PlayStation Walks Away With Far And Away The Best Conference At E3 This year So Far, And Here’s Why

Sony wins E3 (so far), simply by showing up.

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This E3, Sony had a low bar to clear. Microsoft’s press conference was disappointing, EA’s was a trainwreck, Bethesda’s was very underwhelming, and Ubisoft was the only one who managed to have a good showing, mostly because of the high caliber of games that it brought with it to the show. So, Sony doing best out of all the conferences so far was never going to be difficult- they just had to keep doing what they have been doing, and they’d end up the winner by default. That’s basically what ended up happening.

Sony’s conference itself had some problems – notably, there was no one ‘oh, shit’ megaton announcement moment of the kind that they are known for – but on the whole, it was a fast paced, frenetic hour, with game after game after game, with minimal talk and fluff, and a very varied slate of games. There may be some who felt that the emphasis on the PlayStation VR in the middle segment of the conference was too much – however, I feel that Sony personally walked the fine line between focusing on it, but not too much, just fine.

It also helps that Sony had some incredible games to show. They started the show with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which looks great, before moving on to show us Horizon: Zero Dawn- The Frozen World, a brand new expansion coming up for the hit Guerrilla RPG from earlier this year, and Days Gone, which looked far more convincing this year than it did last year. Sony then announced Monster Hunter World, a new open world Monster Hunter game that is coming to the PS4 in early 2018 (it is also coming to Xbox Oe and PC), also showing off Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, a whole spate of some pretty cool looking PlayStation VR games (including Skyrim!), some focus on multiplats including Destiny 2, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, and Call of Duty: World War 2, and for the show ending segment, a truly jaw dropping gameplay segment of the upcoming Spider-Man.

Shadow of the Colossus

"Sony had some incredible games to show."

The selection of games shown off was great, the pace was brisk, there was minimal talking, the conference was short and snappy, and Sony even only focused on games that are releasing in 2017 or 2018- which basically addresses my biggest complaint with their conferences in the past few years of them announcing games too far out in advance.

That said, there were a few problems- as I said, there is an argument to be made that they focused far too much on the PlayStation VR (I personally do not feel so, but this is the sentiment I have seen percolating online). Meanwhile, there were some baffling omissions, too- while Death Stranding and The Last of Us missing makes sense, given that Sony only emphasized games coming this year or the next, and those two are likely farther out, I am talking about games like Ni no Kuni 2 or Gran Turismo Sport, both of which are due out later this year, and are high profile PS4 exclusives that were completely ignored.

Then, of course, there is the expectation Sony has created that it failed to live up to- the expectation of always having a big, show stopping reveal or announcement, which they did not this time around. There was also the fact that they tried to basically redo a lot of last year’s conference, right down to the live orchestra for the opening (though the Indian musical piece really was very good).

Project Morpheus

"There is an argument to be made that they focused far too much on the PlayStation VR (I personally do not feel so, but this is the sentiment I have seen percolating online)."

But the problems really pace next to the high octane, high pace, rapid fire announcements and showcases that Sony had, one after the other, and just the fact that the lineup of exciting games for the PS4 continues to swell. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, and Shadow of the Colossus all look great. Sony managed to even make the PlayStation VR look exciting and interesting, when I honestly thought they would drop it entirely after lower than expected sales.

Ultimately, was this the best conference Sony has ever had? Not really, they have done better, and they will continue to do better. But it was a great mid generation state of the union for Sony, a chance for them to slow down and consolidate their position, instead of being aggressive. They are in the lead, and they can afford to ease off on the pedal for a bit now. Their position is so secure that they still managed to have the best conference so far nonetheless.

Now to see if Nintendo manages to outdo this tomorrow. I have my doubts, personally, but at the very least, I will be keeping an open mind going in.

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  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Sorry no. Sony’s show was embarrassing. DLC, games we have seen 3 times and VR tech demos for only 60 minutes ?!?

    I’ll take the the Xbox 4k monster, best multiplats available, player unknown, cuphead, crackdown, Forza this year… LOL..

