PS3 CPU exploit revealed

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Its a pretty well known fact that the year has not been a great one for Sony. Hackers have gone deep in to the PlayStation 3 and have managed to reveal loop holes.

Now a hacker who goes by the name of ‘Darkhacker ‘ has gone ahead and released a hack on the CPU of the PS3. This exploit is similar to Geohotz’s where it was hardware based, a memory glitching exploit that was released in 2010. However, this new hack allows access of memory and games.

He realizes the fact that he may be sued by Sony but it looks he is pretty adamant about the same.

i know by releasing this exploit ill probably be taken to court or sued but sony they can go to hell all i care for what there doing to us hackers ill fight until the last min i got of my life if i have to for the right of the people

We shall keep you updated on how this one develops.

Note: GamingBolt in no way supports something which is harmful for the industry and encourages it’s readers to do the same.

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  • aquaman22

    You Damn skippy Rashid, you go son! I think it’s bullshit that they continue with this “cause” of theirs. Do you think they’ve maybe watched the matrix one too many times?? Because if they think that causing a company MILLIONS of dollars is cool then they need a reality check. Douche Bags! Aqua Out!!!

    • Rashid Sayed


    • O Hai dere, Mr Sony Rep.

    • cb9

      How does it cost sony millions of dollars??

  • On the other hand, I totally encourage PS3 owners to take control of their own hardware and put Linux back on it.

    This does not require copyright infringement, and I don’t condone that. Sony are trying to muddy the waters by equating the two.

    Sony clearly can’t be trusted with custodianship of their platform. They will lie to you and cheat you and take away the Linux they sold you.

    Break their artificial locks and run whatever software you like. Run your legitimately purchased software. Run your home-developed software without requiring Sony’s approval. Who owns your PS3 – you or them?

    • You don’t own the hardware, your licencing it. Sony still owns the PS3 and have the right to lock it up. You agreed to this licencing deal when you purchased the PS3, that is how sony is going about it. Personally I agree with you once I have paid for hardware it should be mine and if I choose to modify it I should be allowed to. Sony are also doing this with the viao laptops, people can’t even take it apart to put in a bigger HDD.

    • cb9

      Exactly! when i bought my PS3 it was ADVERTISED, BY SONY, as being allowed to run other OS’s . This was the reason i bought my PS3 for playing wit Yellow dog linux and the Cell chips inside. not for gaming. So why should the product i own be dynamically changed from its original functionality by sony when i own the freaking thing and paid for the hardware with my own money .

      its like saying if you own a Chrysler , Chrysler has the right to recall you car and change the color of your seats when every they see fit.
      its not fair, its a violation of my consumer rights and we wont stand for it.

  • Yea when they sell that shit to someone its theirs, if they dont want people modifying the need to be awesome enough to make it not possible. Sewing someone for their mistake, fuck sony

    • df

      It’s “suing” as in filing a legal lawsuit (see how that works?), not sewing as in sewing needle.

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  • Seriously, you guys are douches….THIS HAS COST SONY ZERO DOLLARS……………. iF THESE GUYS HADN’T CRACKED A PS3 THEY WOULD BE CRACKING SOMETHING ELSE….So in actuality, this entire event was actually making Sony money, until they decided to take a play from their extremely successful playbook on how to run the music Industry…. Now they are seen as the bad guy, whereas before they were just scene as a supplier of cool toys to take apart and play with….
    Did you guys never modify anything your ever received as a child, If you did, then you are in violation of the”Rules” you stand so firmly behind.

  • I bet Sony now wishes they’d never opened Pandora’s box. Say what you want, they are getting what they deserve.

  • So this is harmful to the industry? lol’d

  • Your assertion that these legal circumventions to re-enable previously available functionality is “harmful to the industry” is laughable. You know what’s harmful to the industry? Dishonest and unethical companies which reduce functionality.

    How’d you like it if you bought a car, received a letter saying it needed free service, and after said service you could no longer control the radio with your steering wheel controls? or what about not being able to use the auxiliary port to listen to your music player, and then when you complain, they tell you to get satellite radio?

  • Wanna hear something funny?

    The law firm that is prosecuting GeoHotz for his PS3 work is Kilpatrick, Stockton (KS). In 2009, KS was the largest “intellectual property” law firm in the U.S., and maybe the world, so they are definitely Empire and not Jedi.

    Anyway, I’m watching tweets come across this morning and one says, basically, “Sweden’s Assange-attack-lawyer is from the U.S.!” The rape lawyer’s name was given as “Nils Vastberg” (NV). His law firm? You guessed it, Kilpatrick and Stockton. NV’s profile (but not his name) on the KS web page was removed. I also found something in Google cache on “Spoke” (which is like LinkedIn), connecting NV and KS, but now that appears to be gone, too (somehow, I couldn’t get back to it, maybe others can).

    I had all of 2 minutes to examine some other leads. Try this – one of the public figures to maintain his call for the death penalty for Bradley Manning is a guy named “James P. Cain”. Cain was a lawyer at KS for 20 years – then U.S. Ambassador to Denmark (next to Sweden). Another lead had KS working on al-Qaeda detainee matters. KS also hired some ex-CIA people. Am I making too much of this?

    Or, should Assange’s prosecutor not be so heavily connected to the U.S?

    Spread the word. Maybe other people can find some stuff that might reveal a U.S. attack plan on Assange – Hillary says no such plan exists. But some of this isn’t passing the smell test.


  • Ben

    I personally loathe it when Sony starts ‘sewing’ people. I mean, where do these corporate giants get off on thinking that they can treat people like cloth!? Jesus Christ, I thought that suing people was going far enough.

  • u mad sony?
    46 DC EA D3 17 FE 45 D8 09 23 EB 97 E4 95 64 10 D4 CD B2 C2

  • I thank all the free minded individuals that product these hacks. If I buy something, I sure as hell can do whatever I please with it.

    I didn’t rent my PS3, I didn’t licence it from sony, I have no agreement with sony not to modify my own property. I OWN my PS3, so I should be able to do whatever I want with it.

    Never will I let a multinational corporation tell me what I can and cannot to with my own property.

  • Call me stupid or whatever but what was linux for on ps3 ?

    • Stupid.
      Linux is an operating system, you can do what you wish with it.
      Write programs, make media, surf the web and whatnot.

  • jbg0623

    I don’t mind, I think this is good for gamers. This will probably teach Sony to care more for their customers. I have a 60 gig PS3 with a faulty disc drive that still works aside from not reading discs. I’m definitely thinking about hacking it when I have a little time. I mean shit, I had to buy a slim, my warrentee was up so now there’s no use for it other than to hack cuz I sure as hell am not gonna spend a hundred bucks sending it in to be repaired.


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