PlayStation 2 Era Game Alleged To Be In Production For PS4

Should we revive PS2 era games, or look to the future?

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The video game industry insider that goes by the name Tidux on Twitter has claimed that there is some movement in the Sony camp regarding a possible revival of a PlayStation 2 era game on the PS4. While there’s nothing official at this time, such is the nature of alleged inside information, Tidux has said that production on a long awaited IP the PlayStation 3 era started this month and it will be an exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

So while that couldn’t get much more vague, it has of course set the rumour mill a-spinning once again, and wouldn’t you know it people have started asking is it The Last Guardian, the game that is somehow still in development.

So what IP from the PS2 era could be making a return that would have gamers excited? Well the list is quite extensive when you consider the sheer scale of the PlayStation 2’s library of games. But the real question is, do you want more from an IP that already exists, or do you feel it’s time to move forward and create something new?


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  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Oh its another MisterTiduxMedia post and likely damage controlling the Uncharted 4 delay. Is this some “Definition of insanity” stuff where people keep posting his fantasies in the vain hope he is right? Seriously, he’s never been right. Same with his “Performance boost” in the new firmware update garbage. Just……..

    • Michael Norris

      Eh he was right about the resume feature in the next update.He isn’t always right but he does get things right time to time.You just happen to be a idot that loves to troll everything console.I own a high end Pc it destroys these consoles yet i don’t troll like you why is that?hmmmm

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      He said the suspend feature was coming early 2014, then later 2014, then late 2014.

      He just keeps throwing feeces against the wall and hopes it sticks.

      By the way, your post history gives you away as yet another Sony astroturfer so I’m just going to laugh at you calling me a “troll”.


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