    Xbox wins this E3

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      how can you say games we’ve seen 3 times.. then mention Cuphead a game we’ve seen at like 3/4 shows, crackdown a game we’ve seen at 5 shows and Forza an anual release loool!!!? bro you’re drunk go hit the bed early tonight man…

      best multiplats how..? when the onlye 4k 60FPS game confirmed is Forza and that’s not even a multiplat…? loool

  • heima

    “a very varied slate of games”
    Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY?!
    They were all third-person action-adventure that looked like spin-offs to Uncharted/TLU, even a former hack’n’nslash like GoW is suffering from this alignment to the action-adventure genre.
    So far the best conference is Ubisoft’s, hands down.

    • Samathajbrown

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  • Liver 4 Ever

    Xbox wins easily …
    sony just retweet e3 2016

  • stopbeingafanboy

    Yup my winner too. Ubisoft a strong second and Microsoft a decent 3rd.

  • Holeybartender

    Definitely. All Microsoft had was cartoony looking games and niche side-scrollers.Ubisoft rocked it too.


      And Sony didn’t show and cartoony looking games

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      name them..?

    • Holeybartender

      I’m not talking about a couple cartoony kiddy games here ,I’m talking about graphically stunning games that would’ve showcased the need to buy the new Xbox One X. That should’ve been their agenda from the start but instead you’re left with cartoony looking Sea of Thieves,Crackdown 3 and Minecraft(They sure made a big stink about 4k on this one) to show off. Sure they are games that people wanted to see but those were it,the rest of the games were meh.

      They needed wow-factor games to show the “Power of the” Xbox One X and they had one,Anthem. They didn’t do any of that and that’s why Microsoft failed.

    • kma99

      Lol the bias is strong with u lol.

    • Holeybartender

      Uh yeah, when someone makes a big stink about how much more powerful their console is than someone elses you damn sure better not show me cartoony graphics to convince me to shell out $500 for it.

    • kma99

      Guess what….. no one is forcing you to buy anything so try convincing yourself and stop crying like a baby

    • Dougdec92

      ermmm 44444k6666660fffffffffps

    • Dougdec92

      oh you again…lol, long time man, your smile is as huge as 6tflops

    • kma99

      And yours has 720 with boost mode.

    • Dougdec92

      i miss you man…lol

    • kma99

      Missed u to man. How have you been?

    • Dougdec92

      dude i am cool bro


      No! They showed AAA exclusives that look far better than the MS ones, even on the xbonex!

      Spiderman alone put the whole Xbox lineup to shame!

    • Dougdec92

      and they were even for psvr

    • Dougdec92

      well we cant blame them …could we…lol, they have spent a lot on that console…not enough left for exclusives….and there i thought MS makes in a quarter more than Sony does in a year and they dont have money for them sweet exclusives.

  • Liver 4 Ever

    Xbox One X 4K resolution ultra settings and 4K texture and maybe 60 fps and 4k enhancement patch for gmes like witcher 3 just for 500$ 🙂 Xbox Gamer Wins

  • Mr Xrat

    Eh, I felt it was very average this year. Seems like they decided to listen to Xgimps and only show games that are out in the next year. Funny thing is, using their rules, they still smashed Microsoft with their unimpressive-looking first party (now that’s remastered – where are the new games? At least Sony had Shadow of the Colossus), multiple delays, timed indie exclusives and overhype. The coup de grace comes with the revelation that both multiplat (Destiny 2) and exclusive (Crackdown 3) run 30FPS on their beast fire Xbollox, and that Assassin’s Creed is dynamic 4K. Overpromise and underdeliver, as usual.

    So far Ubisoft had the best conference and Nintendo has a good chance of taking the crown.


      Dude your weak PS4 PRO can only hope to reach anything close to 4K
      Your PS4 PRO is gimped

    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      Your life is gimped. Truth hurts.

    • Smart guy

      No xrats really is gimped kid that’s a FACT lol you seriously not going to put that in your “truth” lol

    • Mr Xrat

      Your precious 4K 60 ultra no compromises failed at the first hurdle, Kirk. We told you this would happen. You didn’t listen.


      It can do aaa 2017 exclusives!

      Can xbox do that? So far it can’t!

    • Dougdec92

      lol….the beast slipping on its first couple of games?, the beast starting to sound like a pet to me.

