PlayStation 4 Won’t Have Backwards Compatibility, “Happy With Our Approach”

PlayStation Europe head Jim Ryan discusses differing approaches for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Microsoft may have announced that the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games but according to PlayStation Europe head Jim Ryan in a conversation with MCV, Sony has no intention of following suit. This is because the company is already focused on numerous other features for the PS4.

Regarding the Xbox One’s decision to implement backwards compatibility, Ryan said, “It is an entirely legitimate approach, and if you are seeking to upgrade 360 owners to Xbox One, it is a very logical approach to take.” However, he further added that with regards to how the feature will work, “I suspect there might be a few twists in that particular tale. But we will see”.

As for Sony, it’s currently focused on delivering its own unique software updates. “Unfortunately there are just not sufficient enough software engineers in the world for everyone to do everything. Each platform holder has to make their choices, we made one and they made another. Their choice is entirely legitimate, and I think our choice is legitimate, too. In some ways it is quite nice to have points of difference between the two platforms, and people will decide which approach suits them best.”

It’s not like backwards compatibility is a foreign concept to Sony. The company featured such compatibility with the PS3, which could run PS2 games. “We have experience of backwards compatibility. The earliest PS3 model was backwards compatible with PS2, and it is a much requested feature…but actually it’s not so greatly used.

“On balance, we are happy with our approach and we don’t wish to be defensive about it at all. But as I say, both approaches are legitimate.”

Thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments. Xbox One backwards compatibility is currently available for Preview Program members but arrives this Holiday season for everyone else.

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  • Ian Williams

    Pony got no money. Pony can’t program. Not enough engineers lmfao. Ya console is underpowered. Never saw that coming did you. Lmfao

    • d0x360

      Problem is Sony is genuinely near bankruptcy. They are selling assets left and right and if ps4 doesn’t make big money they are screwed…and it isn’t making big money. Game sales on the platform fall month after month while Xbox game sales keep rising.

  • Crapgamer

    What he means is that Sony spend almost 400 million on a cloud streaming game service so they can charge you money to stream games you already own, so they aren’t interested in giving PS4 owners value.
    Same line they used to reason why PS4 didn’t get EA Access, because who wants to play a bunch of games in the Vault, get discounts on DLC and have early access right?

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Who wants to play a bunch of old games without improvements?

      Console shills, that’s who.

      Both Sony shills and MS shills are morons

  • The truth-ier

    I have both systems, sony does not update there software nowhere as fast as MS, the only thing MS does not have is share play and one more thing i cant remember. Sony just got DLNA, another codec, and actual suspend to play… FYI the BC is easy, if you owned it digitally or have the disc, it will show up in your ready to install que, EVERY game is available with no work, BUT its up to the publishers to want to join the program.
    I have played the a BC game on x1(perfect dark), and i have used sony streaming service, and both are adding games with approval from the publishers, one you have to pay for unless you want a game you dont own, and one is streaming, while the other has the bits on the system…

  • d0x360

    Yes their crappy latency filled compressed video paid for service. Of course they are happy with it too bad nobody will use it except for the absolute casual who don’t understand how sub par an experience it is and they are already so bad at games they don’t know the massive input lag

  • Starman

    “HAPPY WITH OUR APPROACH” No , your system can’t handle it .. it isn’t built like that .. and what are you’ll going to say when ‘WARGAMES’ studio releases ‘WORLD OF TANKS’ with textures in 4k on the xb1 , as they said on the XBLI pannel the other day … lol so much for the 50% more power .. lol

    • darqseptember

      Are people still going on about 4k on the Xbox 1. Tell me , misterxmpedia has been telling us all about the ‘hidden’ power of the Xbox 1 for the last TWO years. According to him , this years E3 was going to amazing because Microsoft was going to turn all this power on and well see the much talked about but never seen Forza running at 4K at 60FPS. Did we see that ? Did we see ANY of this so-called ‘hidden’ power ? No we didn’t. NOT.A.SINGLE.THING.
      Hmm , i wonder why that is ?

    • Starman

      Calm down , take the dik out of ur mouth .. now take a deep breath before you have an Aneurysm ..

    • Brenden Donaldson

      he has a has been saying just wait and see what we can do guys just wait and see…is this is? Its nice but worth two years? Meh

  • crizz1066

    Never really used it on ps3, plus got Ps3 anyway . Plenty of games on ps4 to keep me busy, will be able to stream games soon too. Which fits in with the movie streaming which is coming

  • LifeOnMars

    I don’t care much for backward compatibility, I hardly use my PS3 these days.I can’t envisage the Xbox 360 owners who jumped ship to PS4 would make much use of it either. Backward compatibility is needed more use for XBONE users , now they can finally bin their RROD 360’s once and for all.

  • Ziio

    Even if they wanted to Sony can’t make the PS4 backward compatible, the system architecture is too different. The odd architecture on the PS3 is why many developers decided not to port to the system, it was just too much work. To make it work they would have to emulate the PS3 system internally and PS4 just doesn’t have that kind of power. XBone could have been backward compatible on day one, as both the 360 and One are just basic pc architecture, the game would have to be tweaked to work correctly, but it would be a software issue. Sony is right though, backward compatibility is a niche functionality, PS2 and PS3 both had it baked in, yet it was rarely used as newer games were just better on the newer systems.

    • Orion Wolf

      “360 and One are just basic pc architecture”

      360 is an IBM PowerPC, the x1 is an AMD x86, both were custom made, and there is nothing “basic PC architecture” about either of them. BC is a software thing yes, but emulation is not just dependent on the software. 360 emulation attempts have been going on for 8 years now and the PC needed to run even Wii games is anything, but weak in comparison with the Wii, let alone the 360 and of course even more so for the ps3. One thing is running games natively, but (good) emulation is another
      matter entirely.

      “Sony is right though, backward compatibility is a niche functionality”

      And yet they came up with PS Now which is anything, but a small or “niche” investment (Gaikai and Onlive patents) and that’s besides the hype surrounding the service, before and after launch, but yeah now no one seems to care anymore.

      The same will be true for the xbox one BC, but the premises are completely different.

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