Pokemon X & Y Protagonists Can be Customized

Slightly tweak the look of the new protagonists time around.

Posted By | On 12th, May. 2013 Under News

Coro Coro Comics has a new Pokemon X & Y cover story coming up, and it showcases the female protagonist’s illustration for the first time (her 2D form, of course). Check out the scan below.

In an interesting twist, it also seems that both protagonists can be customized, with a few different skin tones and designs showcased for each. Customization using accessories and alternate outfits is unknown though.

Other details in the story include the ability to ride certain types of Pokemon into towns in the new Karos region. The cover story also looks at many new kinds of Pokemon that will feature along with the new starters already showcased.

Any guesses as to whether one or either of the protagonists appear in the anime at some point, alongside the ageless Ash Ketchum? Given how this has been the trend with female protagonists on the show till date, it’d be interesting to see where it goes.

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  • Poop.

    There’s no trend with the anime and protagonists in the game. Misty was never available as a playable character, Crystal and Ash never met, and Iris was also never available to be played. Only May and Dawn have ever traveled with Ash. That’s only two females out of six.

    • hoppoiu

      don’t forget lyra…

    • Poop.

      Point even more proven.


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