  • Gamez Rule

    Sony had some incredible games to show off and although not a perfect E3 show Sony nailed it with “It’s all about games comment” and after seeing some massive well known hitters and exclusives Sony gave everyone a reason to own a PS4 console.

    Games are what gamers wanted ( how many months have Xbone users been wanting a full console exclusive can show this much ) and Sony with exclusive dev support for PS4 have shown more than anyone could have hoped for. ( See Link )

    PSVR looked exciting with some really great VR games coming out supporting the One million plus gamers that bought into PSVR, while also supporting all gamer types that own the PS4 ( with and without VR )

    This E3 show from Sony gave people a huge range of first party titles and exclusive titles to justify the purchase of PS4 and allowed that wow factor to take place. MS failed to do such a thing and relied on hardware instead of games.( 98% of what was shown by MS can be played on PS4 ) while a lot of what Sony showed cannot be played on other platforms.

    • TwoLiterSoda

      VR stuff was horrible lol

    • Gamez Rule

      MS may not be bring any VR to Xbone X after all the hpye MS made last year so at least Sony are willing to bring it over to their PS4


      Not like the xbone one… Right? Right?


    Microsoft conference showed new more powerful hardware and more games than Sony’s E3 conference

    Microsoft wins E3 hands down

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      but the games shown off were they even impressive..!? Showing of quantity instead of quality is now how you in is it..? :-S Plus 90% of those games will be on PS4 anyways! so how is that a win like AT ALL!!???

      And ending your conference with a multiplatform game!!!!????? that’s actually kinda pathetic lool

    • Liver 4 Ever

      no games in 2017 for sony…some games even with no date release
      maybe microsoft had games for Q42018 but not show it …
      biased media …
      this is the worst e3 for sony…every ps fan know that …its just a replay for e3 2016 with some short gameplay

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      loool… ummmm no games for 2017..? Uncharted lost legacy, Horizon Zero Dawn E3, Knack 2, Ni No Kuni 2, Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy, GT Sport… loool like are you people really this stupid..?

      Secondly even though this E3 showed off some games already announced they gave them more context and gameplay and also the quality of games shown was still way ahead of MS’ showing eaisllyyyyyyy more than MS’

  • NeoMahi

    They did cover Gran Tourismo Sport. If you watched the Pre-show, Ryan Clements went to Japan to tour Polyphony and they covered it during the Pre-Show as well as a trailer for Ni-no-kuni 2. They announced they wanted to expand so they’re releasing the Play – link games that Until Dawn developers are making a game that uses a smart phone as your controller that looked pretty neat.

    The focus on VR complaint is crap! People, like with Vita, are always saying Sony needs to push and sell them on VR. Sadly, it seems VR is about as useful with FPS games, which there are plenty, and developers are unable to find something innovative, really, no matter whether it’s Oculus, Vive, or PSVR. I guess VR is still very much in its infancy, or to really provide an amazing VR experience is just no possible for what people are willing to pay. The Pre-show had an interview with a guy at PlayStation’s R&D that talked about what Sony are working on along with the development of VR itself. Sony gave everyone what they wanted. EVERYTHING! They explained all of their hardware, kept things to a minimum, showed more software coming out on VR, showed games that show what they’re doing with Pro, and with God of War what they’re still able to do with PS4 before Pro still comes into the mix. What else do you want from them? The only thing I was disappointed about was, what the frick are Sucker Punch up to? They finished Second Son as a launch game and here we are four years later. That’s all. Sony did something to scare off Insomniac, but Sony are clearly trying to set things right with them by saying “Hey! You’re not comfortable bringing us new IP that we want because you’re so good at what you do so, we’ll feed you the ideas instead and you can just develop the games we want, and we’ll cover all of your costs.” I know Insomniac didn’t come to Sony, Sony told them they were impressed with Sunset Overdrive and thought Spider-Man would be a good fit. Sony are trying to show Insomniac what they’re missing out on with Ted Price likely now realizing he made a pretty big mistake going with Microsoft and losing sales with Xbox One, which confuses me as to why they won’t bring Sunset Over to the PS4 and get those sales, it’s a great game Insomniac fans will love that didn’t invest in an Xbox.

