      Sony doesn’t have to use Azure, and “Powered By” is just a marketing term. Cloud services like Azure don’t power games.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Stfu you sound salty

    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      We have agreed to help in their recovery.
      So this is greats news.
      Together we can keep Apple out of the console market.
      We are very Sure Sony fans will support us wanting them to have Titanfall now as well.

  • archfiendx

    That Twitter user must be really dumb. There is nothing really special about Azure. It’s a bunch of lower power dual core CPUs sitting in racks. And there was nothing special about Titanfall using Azure that other games haven’t already done with other cloud services. That moron must not know about Battlefield.

    There are other servers besides Azure and Azure isn’t special. If other platforms, such as Sony, wanted to use their own servers, they could, just like they did for Driveclub.

    This whole obsession over dedicated servers is dumb and it’s the Microsoft fanboys who are leading the charge in this stupidity. These corporate slaves latch onto anything to defend a brand.

    • Jacob S

      You are the dumb one ____A game like Titanfall is a server hosted game meaning that everyone connects to the servers and the server hosts the game-> not the person with the fastest internet connection in the lobby. It takes away host advantage and levels the playing field for slower internet connections… makes cheating harder and easier to monitor for.

    • Rodney Patrick

      LMAO your typical sonyfangirl logic

    • BobFour

      Its true..

    • GHz

      You say..

      “There is nothing really special about Azure. It’s a bunch of lower power dual core CPUs sitting in racks.”

      But the truth is…

      “Deploying the latest version of NVIDIA GRID™ in its new N-Series virtual machine offering, Azure is the first cloud computing platform to provide NVIDIA GRID 2.0 virtualized graphics for enterprise customers. For the first time, businesses will have the ability to deploy NVIDIA Quadro®-grade professional graphics” – See more at:

      You say..

      “If other platforms, such as Sony, wanted to use their own servers, they could, just like they did for Driveclub.”

      Which is a half truth because youre now trying to have pple believe that Gaikai is doing what Azure is doing, and that’s a lie.

      The truth is..

      “I personally talked to both Microsoft and Sony and explained that we need to find a way to have potentially hundreds-of-thousands of dedicated servers at a price point that you can’t get right now. Microsoft realized that player-hosted servers are actually holding back online gaming and that this is something that they could help solve, and ran full-speed with this idea.

      The Xbox group came back to us with a way for us to run all of these Titanfall dedicated servers and that lets us push games with more server CPU and higher bandwidth, which lets us have a bigger world, more physics, lots of AI, and potentially a lot more than that! Amazon has a cloud that powers websites. Sony has a cloud that streams game video so you can play a game that you don’t have on your machine. Now Xbox Live has a cloud that somehow powers games.” – Jon Shiring,

      It absolutely cool to love your platform of choice, but you don’t need to lie about the competition to justify your choice. I could never understand PS4 fans when it comes to this.

    • Kim Huff

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    • archfiendx

      Why are you always lying and cherry picking quotes out of context?
      NVIDIA GRID isn’t part of Azure. The quote you provided was about Microsoft and Nvidia forming a partnership that allows Azure to provide the tools for enterprise customer’s to connect to Nvidia’s GRID servers. Any company could do that. There is nothing special about Azure.

      “You’re trying to have people believe that Gaikai is doing what Azure is doing, and thats a lie”

      The only one lying here is you. I never mentioned Gaikai. I was talking about Driveclub using dedicated servers just like Titanfall which has nothing to do with Gaikai. You don’t even know what Gaikai is. My point is that Azure is just a bunch of dual core CPUs sitting on racks that Titanfall used for dedicated servers. EA and Sony can use their own servers just like they did with Battlefield and Driveclub respectively. Azure isn’t anything special.

      That entire quote from the Respawn dev talking about Titanfall, is confirming what I already told you. Respawn used Azure for dedicated servers.

