Phil Spencer Wants 3rd Party Game Development Companies To Adopt The Cloud More

The Xbox One chief says more companies using advanced tech will push innovation faster.

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One of the most unique things that Microsoft showed off at Gamescom this year was how its upcoming title, Crackdown 3 is going to be relying on the cloud. By running with the aid of this technology the game’s world is supposed to be entirely destructible and easier to get a multiplayer match running smoothly. Even better than that, the game is said to actually run smoother overall by running through the cloud as opposed to relying on the internal hard drive on the Xbox One.

Asked on Twitter whether he believes that Microsoft’s embracing of the cloud might lead to other companies following suit. The Xbox One chief responded that he hoped that would be the case. “I’d like to see 3rd parties pick up the tech as well. Innovation moves more quickly as more games push what’s possible.” Spencer added as a response. Using cloud technology the way Crackdown 3 uses it is actually pretty new and so it might be a while before other companies are following suit.

At the same time, Spencer isn’t wrong that the best way to make sure the quality of games is improving is to make sure they are using all the best technology. If companies start adopting this kind of use of the cloud, not only will the cloud get better, but someone might come along and figure out a brand new tech that can be used even more smoothly in the not to distant future. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see whether Crackdown 3’s use of the tech measures up to the hype.

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  • *Also On PC

    Console peasants with their heads in the clouds because they need anything to help with their r*tarded hardware. Kek

  • Mark

    Phil’s callin out to 3rd parties and indie devs to use their cloud here, but, if anybody really thinks Crackdown’s the only project Microsoft’s cookin up with Azure, nah. They pretty much started with Forza and Titanfall in small steps. I remember Phil was sayin they’re using Azure in steps, basically iteration. Next E3 they’ll announce something else only they know about.

    A real time physics based space mmo? Star Citizen in the cloud? Heeeel yeeuh

  • bardock5151

    The cloud compute will define this generation, just like the OG Xbox starting the PC as a console idea (360, Xbox One and then Sony finally cottoned on with the PS4). Then Xbox Live out of its infancy defining last gen and fostering the online multiplayer boom.

    I will give credit to Sony for taking Nintendo’s CD idea.

    • XbotMK1

      The CD was invented by Phillips and Sony. It wasn’t Nintendo’s idea.

      It’s funny how the OG Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One all rely on technology Sony invented though. That should show you how dumb you Xbox fanboys look.

      Tone down the fanboyism bardock5151. lol

    • bardock5151

      Wanna guess where Sony got the idea for Play Station?

      Don’t worry I’ll tell you. NINTENDO. That’s how PlayStation was born.

      Sony was a participant in CD and Bluray, not the inventor. Philips and Sony for CD and BDA for bluray.

      Oh and you are definitely the last thing to tell anyone to tone anything down.

    • XbotMK1

      No, PlayStation was Sony’s idea, not Nintendo’s. Ken Kutaragi is the one who started the project solely within Sony because he enjoyed video games and Nintendo was interested in licensing CD ROM technology from Sony.

      CD ROM was invented by a joint collaboration between Sony and Phillips which was led by Kees Immink (Phillips) and Toshitada Doi (Sony) CD is actually a combination of previous technologies. CD was a combination of Phillips’s laser disc which Phillips invented in 1972 and Sony’s audio optical disc which Sony invented in 1974. Both companies decided to put their patents and technologies together and created the CD.

      Blu Ray Disc was invented by Sony after Shuji Nakamura invented the blue laser and after Sony invented a blue semiconductor laser. Blu Ray Disc is an evolution of CD ROM which Sony also invented. Sony started two projects , one with Phillip’s and one with Pioneer to apply blu laser diodes to CD ROM technology which became known as Blu Ray Disc. Later in time, other companies started joining to continue developing the technology and it became known as the Blu Ray Disc Association.

      Like I said, tone down the fanboyism. You’re exposed. You’re simply trying to use careful wording to distort the truth in a failed effort to downplay the fact that Sony invented technology that Microsoft used for it’s Xbox brand.

    • Michael Norris

      The guy is just a turd nice work on the information.

    • *Also On PC

      Lets go through that “History of innovation” again and see how Sony stole everything from Nintendo, John Derp


  • XbotMK1

    One reason why third party devs won’t use cloud compute is for the same reasons they don’t use it now. It costs more money and it doesn’t offer much.

    In this case of Crackdown 3, it uses cloud compute for destruction. Third party devs won’t use cloud compute for destruction physics because wouldn’t work with every game and it doesn’t improve graphics. Unless you plan on every game being a low graphical quality cartoon like Crackdown 3. This cloud compute isn’t helping with graphics (resolution, polygons, textures, character animations). Games like Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto, and Halo are too graphically demanding to use cloud compute for destruction like this. People don’t understand how this tech works. The cloud is storing the data for each building architecture (piece of a building). When the player shoots a building, the cloud sends that data to the console over the internet at 4 megabytes per second. Everything else runs on the console off the 68 gigabytes per second of RAM. That means the console has to process all of the polygons for each of those pieces of the building in the air. That is why it wouldn’t work for every game unless you enjoy low graphical quality cartoons.

    Not every game needs cloud compute for open world destruction. Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Grand Theft Auto, Just Cause 3, and Rainbow Six Siege have a ton of impressive destruction. Adding cloud compute wouldn’t do anything for them. Adding more destructive objects on screen with cloud compute would only reduce the graphical quality of these games.

    Another reason why third party devs won’t use this, is because of server architecture. For example, Sony’s cloud architecture is different from Microsoft’s cloud architecture. Square Enix’s cloud architecture for Final Fantasy XlV is different from the cloud architecture that runs Grand Theft Auto Online. That is why third party devs use their own servers. If a third party dev were to design a game specifically for Sony’s cloud architecture using cloud compute, it wouldn’t run on Microsoft’s cloud architecture.

    This cloud compute used for Crackdown 3 isn’t some simple concept that can be applied to every game. Crackdown 3 is specifically designed for Microsoft’s servers to use cloud compute to manage an open world full of destructible objects (similar to how mmos use the cloud to manage massive open worlds filled with a huge number of players). That is all it is. It doesn’t change the graphical limits of your hardware.

    • Psionicinversion

      Uncharted 4 and impressive destruction lmao its just normal destruction just because you can shoot through a wooden board isnt impressive. Crackdowns is impressive, Uncharted is just standard. What destruction in Horizon youve seen nothing of the game just a little robot fight which isnt hard to do when it localised on a small scale.

      GTA5 is just standard destruction something every GTA has had right from GTA 1. Funny how your down playing because sony couldnt do if they wanted to as they aint got the money to buy the servers needed to do it.

      Yeah it doesnt improve texture resolution or nothing but it does improve the world that your in but with all those pieces the hardest part of rendering it is the physics calculations needed to break it apart and i think crackdowns also calculates the light reflections off each part so by letting the servers calculate it for the xbox it saves on tons of power and the xbox only has to focus on rendering the graphics alleviating it from a massive work load. Thats the difference

    • *Also On PC

      Don’t forget the graphical and framerate downgrades!

    • Michael Norris

      Hey i can do that…


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