Project CARS Show Beautiful Grand Touring Cars In Action

From Ginetta G40 Juniors to GT3…pure awesomeness prevails.

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project cars

Slightly Mad Studios have released a batch of brand new screenshots from their upcoming racing game Project CARS. The new screenshots focus on some really gorgeous Grand Touring cars from the game.

As depicted in the screenshots below, Project Cars will include a ton of these cars and that too from different classes. These include classes from Ginetta G40 Juniors to GT3 and Endurance vehicles. Furthermore the game will also include GT cars like the Ford GT40 Mk IV, Group 5 cars, and several more.

Project CARS is due for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U and SteamOS in November of this year. For more on Project CARS check out our hub page here or check out our full interview of the game here. We also did a comparison of how the PS4 version of the game stacks up against the PC version. You can check out the comparison here.

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  • Psionicinversion

    only on PC cus only a 780 can do that and push the environment to so unlucky peasants

    • ChickenShiz
    • Psionicinversion

      the car models will look similar although if you sit and look at the models you can tell the difference between PS4 and ultra which is what i said but the environment certaintly wont and its already bin proven from screenshots. If they didnt try make the models as good then whats the point but everything else will not look as good

      Also you need to look at full size pictures not the little ones to see the difference and it will get more noticeable on massive TV

    • toddraynerart

      Maybe some textures and blades of grass in ProjectCARS might not reflect the light as great as the master race PC will, but ask yourself, will any of this matter going 150+ mph? Really. Most of the backgrounds and textures will be blurry due to the speed of travel. Mostly the cars need to be perfect because they are traveling the same speed and will look great anyways on both, PC and PS4. Also, last I checked Watch Dogs wasn’t built with 4k textures, so it’s not going to look any better than 1080p. I love the 4k PC gaming angle, “I can game in 4k” so, everything was built in 1080p, so it’s not like all of sudden you see 4 times the texture detail, or the light rays look 4 times better. And it’s a known fact, When viewing at a normal distant, it’s hard to tell the difference of 4k over 1080p on a normal (65 inch) or smaller TV. So unless you’re playing on a 70 inch + screen and sitting 2 feet away, 4k doesn’t really matter. I’ve seen 4k TV’s and they do look sick when you have a true 4k source. But let’s be real cable isn’t even true 1080, 4k is still yrs away. You can have it on your PC and enjoy the small and I mean tiny bit of content out there that’s true 4k.

      Anyways back on topic, this game is a day 1 buy for me. It’s looks very good, and maybe even better than DriveClub. I know they are 2 slightly different games. But both deserve all the praise they are receiving.

    • darren evans

      believe me there will be differences. Yes ps4 will be optimized better but the difference will probably be lighting and pc textures. Dont hold your breath for ps4 after watch dogs is 900p 30fps. You complain about pc gamers saying ps4 does same for less, no it doesnt because i for one will be playing this and watch dogs at 4k 60fps

    • Pick

      Mozart and Bach probably sound identical to you also.


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