      The whole part where he says, “CPU and higher bandwidth, which lets us have a bigger world, more physics, lots of AI, and potentially a lot more” is just marketing hyperbole that Microsoft probably paid him to say. MMOs have been using dedicated servers for higher bandwidth, bigger worlds, and lots of AI for years. Higher bandwidth is whole reason wny dedicated servers are used in games like Battlefield and Driveclub. We all know how Titanfall turned out. Azure didn’t do anything special for Titanfall because it was just dedicated servers that Microsoft was trying to market.

      The other quote you provided from Jon Shirling is a joke. Azure doesn’t power games and it isn’t anything special which is why other companies have been using dedicated servers as well such as EA and Sony.

      It’s obvious that you aren’t educated enough to have this conversation. You’re also either delusional or a fanboy because you only see what you want which is why you misinterpret and cherry pick old quotes from back in 2013 to fit your agenda while completely ignoring facts and other quotes. You also seem obsessed over sloud servers so much that you’re willing to lie and make up nonsense. It seems like you’re trying to make up nonsense to protect Azure as if it’s the Xbox One’s weakness.

      Anyways, Azure isn’t anything special. Here is the truth.

    • GHz

      “NVIDIA GRID isn’t part of Azure.”

      It’s more accurate to say it’s not MSFT’s tech. But is it now integrated with Azure Cloud? The answer to that is yes!!

      Here’s AN the example..

      “NVIDIA GPUs were a clear choice for our new N-Series compute family,” said Jason Zander, corporate vice president at Microsoft Azure.

      Because the goal of both NVidia (who provides the NEW graphic/acceleration for Azure servers) & MSFT(owners of Azure Cloud platform) is to…

      “deliver accelerated graphics and high performance computing to any connected device, regardless of location,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA. – See more at:

      So you ATTEMPTED to comprehend the article and you failed. So NO archfiendx Azure isn’t a just a bunch of lower power dual core CPUs. A matter fact that description is all wrong and make no damn sense you dumb f@%k LOL. A CPU is not a PC/Server! .I’ll throw you a bone you mangy mutt. The N-series family of Azure Virtual Machines that enable GPU capabilities., starts with 6 CPU cores, you dumb F@*k. Mayne this is FUN! LMAO 😀

      The only dangerously obsessed individual here is clearly you. You stalk every MSFT article and harass Xbox gamers day in & out. You invent lies & mix it in with truth to justify your love for PS4. Why?
      Whatever else you believe in regards, throw it & you out of a 10 story window. Head 1st please. 😉

    • Mark

      Lol. All that I can say is….the hate is real. How are people still comparing BattleField and Red Faction to the Crackdown 3 demo? I mean, ahh nevermind. I just avoid arguing about the cloud, s’too time consuming. Me and Mr Xrat went at it for a dam week, a week! Anyway I always say, time will reveal the truth. And it’s almost time for that Crackdown beta mayne! Lol

    • BobFour

      Its the same thats why

    • Mark

      Well hey Bob I respect your opinion. Ultimately we’ll have to wait n see next summer.

    • Anthony

      Looks like you’re an angry fangirl

    • GHz

      Nope. I’m good. Notice not once I called any of you a fan girl or boy. I simply addressed the blatant lies. You don’t need to lie about the competition to justify your love for the PS4. And in the process I put him in his place for what he’s trying to make me out to be. That simple. You don’t see me stalking every PS4 article & harassing PS4 gamers. What are you doing? If anything, you’re the angry one cause I prove all that BS you support wrong. After all truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Keep it gaming 😉

    • Mark

      Lol. Dam GHz, bestow that light amongst us peasants!

    • GHz

      HA! 😀 Just caught this one. 🙂
      And the thing is I don’t even hate the PS4. I cant wait to get it back. I regret trading it in too early. The exclusive Indi titles coming up next year won me over. They had a great Paris Event Show. So many artsy colorful titles. Then of course there’s uncharted 4. I was impatient. SMH. Gamers win! 🙂

    • Truth™

      The great thing about dedicated servers is it exposes just how stupid console peasants are

      Xboners think it’s some great powerful leg up

      Sonycucks delude themselves that P2P is amazing and better while paying for it despite it being significantly worse in every single way (And Drivecuck is P2P not dedicated, loser)

      Meanwhile every major PC game has dedicated servers for free and they work significantly better with low ping and easy join just as they always have been since 1996 with QuakeNet. Console peasants really are the stupidest. Defending brands and calling others “Corporate Slaves” while they are the biggest corporate slaves of them all.

