PlayStation 4 Remote Play Allows for “PS4 in Your Pocket”

Fergal Gara says that the Vita “seamlessly integrates with PS4” better than PS3.

Posted By | On 24th, Jun. 2013 Under News

PS4_Remote Play
Sony UK MD Fergal Gara recently spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine UK about the Remote Play feature for the PlayStation 4, which allows you to play almost all of your PS4 titles on your handheld PlayStation Vita.

Gara stated that “clearly it more seamlessly integrates with PS4 than it does with PS3″ and that despite first being marketing as a portable PS3, he feels that now a portable PS4 is “a far more literal and correct terminology because you can play what we expect to be the vast majority of PS4 games quickly and easily enabled for PS Vita”.

He also remarked that Remote Play is “best for both” PS4 and Vita. “In short, there’s a video coder chip inside PS4 that enables a variety of features. It enables live broadcast of your gameplay without putting any overhead on the CPU and the GPU combo, so it’s not dragging down the game performance in any way, shape or form.

“But it also allows you – and it is Gaikai enabled technology – allows you to pick up the Vita and go away with a full suite of controls and play your PS4 game over WiFi”.

We already know that games like Killzone: Shadow Fall will be one of the games to support Remote Play – in fact, any title that doesn’t need the PS Eye will be supported. Which one do you look forward to playing on the go?

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  • susan

    Watch Dogs!

  • saintfighteraqua

    I remember getting excited for this before and it never really happened. Sony made it out to be way better than it actually was…I hope they are not doing that again.
    The Vita is awesome, but it certainly doesn’t need anymore disappointments.

    • Bankai

      Sony is actually making it mandatory now, so you should expect to be able to play just about every game on the go. Shadow Fall, Knack, Drive Club, Planetside 2 and one other game have been confirmed.

    • saintfighteraqua

      I know, I really like the Playstation brand, in my opinion it’s what is keeping real gamers going these days. But I do worry when Sony makes such claims since they often don’t follow through.

    • Bankai

      They seem to be following through with everything this time around. They’re finally pushing remote-play and they’re using Gaikai to fix the backwards compatibility problem, just like they promised back in February.

      But I do agree that they have a problem when it comes to these things.

  • rob

    It’s a shame The Last Of Us isnt on PS4 coz i’d be playing that on my vita right now!
    Battlefield 4, GT6, FIFA 14, WatchDogs

  • Greggory Alexander

    I plan to play all on the go I’m very anxious right now about this whole thing.

  • Abel Gonzalez

    Hi, my name is Abel I’ve been very curious lately about how Sony plans to implement Gaikai on psVita. How’s psp, ps2, ps3, ps4 and psvita adhoc and online features gonna work? I really want to be able to play ps4’s Tom Clancy’s The Division on my vita but that game’s concept is an open world third person massive online rpg shooter with extreme graphics, would it really be possible to stream cloud the title with Gaikai on Vita and play the game online at the same time? My vita will automatically claim the rank of king of the portables if i were able for example: play Uncharted 2 Among Thieves multiplayer with it. I have so much faith on Gaikai CEO David Perry to do exacly that. And one more question i’d like to ask is why can’t we buy avatars with vita’s ps store? One last critical question is if ps4’s playstation network game servers are gonna be better this time around since we’ll need ps plus to so. Thanks.

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    Cant say yet!!! Wait maybe kingdom hearts, finall fantasy , battfront 3, killzone!!!

  • Tups

    Does anyone know if the Vita will be able to function as a controller in splitscreen? Like can it substitute purchasing a second controller?


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