    No, I disagree, Sony did excellent. Microsoft, had a bad year. Nothing but MMO’s and FPS games. Sea of Thieves doesn’t appeal to me at all and I think is the final nail in the coffin to finish off Rare. Why Microsoft continue to support Rare is beyond me. But they’re desperate for first-party studios that just have no talent. Forza 7 isn’t really impressing gamers as they say it’s pretty but that’s it, it’s just the same Forza. Gamers are just too picky and too manicy. Sony gave fans what they wanted and The Last of Us Part II is purposefully being held off until PSX in December. And yes, leaving Death Stranding alone is perfect not over hyping or burning everyone out with trailers alone, Sony wants to have something substantial to show.

  • Edonus

    I told ya’ll……. BGM (bias gaming media).

    I said MS can show the most powerful console ever made, and tons of games and the media will just say the games are Meh and the difference between 4k and upscaled snt that big.

    The weird thing is I thought sony would have a much better showing. I didnt think it would better than MS but I was expecting a lot more. They basically replayed last years E3….. it was pathetic.

    Yet we still have the BGM spinning and pushing the propaganda that sonys conference was anything more than weak ….. they cant let MS have a win so here we go.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      how can you even say that!! you keep screaming out this BS and no ones checking you on it.. so im not even going to try come across as disrespectful i swear to you im not so lets ACTUALLY have this discussion bro…

      Just because you show of the most powerful console ever thats fine and the presentation for the console was great… but now tell us did MS reallllllyyy do enough to justify the purchase of the console itself…? Regardless of the price of course thats a seperate issue all together but just off what was shown off did they do a good job in showing us the average gamer why the Xbox One X is a must have!? or even the average Xbox One gamer why they should upgrade to the X instead..?

      And btw if Sony’s conference was weak then god help Microsoft loool once again not trying to argue just saying.

    • Edonus

      I would love to have this conversation.
      First) Showing off the most powerful console actually holds lots of weight… I have seen MS games get crushed because of resolutiongate. That is now over, just changing up the consumer mindset is going to go a long way for gaming. The X1X takes care of multiple perceptions. I have always said the quality we get in these consoles just splitting hairs.

      Second) “Did MS do enough to justify the purchase of the console?” Thats a loaded question. because justification is based on the individual and they are educated by more things than just E3. This i why I am so hard on the BGM (bias gaming media). I have always felt these consoles deliver too similar a product for their to be this big of a difference in market share and reception.
      So to answer your question it depends on the person. For me I have a 4k tv getting another I have an X1S my funds are in line I will buy a X1X. If you are a person that loves mostly plays COD and FIFA every year and plan on or already have a 4k tv you may want a X1X if quality is a preference. If you are a Sony enthusiast and like their games and buy multiplats as filler between exclusives then no.
      If you are gamer that like MP and online gaming and community and competition you should own a Xb1, X1S or X1X.

      Sonys conference was had less games and old game nothing new. I liked Spiderman and God Of War but I would beat those games in 2 weeks and never look back…… I also dont like that all the Ps4 games are starting to look a like (that could just be me though)

      I personally left out of the MS conference wanting to buy way more games than Sonys.

    • Gamez Rule

      “Showing off the most powerful console actually holds lots of weight”…. Lesser hardware consoles outsold more powerful hardware consoles so no it doesn’t hold any weight.

      “I have seen MS games get crushed because of resolution gate”….. I have seen that taking place with PS4 and PS4-Pro and Nintendo so MS hasn’t been the only one that had that issue.

      “That is now over,”… No it still takes place

      “Did MS do enough to justify the purchase of the console?”….No they didn’t IMO and that of many friends that already use consoles. In fact IF all Xbone games are coming to window 10 then we don’t even need a console to play the games, we can use our gaming PCs.

      “I have always felt these consoles deliver too similar a product for their to be this big of a difference in market share and reception”.. Yet there is a big difference in market share so your feelings cannot be correct due to PS4 outselling Xbone more than 3-1 in europe and 2-1 in N-America.