      Keep being a hilariously stupid corporate slave console peasant. It amuses me so much 🙂

    • Chuck Green

      Battlefield 4 didn’t work correctly for 8 months after release. So I wouldn’t use DICE/EA as a great example of how to run servers….

    • Mark

      Hmmm. Lemme just say Halo 5’s servers are head n shoulders above Black Ops 3, and yes I play both games Arch. We can simply disagree, but I’d like for all multiplayer games to use dedicated servers.

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We have asked for Titanfall to go multi-platform now.
    We could even agree on 792p again to allow Sony Recovery sales and help the IP
    get started for Sony.

    It’s always been about games for us ,not sales!, which is why we as supporters, asked for Phil Spencer to take over.

  • GHz

    I personally think that this is great news, because now there isn’t anything holding back big 3rd party devs from making their games bigger, better etc. Lets all sit back and imagine what The Division “2” will look & play like 😀

    • Mark

      Yes. I’m super interested to see if Microsoft’s gonna use their NVidia Grid racks to develope an online only game, akin to TitanFall…the results could be breathtaking. Look at the Gflop performance!

  • sheep say baaaaah

    How comical…sony charges its mindless sheep to play ps2 games with black bars across half the screen and now if Sony wants a real next Gen game on their indiestation….they will need to pay MS. The Sony sheepstation…for the sheep who like last Gen games and worthless Indies.

    • BobFour

      Are you 12 you have to be so i wont waste my time until your at least 20..

  • Peter

    PS 4 using Azure services? One of the ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. As Microsoft are the gatekeepers for the platform, they could easily throttle the service for PS 4 owners, while giving Xbox One owners unlimited bandwidth. Lets not forget the Azure cloud platform is built on Windows. The Xbox One is a Windows 10 device, while the PS 4 is Linux based.

    • sgt_hammertime

      I think Microsoft cares more about their financial status than some fanboyism. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to throttle based in the simple fact that assure makes money based on the amount of servers you use, the more use then the more you pay…so why throttle when you’re making bank? Throttling the servers would be tantamount to cutting your money.
      Microsoft stands better when 3rd parties use their service than when they use their own service because 3rd party has to pay….Microsoft can’t pay itself.

      So cut the fanboyism nonsense out.

      Also FYI the ps4 is on a BSD branch as far as I know not Linux

    • Mark

      I feel u Hammertime. Phil pretty much made that clear when he said “Any company can use Azure, even for exclusives”. Boom.

      Games could really take off if more 3rd parties jumped onboard. Otherwise we’ll just have to see what Microsoft does with exclusives using cloud assist.

    • Peter

      BSD uses the Linux/UNIX kernel you can install it in a VM, it makes more sense for EA to use their own servers rather than using a competitor services in the console market. Sony made a huge mistake by gambling on VR which may never take off in the games space. What they should have done is used that money to develop their own cloud computing platform for PlayStation users. Currently Microsoft is the only company out there which offers such a vast cloud computing platform to their customers, there needs to be competition in this area.

      Also FYI I’m a Xbox One owner, not a PS 4 owner.

    • BobFour

      False amazon etc etc.. and you dont know what your talking about

    • Peter

      I didn’t refer to Amazon. I think you’re confused with another comment. I just don’t think Sony would use Azure servers, if they were serious about cloud computing for the PS4, Sony would have built their own server farms by now.

    • Guest

      Sony is too broke to invest in infrastructure like that on a massive scale and even if they tried, it would lag light-years behind MS, Google, and Amazon because it’d be shoddy and they can’t throw enough cash at it to compete.

  • Herald of Gaben

    Salty Xbox fanboys.

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