Phil Spencer On Xbox One Scorpio: ‘We’re Basically Creating Two Standards’

Spencer on the upcoming console.

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Following the unveiling of the Xbox One S, and Microsoft’s plans for Project Scorpio (6 TeraFLOPS of compute performance, Yikes! Well, unless you’re on PC, in which case, meh), Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke to Gamereactor about all things Xbox. You can catch the full interview here. Here’s our takeaway from Phil’s comments on Xbox:

Phil spoke about scalability in the PC market, where you have PC gamer sporting hardware of varying capabilities–scaleable games can deploy the same feature set without taking out key features, like shadows or lighting effects, by scaling the quality and quantity of the effects. Considering that both feature largely off-the-shelf AMD hardware, the Scorpio and the Xbox One can be likened to a high-end and a low-end PC rig. The  same games will run on both, and the same core tech will feature across the platforms, but the end quality will be higher on the Scorpio.

“So what we’re basically doing for us on the console is that we have Xbox One, Xbox One S and the hardware capability there, and then we have Scorpio. So we’re basically creating two standards. All games will work across both Scorpio and Xbox One S, but so many developers, because they work on PC already, are used to scaleable hardware capability,” he stated.

Stay tuned for our tech feature on Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo!

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  • Doggystyle

    2 standards? LOL. What was the first standard? Building a crappy Xbox One console with low specs, and a buggy operating system? MS has some very low standards.

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Scorpio is a beast. Already makes Neo out of date.

    • Mr Xrat

      Only thing that’s a beast right now is the collossal mess that is MS’ messaging of this rushed turd.


      What is a mess is the PS4 NEO Sony has to really rethink it’s strategy with the NEO now that it faces the more powerful Scorpio

    • Doggystyle

      Its not the hardware you have to worry about. Its the games. MS has a terrible relationship with the dev community. Your console needs games. MS showed nothing new at E3. Sony showed games, games, games!

    • Mr Xrat

      What strategy? Release on schedule and laugh as they pump out exclusive after exclusive while Phil stumbles over himself to justify this joke.


    You PlayStation guys need to face the realty of this
    Sony will no longer have the most powerful console on the market once the massively powerful Scorpio releases next fall

    This is a fact

    • Doggystyle

      But where are all the exciting new exclusive games that push the console to its limits? There are none.


    • Mr Xrat

      You need to face the “realty” of Shitpio being a year late and having no exclusives.

      Those are facts.


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