PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Currently At 30-40 FPS On 100 Man Servers For Xbox One X

Brendan Greene offers an update on console performance.

Posted By | On 27th, Jul. 2017 Under News

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently one of the hottest Early Access games available on Steam. It will also be coming to the Xbox One and Xbox One X but not a lot of information has been offered about the same. Fortunately, Brendan Greene aka “PlayerUnknown” himself discussed it with Eurogamer, noting that the current performance on Xbox One X offers 30 to 40 FPS on 100 man servers. This is on Xbox One X of course.

Greene said that, “We have a version running on the Xbox One X prototype in the office which can plug into the online servers. We were playing on live servers on the console at about 30 or 40 FPS. So it works on 100 man servers.” Final player counts per server were not discussed. Greene did note that most of the team was currently finishing the PC version in South Korea while Anticto, a Spanish developer, was working on the console version.

Though the final frame rate hasn’t been confirmed, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still in the process of being optimized for the PC as well. Though launched for Xbox Game Preview in late 2017, it could take a while before a full launch happens on Xbox One and Xbox One X. The full PC version is currently slated to launch in 2018.

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  • Wei Feng

    Fans will praise 30fps more now since it can’t do the standard 60fps for a shooter

    • kma99

      Love that cinematic 30 fps on the pro with that Destiny beta lol

    • ProAssassin84

      Destiny 2 is garbage.

    • Jose Arcadio Morales

      Just like fagstation potato.

    • ProAssassin84

      PlayStation4 has the best games, best developers, best graphics, and Quadruple the player base so keep enjoying your mediocrity.

    • Wei Feng

      LOL, yeah shooters should never be 30fps. Salty frame rate for action

      PC only

  • Mr Xrat


    • Jose Arcadio Morales

      Half of that numbers on fagstation potato 🙂

    • Turniplord

      First of all – the Pro’s CPU is 9% slower – so if its 30-40 on the X then it will be about 28-30 on the Pro – both systems will most likely be locked at 30fps.

      Also, don’t forget the PS4 and the Xbox one, which is also has to work on – I can imagine the original Xbox and the S will run this at about 10-20fps unless they reduce it to about 720p, make it only allow up to 30 people in MP and also remove some of the particle effects (if it has any)

      Don’t forget – the weakest system out there is the Xbox one and all the Xbox one X games have to work at a decent level on both systems

    • Somebodysomewhere

      Possibly double those numbers actually, if PS5 is out in 2 years. 🙂
      Either way I don’t play these kinds of games on any platform as to me, they suck. So won’t affect me. Looking forward to pre-ordering Xbox One X for multiplats to add along to my PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch for exclusives I like.

    • Mr Xrat

      Want to try that again in English, bowl cut boy?

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    40-60 fps after optimization and another few months. Niiiice

    0 fps on the pro hurts bad. Maybe Sony can photoshop it to trick em

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Did someone make sure Sony didn’t Photoshop gameplay? They have been doing that alot lately.

    • Turniplord

      So Hilarious – 2013 called and want the joke back – Just hand it to Xbox who did the same thing with Watch_Dogs

    • Mr Xrat

      EA are your guys, Xgimp, and you bought that uninteresting Anthem footage like the drones you are.

  • MacGillaPhoil

    The game is not optimized well at all even on the PC. With my 1080GTX and i7-6700K it averages about 65fps at 1080p on Ultra.

    Compare that to BF1 at 110-130fps on Ultra. BF1 also looks 100x better in terms of graphics and is just way smoother overall.

    The FPS on the Xbox One X is not surprising at all. The game while fun is poorly coded. Then again all the other games like in it on the PC are the same way. Rust, Dayz, etc. All run like krap and are full of cheaters.

    • Mark

      Man it shows how impactful having a small dev team is compared to Ubisoft, EA etc. It must be tough as concrete for a 10 man team to fix all the bugs, glitches. I guess it’s better to have an unoptimized PUBG and DayZ than to not have em. But I really do want them to upgrade those dam VISUALS TOO!

    • MacGillaPhoil

      If you get on Redit and other places there are options you can turn of via the config file for this game that do improve the FPS (not the textures/visuals).

      That said some only work if you have the hardware to do it. On the PC this has to be done or it could not run at all. I am guessing games with big budgets/teams build in autodetect for this kind of stuff and change settings accordingly.

      With locked console hardware I would think that they could code to the hardware and get better performance in the long run for that specific hardware.

      All I know is it takes me 3 tries to open a door at times with my PC rig and the game is a bug fest.

    • Mark

      I’m REALLY hopin they get 60fps outta X1X, like u said it’s closed environment. Honestly I want(ed) Microsoft to support PUBG with a bigger team, to get a triple A experience, better visuals etc, but I’m gonna jump on that train when it drops for console regardless


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