PlayStation 4 “Battery Low” Notification for DualShock 4 Revealed

Similar to Windows 8 notifications?

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PS4_battery low notification
In IGN’s video review for the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14, a rather interesting observation was made, which showcased just how the console informs you that the battery life of your DualShock 4 is running low.

A notification appears on the upper right of the screen with the user’s name and is slightly transparent. Notifications about Trophy unlocks apparently happen on the upper right side of the display, and the assumption is that message notifications will also be on the upper right. It’s interesting because Windows 8 handles notifications in a similar manner, where recent messages and such are displayed in the upper right corner.

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty interesting improvement. It would also seem that there would be a colour indicator – to match the lightbar of the controller in question – so you’ll know which controller by colour needs to be recharged. The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 in North America, with a November 29th release in Europe. What are your thoughts on this minor but still revealing development? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Necro

    No trophy and message notifications pop on the left hand side.

    • Suko

      Trophy and message notifications on the PS3 pop on the the top right hand side. This article makes it seem like the PS4 copied Windows 8, where in fact the PS3 had this years ago. Either that or he wrote it to make it seem like Windows 8 was copying PS4 (which is unlikely).

      “It’s interesting because Windows 8 handles notifications in a similar manner, where recent messages and such are displayed in the upper right corner.”

    • Necro

      On ps4, trophies and message notifications pop on the left, with system info popping on the right. I am not talking about PS3.

  • LarryBundyJr

    Cutting edge journalism here

  • Suko

    Nice find. 🙂 Been wondering how the whole battery notification would work. I play FIFA with 7 people on PS3 and in the middle of the game, when it says battery for controller # is dying, it’s distracting to look down to see if your controller is the one blinking. Good to now have a username associated 🙂 color is a nice addition, but also poses the same problem as the flashing lights on the PS3 controllers.

    • john

      Pfft! Just wait for the game to end, the controller still works for at least one hour before it switches off! I don’t get the colour code, what the damn point?! Just look down at the number – duh! Who’s gonna remember the colour codes? Cute addition, but not totally needed, unlike my fucking external HDD support you fucking donkeys!

  • Thursday Tacos

    Just so everyone is aware: the non-user replaceable lithium battery in the Playstation 4 controller, will need to be replaced at some point. Perhaps 3-4 years down the road if you’re lucky?
    Who replaces the battery? I don’t know. That information is not readily available.
    This is a distinct departure from the user-replaceable battery in the PS3 controller. You can still use the controller with a micro-usb cord though.

    I think Xbox One has the better idea with their controller – it takes 2 AAs (rechargeable / alkaline / single use lithium AA etc.). It’s too bad Sony didn’t use the same approach.

    Xbox One – 30 hrs. on AAs (I presume rechargeable such as Sanyo Eneloop).

    PS4 – 7-8 hours, according to Polygon website, with ~ 2 hours required to fully recharge lithium battery.

    That’s a pretty interesting gap between controller battery life.
    I personally don’t mind a long micro-usb extension to use on the couch, but I’m sure this is going to tick some people off. It would have been nice to have a longer battery runtime.

    In the meantime, I would just get in the habit of plugging it into the playstation 4 after a play session. That way you’re ready to go next time.
    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Sony comes out with a larger capacity lithium battery in the future. Of course, you’d have to buy the new controller since apparently we can’t open the controller ourselves to put the battery in.

    This point is minor I’ll agree but I’m a big stickler when it comes to batteries. I personally feel this is a royal slap in the face from Sony, that it’s not user-replaceable. I’ll be looking into this further.


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