PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale DLC Will Be Cross Compatible With The Vita Version

Game comes out on PS3 and Vita.

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Sony is really pushing the fact that they really want the PS3 and Vita version of the games to be completely in sync with each other. They done it before with some games and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale will be the same.

In an interview with Siliconera it has been revealed that the game’s DLC will be compatible with the Vita version. Which means the saves will work without any additional effort being required to get it to run.

It was also revealed that Crash won’t be in the game, and if you remember he was one of the biggest iconic Playstation characters on the PS1. The license to Crash Bandicoot currently is with Activision and Sony regrets selling it as well.

The negotiations between Activision and Sony is the only way Crash will be available in the game. It does not seem like Sony is interested in the character anymore.

“And I completely understand how big and important a character like Crash is to the PlayStation universe,” said Omar Kendall, the director of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at Superbot Entertainment.

“We want to make it clear to fans that we understand how important a character Crash is to the PlayStation universe. Obviously, we try everything in our power to try and get characters like Crash.

The final boss for the game has been revealed as Polygon Man. In case people don’t remember who he is, he made an appearance in the PS1 and has been lying dormant till now.

Here’s the trailer that shows him in all his glory. Actually no it’s a hint but looks cool.


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  • Nicholas Gatewood

    “It does not seem like Sony is interested in the character anymore.”

    Wrooooong. They’re EXTREMELY interested, I’m sure Activision wanted some retarded amount of money for the character though. I don’t think you realize how much bashing the Superbot guys and Sony get for not having Crash, the most-requested character, in the game. They desperately want him in the game, but Activision sees that they can request millions of dollars just to have him in the game so they’re likely trying to ask Sony to pay an amount of money they just wouldn’t see any returns on. Screw Activision, they aren’t getting my dollar vote again until they can make that up to Sony somehow.

  • This is the most epic playstation trailer ever. I think im gona cry :,)

  • Little Po

    Where are the female characters?
    How many years has it been and I can only choose from two (as far as ive seen) come on now Sony. The diversity in video games is terrible many areas but in 2012! Nariko really is gonna take Fat Princess’ Cake.

  • Brandon

    This Article is false! Crash isn’t confirmsed YET. what they saw on wikipedia was not TRUE at all! Sony and activision are still having an convo about this all time BEST most wanted character!

  • greedyActivision

    im hoping for more ps exclusives crasho spyro tomba lara wander kat anyone know who else would fit in this category?


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