      “If you are gamer that like MP and online gaming and community and competition you should own a Xb1, X1S or X1X.”…. Adding PC & PS4 as otherwise you’ll miss out in some cases. But this gen Sony have officially stated that they had 70 million monthly active users while MS stated they had 54-55 million active monthly users which makes PSN more popular overall when compared to XBL.

      As for E3 shows I’ll say each to their own, but I haven’t had one true console exclusive game since 2017 started to play on my Xbone console, while Sony has released quite a few this year already with more to come to play on PS4.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      ok lets have it…
      1. The showing off of the system is 1000% important and no one is knocking that the system has been shown off.. it is an incredible piece of kit and NO ONE is denying it.. infact everyone seems to have a consensus that it is indeed undoubtedly (because it is) the greatest console of all time.. In terms of hardware. so i dont know where you’re getting that level of attack from…?

      2. I do agree to some degree… but the truth is to the the average person which represents the LARGE majority of the gaming market they are not enthusiasts.. and the simple truth is that if you want those peopel to join the Xbox ranks there needs to be a justification of why they should replace their current X1 for an X1X.. like i have friends with X1s and after hearing the price and the lack of any exclusives to take dvatage of the tech they said they’d wait and see…. and even on IGN and Kinda funny and even gamespot they all seemed to say similarly that they are gonna wait and see on whether they will be buying it at launch or not… The problem isn’t JUST because they didn’t show games off at E3 but rather there is a pre-existing lack of these exclsuives on the xbox already.. so adding a new system then not announcing anything ontop of it is detrimental… For example, i bought my PS4 Pro right, but i bought it off of the back of Sony a month before releasing a list of games that will be getting a patch to up the resolution and framerate and enable HDR, and A LOT of PlayStation’s already released games were getting updates, that year alone saw the release of Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank & The Whitness.. Not to mention games liek Nioh and The slew of games already announced at E3 like Horizon and stuff were on the way AND confirmed to be coming out in 4k and stuff.. so the incentive was there to show you this is why the system exists this is the substantial catalogue that we ALREADY HAVE and these are the games you can expect to not give you buyers remorse that are coming in the coming months… get it…?

      Your comment on multiplaer is a little subjective tbh considering a lot of competitions and tournaments are ran on PS4… i myself am always in Rocket League tournaments bro lool… and were always getitng tournaments and events pushed to us on the PlayStation home screen so i cant give you that point im sorry…

      3. just because Sony had less games doesn’t mean thats bad… Sony showed off WAY better games.. like WAAYYY better games… like you can say that you dont like single player games but as a fanbase PS fans have proven time and time again that isnge player games aren’t dead… it seems to be somethign you Xbox fans keep saying then peopel like Phil Spencer then need to correct and say they themselves care about single player games so you cant keep going back and forth on something that clearlllyyy people still want!
      And by look the same you mean 3rd person action…? :S Because the only think MS shows off is the same..? Just at a lowe quality and im not saying that as a fanboy but im saying that as an industry consensus.

      wow… well considering the games shown off were 3rd party games that will be on PS4 anyways they will be popular anyways… but the simple truth is A LOT of the games were indie and/or obscure not popular games anyways.. heck look at Metro ffs, it’s now being held up by Xbox fans like this amazing series but it’s a series that’s failed in sales and almost went bankrupt AND was more popular on PlayStation anyways! so CLEARLY the Xbox community didn’t ever care about it back then!! but now it’s shown off at a MS conference its all of a sudden a big deal! This is NOT to say Metro isn’t a good franchise i mean i own Metro: Redux on my PS4 Pro because it wa son sale for £10 loool but it’s still not this huge franchise that anybody really cares about.

      Point is that im tryna make here and im sorry for how long this whole post has been is that everything you seem to be complaining about has some sort of reasoning behind it and a lot of blind Xbox fanboys perpetuate a narrative and completely shut out any argument against their opinion and soo much hyperbole is thrown around and it causes arguments (this last part is on both sides of the fanboy wall but im just saying)…


      Ms games get crushed because they have mediocre campaigns!

      And some even manage to f#&ck the online Connecticut.

      Their resolution is the least of its trouble!

    • Dougdec92

      come on, dont waste words on this one….it is phil’s fault, he put him in his position to start with.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      true truee! *sigh* lool

    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      Lol…this poor critter…fooled by Metro “in engine” pc trailer. Anthem looked great. Where are Microsoft’s first party titles? Outside of Forza, they were a no show. No compelling new Ip for the 500 dollar box.

