PlayStation VR Price and Launch Details Announced; Launches This October Worldwide For $399

The most mass market VR solution.

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Project Morpheus

Sony have finally taken the wraps off of the final launch details of the PlayStation VR- the headset will be launching globally this October, for $399 USD/£349/399 Euro/¥44,980. This makes it, by far, the cheapest VR headset on the market, undercutting the Oculus Rift by a hefty $200, and the HTC Vive by a staggering $400.

This means that, if any company has a chance to dominate the nascent VR field and bring it to the mainstream, it is Sony. Not only is the PS4 far cheaper than the high end PCs needed for other premium VR solutions, but the PlayStation VR is also cheaper than the other headsets on the market- by far.

Sony also announced some other important news at their PlayStation VR event at GDC today- the final specs of the headset were announced:

  • 1920×1080 display.
  • 5.7″ OLED display.
  • 120Hz and 90Hz display modes.
  • Approx 100 degree FoV
  • 3D audio support
  • DualShock 4/PlayStation Move compatibility

We’ll have more on the PlayStation VR for you soon. Stay tuned.

playstation vr final package psvr specs

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  • Gamez Rule

    “A new mode on PlayStation VR was also revealed, called Cinematic Mode.
    Using Cinematic Mode users can play PS4 games on the PSVR headset on a
    giant virtual screen with three different levels of zoom. Netflix can also be viewed using Cinematic Mode, for those who prefer a more immersive streaming experience”.

    As for games….

    Gran Turismo Sport
    No Man’s Sky
    Ace Combat 7
    London Heist
    Until Dawn
    The Assembly
    Robinson: The Journey
    Megaton Rainfall
    Get Even
    Eve Valkyrie
    The Deep
    Eagle Flight
    Project Cars, SFV, Tekken 7

    Track Mania, Battlezone, Psycholonauts, Godling, Super Hyper Cube, Among The Sleep, Warthunder, Ark, Modern Zombie, Music VR, Technolust, World War Toons.

    With some of the PS4 games being able to use VR already from the looks of it and with over 230 developers currently working on PlayStation VR Sony looks to be in the driving seat for VR.

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    • Dotcum22

      Why care so much you don’t even own a ps4 are you so bored on your pc you have to troll all day

  • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

    >Requires NSA Spycam
    >Underpowered console

    Another loss for the Sonycucks 🙂

  • Ian Henry

    October is a pretty good bu risky release window for a month that’s close to the holiday season.
    If Sony does a great job marketing the product then it might do commercially well for Fall and much of the Holiday period.
    Definitely will check PSVR when I see what killer apps will persuade me to buy it.

    • Marlene Gallant

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  • Gamez Rule

    European-amazon-stores first batch of PSVR has sold out, and now selling a second batch ( limited sales to each person ), while both the French and German stores have completely sold out. PSVR is selling out BIG TIME! While PSVR is already pre-sold out at EB Games Australia.

    Also good news is Sony allows different bundle deals. So if people need just the basic headset OR the complete setup Sony has you covered.


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