Phil Spencer: Sometimes It Is Good to Fail With New IPs

‘It means we are pushing the boundaries of what is expected.’

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Phil Spencer is finally launching brand new franchises for Microsoft, with games such as Quantum break and Scalebound, in addition to Re:Core and Sea of Thieves, all launching under his watch. However, given that the big two – Scalebound and Quantum Break – are being developed by Platinum and Remedy, neither of whom have ever had a true mainstream hit, is he not concerned about the failure of these new IPs?

Speaking in an interview to Gamespot, Spencer said that sometimes, failure with new franchises is necessary.

“The thing with new franchises is that they’re difficult. This is going to sound funny, but you want to fail, because when you fail, it means you’re pushing the boundaries of what’s expected. So, you kind of need to know what the boundaries are of what’s possible.”

“When you’re starting new games, in terms of new ideas and mechanics, your fail-rate is much higher. That’s why the ratio of new IP [versus old] is not going to be much higher. But I’m so proud we opened the show with Quantum Break and Scalebound, and I know it’s not a new IP, but I’m so glad we closed the show with Halo Wars 2,” Spencer said.

I’m not exactly sure I understand what he is trying to say here, but hey, I mean, he is giving me new experiences, so that’s all that matters… no matter how bizarre his justification may seem.

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  • davide

    I’m MAD and MORE whit ms and xbox because they still concentrate more on multiplayerracesports.. they forgot Singleplayer Adventure Fps Stealth game new ip and exclusive for xboxone

    i’m fan since the first xbox then xbox360 and now xboxone too,but i hav something bad to say about this and i get little mad.

    Reason why i buy XBOXONE is because I LIKE to play Single Player Adventure Fps Stealth Exclusive new ip (retail no arcadeindie) for XBOXONE.

    From 2013 to 2015 until now,XBOXONE give to me only 1 game about this and name is SUNSET OVERDRIVE..

    The XBOXONE is PERFECT and AWESOME for Racing (Forza) Multiplayer (TitanfallHalo etc.),Sports and all other Genre of games..

    But about the Single Player Adventure Fps Stealth Exclusive new ip the XBOXONE until now is totally MISS this type of game,and is WEAK in this

    The only REAL exclusive that is SINGLE PLAYER AdventureFpsStealth retail new ip exclusive xboxone until now is SUNSET OVERDRIVE
    (and i wish to say ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST but cant coz is for pc too and also is an arcade not a retail)

    YES SUNSET OVERDRIVE is an AWESOME game (I LOVE IT),and is retail and exclusive..

    but The problem this is 1 GAME
    i don’t buy XBOXONE for play 1 game..
    if you think from 2013 until now finish 2015 we see only 1 DAM game exclusive about fpsadventurestealth that is SUNSET OVERDRIVE i think is not enought..

    Sea Of Thieves is not singleplayer,it need internet and it need multiplayer so i dont like it

    Crackdown 3 is out on 2016,Scalebound later too,and Quantum Break they show it to us on 2014,but until now is not released.. so i get little mad and bored about MARKETING LIES..


    I’m bored to wait 2 year for play only sunset overdrive
    i’m bored to read promise and overpromise (hololens+minecraft,cloud power and all this tipe of stuff)
    I Buy console and i give 500 euro to MS for PLAY game,and i see only 1 game until now sunset overdrive,i not give money to ms for read promise and overpromise or news of FUTURE think that i cant get now…

    PS4 Owner get this single player adventures:
    Knack , Infamous , BloodBorne

    Me only get SUNSET OVERDRIVE and i wait 2 year until now..

    Where dam is Exclusive Adventure Fps Stealth new ip for xboxone? where?

    FACT , not overpromise lies i want FACT.

    Cant wait to play Quantum Break,Recore,Scalebound and Crackdown3 but how much more time other we need wait for play 1 dam single player adventure fps or stealth exclusive? i wait 2 year..

    I mad about this whit xbox,whit ms etc.

    When XBOX360 is released hav KAMEO,CONKER and more other awesome single player game new ip…
    on XBOXONE we not see nothing of this only SUNSET and ORI

    All other is remake,remastered or other genre game (rare replay,forza motorsport,halo series,gow etc.) all games that i’m not interested to play coz i’m bored to play old series or remastered and coz i want to play new ip and new game exclusive for xboxone like sunset overdrive or quantum break

    And Yes i know Remastered sell more (see rarereplay or last of us remastered) top chart sales etc..

    And Yes i know Other people like sportrace and multiplayer

    But i just say WHAT i LIKE and WHY is reason i buy xboxone,and reason is beacause in believe in MS XBOXONE and i hav think they give me SINGLE PLAYER ADVENTURE / FPS / STEALTH exclusive too (like they do whit xbox360)

    But until now they delude me,because only i see until now is SO ,and 1 game is not enought after 2 year i still wait..

    If then i think that PS4 get Knack,Infamous and Bloodborne (2 games more than xbox and more other come to ps4 too) i’m get mad more than too…

    So PLEASE Phil or xbox staff give to XBOX fan + SINGLE PLAYER adventure / stealth / fps game like sunset overdrive , quantum break , scalebound etc.

    • Mark

      Hot dam, tell em why u mad brother!

    • davide

      Never mind 😛 at april Quantum Break come then i forget all mad hahaha 😛 And wait also Recore 😛

    • dametreas foster

      I agree although I can live with halo mcc for a couple of months not year or more but my biggest complaint with Xbox thats getting me ready to switch guns is them send damn exclusives to pc I can’t stress how much that makes me mad when have Zelda Mario crash,uncharted, infamous and gran turismo ended on pc

    • davide

      it’s meeeeeeeeeee marrioooooooooooooooo !

    • Mark

      I hear u brother. But to be fair, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Crackdown, Scalebound, ReCore, Gears 4, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza are all exclusive to Xbox. Phil did hint that in the future, some of them could go to PC, but who cares years later? He stated “We’ll make games per platform that makes sense”, so we’ll always have some big exclusives ONLY on Xbox, some on PC.

      Microsoft are different than Sony & Nintendo, they don’t have to address PC gamers. But even still, they do have exclusives that are on PC too, case in point SF V, No Mans Sky, Shenmue 3 and more. I’m not upset with Microsoft at all…

  • GHz

    OMG Phil, you deserve a break. No more interviews for now. let the games do the talking. 🙂

    • Mark

      Agreed lol

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