PlayStation VR Can Play PS4 Games, View Netflix

But can it love?

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Project Morpheus

After revealing the price of PlayStation VR at GDC, SCEI CEO Andrew House revealed some more interesting information about the VR headset’s features.

As reported by Twinfinite, the PlayStation VR will have a Cinematic Mode which allows for playing PS4 games. This basically creates a large virtual screen for the player with three different types of zoom for more comfortable viewing. What’s more, Netflix can also be viewed in this mode. We’re not sure what this spells for the future of “Netflix and chill” but it’s a cool feature all the same.

Thus far, we know that PlayStation VR will release in October 2016 and retail for $400. It requires PlayStation Camera and Move but a bundle will be sold in North America for consumers (pricing hasn’t been announced as of yet). What are your thoughts on PS VR especially after GDC 2016? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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  • Gamez Rule

    European-amazon-stores first batch of PSVR has sold out, and now selling a second batch ( limited sales to each person ), while both the French and German stores have completely sold out. PSVR is selling out BIG TIME! While PSVR is already pre-sold out at EB Games Australia.

    Also good news is Sony allows different bundle deals. So if people need just the basic headset OR the complete setup Sony has you covered.

    “A new mode on PlayStation VR was also revealed, called Cinematic Mode. Using Cinematic Mode users can play PS4 games on the PSVR headset on a giant virtual screen with three different levels of zoom. Netflix can also be viewed using Cinematic Mode, for those who prefer a more immersive streaming experience”.

    As for games….

    Gran Turismo Sport
    No Man’s Sky
    Ace Combat 7
    London Heist
    Until Dawn
    The Assembly
    Robinson: The Journey
    Megaton Rainfall
    Get Even
    Eve Valkyrie
    The Deep
    Eagle Flight
    Project Cars, SFV, Tekken 7

    Track Mania, Battlezone, Psycholonauts, Godling, Super Hyper Cube, Among The
    Sleep, Warthunder, Ark, Modern Zombie, Music VR, Technolust, World War Toons.

    With some of the PS4 games being able to use VR already from the looks of it and with over 230 developers currently working on PlayStation VR Sony looks to be in the driving seat for VR.

  • Gamez Rule

    PSVR Shots Fired!

    OLED RGB Screen = PSVR / OLED Pentile Screen = Vive & Rift

    ♦NOTE: OLED RGB Screen is better than OLED Pentile Screen.

    120 FPS = PSVR / 90 FPS = Vive & Rift

    ♦NOTE: 120 FPS is better than 90 FPS ( no matter how it is made )

    100° field of view = PSVR / 110° field of view = Vive & Rift

    ♦NOTE: The wider a field of view used in VR the worse *Screen Door Effect* takes place.

    1920 x 1080 = PSVR / 2160 X 1200 = Vine & Rift

    ( 960 x RGB x 1080 Per eye = PSVR ) / ( 1080 x 1200 Per eye = Vine & Rift )

    ♦NOTE: Pentile OLED inflates the resolution on paper, the effective resolution can be 66% less than the listed resolution. *This making the pentile display less resolution than PSVRs 1080 display.

    PSVR is cheaper to buy, more available to buy within stores, only needs a basic PS4 system to use, More support via game developers, more support via movie apps ( netflix ), allows playing non-PS4 games in VR, etc ect.

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