PlayStation 4 Fan-Made Design is the Most Realistic Yet

Though a reveal is coming tomorrow, could this be the final design for the PlayStation 4?

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Though we’re only a little more than a day away from Sony’s E3 press conference, where we’ll witness the design of the PlayStation 4 after months of anticipation, the fan-made designs are still rolling in. A Reddit user recently posted his own impressions, based on endlessly screen-capping the teaser video.

He stated that, “I rendered these a few weeks ago but didn’t have the time to post these untli now, was finishing my bachelor in Graphic Design. So first things first. /u/Albino-Zebra’s rendering was the one that got me into making one of my own. I was a huge PS fanboy when i was younger. I have skipped the PS3 because of studies and whatnot, and now I am real exited for the PS4.

“Exploration in the design started with sketching and finding that living room box aesthetic. Also got a lot of inspiration from other renderers. /u/Albino-Zebra render was, I think, too fan heavy. /u/MrSmooth’s render is a great one, but a tad too busy on the front of the console. And /u/BrokenString comment about the blue horizontal light got me in bunch of new ideas and directions.”

The teaser trailer for the PS4 design.

The blue light itself is what’s interesting – it makes the console look bizarrely fresh while the rest of the design is decidedly more typical. Think it’ll wind up being the default design? Find out tomorrow when Sony finally takes the covers off the design.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Jack Slater

    Xbox one is big: they want people to think ‘ wow,rocket science inside, with gazillions of components’. Since microsoft is having heat issues(rrod v2 ?), the huge all in one 5 billion transistors chip needs a huge heatsink to cool it down.

    Sony and amd mastered the ps4 Apu, and this one shouldn’t require a huge heat dissipation system,since everything is running at low frequencies(1.6ghz atom/ion CPUs are fan less. 8 cores at 1.6GHz should be OK, with a simple fan, at low speed.
    If this happens, the ps4 enclosure won’t need a lot of air flow, therefore, it could look like the ps3 ultra slim.
    I hope the bluray player will be like the ps3 fat, instead of a standard tray.

    Anyway, in less than 24 hours, we all see it.
    Man, I’m so excited about the ps4. The ps3 has been here since 2006 already.after almost a decade, we will have a new system, 10 times more powerful than the ps3, with amazing new games.
    No more aliasing, no more screen tearing, no more frame drops. Only crispy textures, huge worlds, amazing new effects(just watch the beginning of killzone shadow fall: all those million buildings, with water, textures,particles, sun reflexions, etc)

    It’s a great time for gamers. And until the ps4 is out, we will have
    – 30-50 hours of gameplay on diablo 3
    – 100+ hours on gta5
    – 15-20 hours on beyond:2 souls
    – 10-100+ hours on gran turismo 6
    – 20+ hours on castlevania lord of shadows 2( beat first in 19-22 hours to beat)
    – 20-30+ hours on saints row 4
    – +20 hours on the last of us
    – 10-20+ hours on lost planet 3
    – 20+ hours on rayman legend(rayman origin for me was like 19 hours)
    – 20+ hours on batman origins

    Are there any reasons to be excited? Oh yeah 🙂
    Sorry for big post.

    • Charlie Val

      It’s more than 24 hours. 28 actually from this point.

    • Jack Davidson

      its not 8 1.6 its 8 3.2

  • Guest

    The PS4 will walk it in Japan, Xbox 360 sales there, Microsoft are wasting their time with the Xbox One. Also, the PS3 is stronger in Europe and it’ll probably continue with the PS4. Only in the US is the Xbox 360 stronger, but not by much. If the Xbox 360 had sold better in Japan (it would never have passed PS3 sales), it would have been ahead by a fair amount. But the PS3 is about to overtake the Xbox 360 for worldwide sales. With the Xbox One and PS4, it’ll be close like with the Xbox 360 and PS3, but I think they PS4 will just nip it this time, more so if Sony do the opposite to Microsoft’s used games fiasco.

    • Ana Helušić

      LOL it is already overtaken by PS3, old news

    • 360 is actually about 2x more popular in the U.S. than PS3. Expect that market share to drop as PS4 continues to own everywhere else and POSSIBLY here too.

      PS3 has more sales than XBOX 360 globally and has been out for an entire year less.

    • Ana Helušić

      PS3 killed lamebox globally

  • Ana Helušić

    This is very good

    • fuckingwhore

      Nope, it’s buttugly like you!

    • Ana Helušić

      Again talking about your ugly mom hahhaha pederu

    • Jack Slater

      In 2020, for the ps5/Xbox2 launch , I will remember you and will wait for your comments. We will miss you if you don’t post any comment like the classic ‘lamebox2’ 😉
      Don’t go away please, I always smile when I read your comment and the replies to your comment, from the mad guys.

    • Ana Helušić

      Np bro, I will be here 😀

    • Jack Slater

      Cool 😀
      8 guys already hate and downvoted me for what I said.
      I’m betting on you, don’t disappoint me.
      See you in 4 years, for the ‘Xbox 2 U’ launch 😉

    • Ana Helušić

      Hahaha, keep on rollin’

  • Ana Helušić

    Looks very cool

  • gboltsucks

    How about you guys learn to make your own content instead of hijacking literally everything you’ve ever posted on this website from reddit or neogaf

  • NeoMahi

    No. I don’t think so. This looks too much like a laptop. I think they’re going to go close to the same route as Microsoft and its going to be a box, but Sony certainly has learned not to make a console glossy so its going to be the typical matte finish of the PS3. IF anything is glossy finished, it’ll be the surrounding area of where the disc is inserted.

    • Johnny

      Suck a dick, it’s pretty much spot on 😛

  • FUGLYconsoles

    Definitely built by and for paupers alright. One ugly mutha!

  • Mr cool guy

    What kind of sorcery is this? Its the same!!


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