PlayStation VR Could Dominate The Market, Oculus Will Win Against HTC Vive, Says Michael Pachter

As long as Sony don’t price the PlayStation VR stupidly high, that is.

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PlayStation VR

HTC announced the price of their VR headset, made in collaboration with Valve, earlier, and it comes in at a whopping $800- which is, frankly, more than a bit obscene, especially for the mass market. It’s even worse than the Oculus Rift’s $600- and as a result, the Vive will end up losing the battle for the market against the Oculus, says Wedbush Securities research analyst Michael Pachter.

Pachter also said that if Sony can price the PlayStation VR at $500 or below, they are set to dominate the market- inasmuch as there will be a market for VR devices to dominate, in any case.

“Wow, Vive priced at $800. This sets Oculus up to win at $600, and sets Sony up to dominate if they have the ability to price sub $500,” Pachter said on his Twitter.

Personally, I think that Pachter may have it right this time- not just because of the sticker shock that the prices of Oculus and Vive are set to cause, but also because they further require the kind of high end PCs to run that most people simply do not have. In contrast, a PlayStation VR will just require a PS4 – which is the most popular gaming console of the generation – and users will be set to go. It’s a more elegant, plug and play solution, basically.

Now hopefully Sony take the opportunity being handed to them, and don’t price the PlayStation VR similarly high.

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  • Starman

    PSVR can dominate the VR market,WHEN IT WORKS ON PS4 ONLY (without a built in processor) …aaaaaaaa ha ha ha ah ah a !!!!!!!!! looooooooooooool !!!! Pachter says …aaaaaaaaa ha ha ha …. PSVR aaaaaaaa ha ha ha Sony LMFAO !!!!! STFU !

    If you believe that crap , “I have a bridge to sell you”…….

    • It kinda funny you don’t believe it since its pretty obvious prediction.

    • Andrew Markham

      Looks like the morons found the internet again.

    • legacy

      You act like a ten year old

  • Psionicinversion

    wow the cheaper device will dominate, followed by oculus that is cheaper than the Vive… man hes got some smarts he has!!!

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