PlayStation VR Sells Through 90% Of Its Shipment In Japan

But completely flounders, as far as games go.

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Project Morpheus

The PlayStation VR hardware managed to post a strong showing in Japan last week, with over 50,000 units reported sold. Today, Japanese sales tracking firm Media Create released a more detailed report on the makeup and constitution of the sales for the VR headset.

According to the firm, over 90% of the shipped units sold during the first week. 41,000 of the sales were bundles, while 11,000 were standalone units. But while the hardware saw some great reception on the market, sales for the software were less than stellar. Only two PlayStation VR games charted at retail- RIGS and PlayStation VR Worlds, and they collectively managed to shift only 9,000 units.

I said it before, and I will say it again- while there is no doubt that the initial launch for the PSVR has been great in Japan, Sony need to address the software situation with some region specific games, and fast, or the PSVR will sink, and soon be a distant memory in the country.

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  • The truth-ier

    initial sell through are the fanboys that will buy anything… games suck 100%, the resident evil looks like crap. But maybe its because i use the vive and rift.

  • Terminator

    Millions of PS4’s in Japan and only 50,000+ PSVR where sold?

    • H Karlsson

      Did it sell millions (PS4) at launch (first week)?

    • jp

      no, but at least 500,000 and thats a huge difference.

    • As of Jan 2016 13 million computers in the world that possesses the power needed to run games on virtual reality graphics. Vive took 3 months after launch to get near 100k sales world wide and the Rift is much lower from what I’ve read. So in Japan alone sold 50k PSVR… you want to talk about huge difference?

    • jp

      the Rift and the Vive are not even comparable to PSVR in terms of overall experience neither the market that is aimed for, hence the poor graphics and the controllers from 10 years ago, it may be a hit in Japan but also was the Vita and where is it now? problem with the Vita was first and third party support and it looks the PSVR is headed that way, so selling like crazy for Sony in Japan is not by any means a micro cosmos of what is to happen globally.

    • You shouldn’t be so salty against PSVR. Its success will help your Vive/Rift stay relevant.

    • jp

      present facts of how Sony has treated their own hardware is not being salty is just being straight forward.

    • yeah well every PC hardware part I ever bought discontinues support at a much more rapid pace than Sony ever did.

    • jp

      hence I stopped playing on PC (Since 99), besides optimization problems, API compatibilty, etc etc. I rather play on console and im just waiting on my Scorpio/ Oculus combo, REAL, I still doubt the full 4K for AAA games claims, but still havent had a problem with my Xbox One like I used to with PC games.

    • H Karlsson

      Even if it did sell that amount, it’s still a viable platform who’s had a great worldwide launch and a solid reception from media and consumers.
      Why the negativity?

    • jp

      just remember the Vita.

    • Just remember the Kinect. Products can be hit or miss no reason to hold it against a company if it doesn’t sell.

    • jp

      PSVR is like a Kinect in a shell…lets how it turns out, I dont hold anything against anybody, only that some media outlets are very very bias, and all misses from PS are sort of condoned, there is some double standards going on for a counple of years now, all im saying is that PSVR is an underpar product for the price and for what it currently offers.

    • I guess if you want to use that example Rift and Vive are more like Kinect in a shell since they use IR just like the Kinect. With the long list of product failures and support drop in Microsoft’s 40 years of business why would you trust them over Sony or any other tech company really? Zune, Kin, Windows Me, Windows Pen, MSN Messenger, Pocket PC 2000, Windows XP tablet, Portable Media Center, Origami, Microsoft Internet TV, etc. Its fine to have a preference but there is no point in validating your preference with something every company is guilty of.

    • jp

      you seem to remember MS failures more, besides is MS really to blamce trying all that, I mean they do hace the economical and people power to do so, whereas if Sony does and fails they have to dig themselves out of the hole somehow… for the players?? yeah right.

    • Nope I didn’t even know half of them existed I just knew if I searched for it i would find it which is the same for every company. None of them are infallible they all try new things and they all eventually flop something and have to pull support. So being one sided on the issue is nonsense.

    • Mr Xrat

      Trying too hard, Xgimp.

  • Mr Xrat

    “Bu bu bu bu but” – Xgimps everywhere.


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