PlayStation Now Discontinuing Service on PS3, Vita in August

PS4 and PC to be the focus going forward.

Posted By | On 16th, Feb. 2017 Under News

Sony has announced that from August 15th 2017 onwards, PlayStation Now will be discontinued on some devices. That includes PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and TV, all Sony Blu-ray players, all Samsung TVs and 2013-2015 Sony Bravia TVs. If that weren’t enough, 2016 models of Sony Bravia TVs won’t support the service past April 1st 2017.

This pretty much leaves the PC and PS4 as conduits for PlayStation Now but why the change? According to Sony, it wants to shift resources to these platforms in order to improve and further develop the user experience. If nothing else, Sony is narrowing its focus to make more sweeping changes (that have yet to be revealed, sadly).

PlayStation Now cloud saves from the discontinued devices can still be accessed on PC or PS4. It’s just a shame that PS Vita players won’t be able to access the service on the go or that Sony Bravia TV owners have to invest in a console to enjoy PS3 titles.

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  • Holeybartender

    NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!!!!!!!!!! Bad form! Bad form! The whole point of PS Now was to have the service available across all Sony devices and now you’re abandoning us?! Why? What happened to only needing a controller and a TV with PS Now? What happened to having PlayStation games anywhere you go on the Vita? Why are doing this?! Why?!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I understand PS TV and maybe PS3 but Vita and TVs?! PlayStation games on the go with Vita is a dream come true for gamers. Console games anytime and anywhere,c’mon?! And what about TVs? Being able to stream any game without a console is a surefire way to create demand for your service,albeit you might take a slight hit in console sales.

    What a letdown Sony.Bad form…

  • Gamez Rule

    To be fair we all knew PS-Now was over priced and not a lot of choice in games for Sony’s asking price. I believe Sony were losing money on the idea due to high asking prices and lack of support from gamers.

    Sony could have had Movies & Games as well as other streaming products to make PS-Now a more worthwhile buy, but Sony never did think outside the box with their streaming service.

    To allow PC & PS4 only is an even bigger mistake, as Sony should allow ALL new TV’s to use PS-Now allowing non-gamers to enjoy the service but the way Sony have made this choice in stopping support to the above products is very questionable.

    • Joanckaneshiro

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  • Starman

    PC ??? lol , they don’t have a PC department anymore … That(PC) department shutdown at the beginning of this GEN…
    I know what fanboys are going to say … “That was their hardware(PC) department … trust me when that went , development went , name one first party game Sony has on Pc in the “AAA” field…. Oh wait ! they can barely develop for home consoles …”let alone development on PC… FACTS…

  • SonyCeasarPS4




  • Gamez Rule

    Way too pricey, not enough games, and only old games available, with a service that wasn’t available in many places with very little support from the public = not good.

  • Scott Baker

    Here is an idea. Kill PS Now altogether, and bring us a proper PS Vita successor that uses standard SD cards.


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