      Crackdown is supposedly releasing in November, and all it got was a lame cinematic trailer, no lengthy gameplay, no nothing. I give Microsoft credit for diversifying their portfolio, because they showed many different types of games, but when you’re pushing out new hardware and you have no exclusives, you’re not “winning” anything.

    • Edonus

      Didnt I tell you never comment on anything I write….. in the spirit of decency I will respond to you.

      MS showed over 40 games with 30 getting 4k updates, Xbox has no games/exclusives is a talking point but not real. Lots of these games you wont be able to get on Ps4, some of them are Win10/X1 some are will arrive early and now look better thanx to X1X. You say no compelling new IP but again compelling is subjective.

      Crackdown 3 was a campaign trailer….. they have already confirmed the destruction is still in play on the MP. A commercial is not the game, and there is plenty of time to show more of the game.

      MS wont start winning until they mitigate the BGM. I dont necessarily care about them winning as much as just getting a fair shake.

    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      You’re a child who, when a website doesn’t agree with your myopic viewpoint, claims “bias” because you can’t handle an opinion that differs from your own.

      Sounds like a you problem. Good luck with that.

    • Mr Xrat

      MS wouldn’t have had a “win” anyway, Nintendo drop-kicked them both out of the park.


      I told you! MS did show the most powerful console ever made until November! The most powerful console ever made has been made by Sony for the last 10 years! So welcome to the late party!

      But where are the games? Ps4 has been killing xbone with its exclusives for the last 3 years ! And what did MS sugar coated is new 4k machine? TIMED MULTIPLATFORM INDIES LOL

      they didn’t announce a single AAA exclusive!

      You’ll pay 499 to run old gen looking games!

      We all expected Sony to do better, they had set the bar to high last 2 years, but we also expected, where sure in fact, that MS would do better! They had to, unlike Sony, they had a new powerhouse to show off and they showed multiplatform indies!

      And, the AAA shown by Sony were superior to the MS ones but more importantly, Sony didn’t deprived its fans from exclusives ALL THIS YEAR supposedly to announce a whole new stable of AAA exclusives!

      So, in all regards Sony may not have won, it was MS who definetly lost!

  • Starman

    MS and Sony was weak ….very weak but , MS showing was way better facts .. Doesn’t mean i condone what MS did on stage (flopped) but Sony’s showing was garbage.

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Lol no. Lame showing. They needed something to wow us but dropped there ball. If anyone won it is Nintendo with Sony and MS a draw. Pretty lackluster E3, shame as it’s my first one I attended. Still having a blast tho.

  • Rhythmattic

    Best, Worst ?
    No one won…. Just gamers.
    Sad Ay?

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Its really pretty simple. Here are the games Xbox owners get this year:

    All multiplats superior
    Playerunknown battleground
    Forza 7
    Cup head
    Crackdown 3

    While PS4 gets only
    GT Sport and inferior multiplats.

    Xbox wins this E3


      1.Irrelevant cause you have been playing the inferior versions for 4 straight years!
      2.Is only timed!’s not that better than the one you already have
      4. Indie
      5. Doesn’t look that great!

      Ps4 has spiderman, God of War… Oh, that is enough to win against MS

      Better luck next year! You’ll need it!

  • it was a great mid generation state of the
    union for Sony, a chance for them to slow down and consolidate their
    position, instead of being aggressive. They are in the lead, and they
    can afford to ease off on the pedal for a bit now.

    Really sounds like you’re conflating Sony’s market lead with their actual E3 presentation.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    thank youuu!!!! people seem to be getting dumber and dumber! lool

  • Dougdec92

    yh, it wasnt as nuke as many times before but it was sweet fun, i honestly was waiting for god of war and man was i satisfied…spiderman blew me away and i cant wait for hzd dlc…in all it as a sweet show and had what mattered…..exclusives…..ubisoft did so well and for nintendo…i only care about them if i wanted to buy child friendly games…in all e3 was good…goodluck to the xbox one x…they dare not release any game below 4k60fps


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