PlayStation Network Has Been Intermittent, But Seems To Be Back Online Now

Goddammit Sony.

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Man, Sony has been screwing the pooch on this paid internet service thing for their consoles so badly lately. PSN has suffered from unexpected downtime and service interruptions, and these issues are exacerbated when you consider that you are paying $50 a year for the privilege of playing online, or that the only games on PlayStation 4 actually worth playing right now have a very heavy online component.

Anyway, so the PSN has been suffering from service interruptions the last few hours and maybe couple of days, but it appears to be largely back and online now. Which, good job Sony, but maybe try to not have it go down in the first place next time? I mean, that would be much appreciated. Currently, all PlayStation Network services- online play, PS Now, PSN Store- seem to be active and available on all platforms.

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  • d0x360

    Its been the last couple days but honestly I haven’t had a single issue getting on. I haven’t done any multiplayer or anything but I did pre order gta5 and buy sleeping dogs. Wish I hadn’t bought sleeping dogs its not definitive at all lol

    • Mark

      Man I just wish we could all have 3rd party supported dedicated servers for all multi-plats this gen. That’d be a major step toward better games.

    • d0x360

      On PlayStation yes. On Xbox that’s already a thing. Anyone who makes a Xbox game gets access to dedicated servers through xbl and they are azure servers so they aren’t expensive to run…in fact they are free for basic pvp multiplayer. They only charge for persistent world games like say destiny but destiny is running on its own separate servers because its just the way Activision wanted to do it.

      I’m sure sooner or later just through competition all PlayStation games will transition away from player hosted PvP and onto dedicated servers. Its just a much better experience.

    • Mark

      A good sign for 3rd party support of this, is Yager will be using Live servers for Dead Island 2 for the X1 version. Don’t know about the PS4 version. People seem to think using Azure is MORE expensive for 3rd parties than maintaining their own. I hope Acti, Ubi and EA…….well u know what, those guys probably won’t lol. I remember a Watchdogs dev talkin about using the Cloud for X1, and the impact on AI and physics. But remained silent afterward.


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