PS3 Offline Issues: Probable reasons

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This morning, I just booted my PlayStation 3 and started my saved game from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves from yesterday. Suddenly one of my online friends pinged me on Skype and insisted me to check out this news about the PlayStation Network getting shut down globally. Now since I am not much of an online player, my last venture with PSN was with Killzone 2, I did not cared about it. Now what my friend revealed next was shocking. He said some games have actually stopped working ever since PSN went down, even when the PS3 is offline. I told him: “Man, I live in Asia, and it’s been almost a year since I have logged in to PSN and there is no way that issue is going to hit me.” He than requested me to pop in Assassins Creed 2 and I did just that. The game booted up fine and I said to him: “See! Its working fine man”. He then requested me to actually play the game and what I saw next was out of this world. The PlayStation 3 popped me a message: “Registration of the trophy information could not be complete. The game will quit.”

Well that did not ended there, when I popped in Among Thieves again, the game worked fine but the save dates had gone for a toss with Uncharted 2 showing as being saved in year 2000!

Now this atleast confirms one thing, not all games have been hit by this weird offline issue. What did Sony had to say about this issue? Sony has officially responded to the problems users are experiencing with PlayStation Network.

“We’re aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we’re looking into it. Stay tuned for updates.”

Now the thing is I have not logged in to the PSN for almost a year. So basically my PlayStation 3 is in an offline environment. So how on earth did this weird issue hit my PS3?

I did some brain storming and actually came up with something. The reasons might sound a bit strange, but anycase here it goes:

  • The PlayStation 3 has an internal device which can communicate while the system is off. Now some may say that device could be bluetooth or infrared but the thing is these devices have limited range and even if someone hacks in to the system, they can’t do at a global level. There is some weird device in our PlayStation 3 that is enabling someone to control and making it act in a crazy manner.
  • PlayStation 3 has been doing very well ever since the slim version came on the market. Competetion is tough these days considering the fact that video games industry has also hit by the recent recession. So probably an organization could have screwed Sony over this. I mean Sony have been in this buisness for a long time and a big screw up by them is not at all possible.
  • Recent games released on the PlayStation 3 could have caused the issue. I have recently played Dante’s Inferno, Batman Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ( 23rd time lol) on my PlayStation 3. Now could the games released just recently have installed some sort of code that might have distrupted the internal software? My bet is as good as yours.

I will say it again. I have not logged on the PSN for almost a year. And the recent issue makes makes me a bit worried. Remember the good old PSOne days? That little thing could control a missile! I hope these issues get sorted out since I dont want to think that the PS3 is not a secure device. So lets just hope Sony sorts this issues real fast.

Have any of you faced offline issues? Let us get together and share our issues and hopefully find the solution.

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  • Gustavo

    my ps3 was not connect with the cables, and i get the same issue, WTF

  • That Guy

    I got the same problem too.
    Although the internet works, PSN doesn’t.
    (I can use my os3 browser)

  • iKnow

    well if you think about u dont have to logged in to be connected to the internet to add onto that where do u think your clock gets it’s info from if u set it automatically?….so what happened is the ps3’s system had a malfunction with the date being feb 29 or march 1 then it becomes unsynced therefore not loading things like trophies and etc. allowing games not to be played or online not to work….however some ps3s aren’t affected if your lucky. most PS3 Slims aren’t but some are also some “fat” PS3s aren’t affected….so here comes he BEST PART. to fix it u either have to wait for sony fix (pending) or You could take out the RTC battery what ever that is) for 5-10 min and the date is reset so the problem is gone

  • aswdf

    its a simple fix. sony just needs to figure out how to connect our old sku’s back to the internet so we can update through a patch. PPL: stop turning on your fat ps3’s. sony is working thier asses off to get this problem fixed. i dont think that it should be too much longer. but stay offline and wait for updates

  • tota-c-k

    My PS3 internal clock is at 12/31, and the time is 7:47 p.m.

    My theory would be that Sony… Ok, to tell you the truth, I have no idea what is happening…

  • iKnow

    the rtc (internal clock) is disagreeing with real time then some how when it desyncs it screws up things like this…most people’s clock have been set to 12/31 but that’s not it…go to ur time settings it will say something like 12/31/1999!!!….sony is working on it but also at the moment they are waiting to see if it will pass by itself when the date becomes march 1st for the ps3 well we’ll find out when the first side of the earth hits mid night let us know over there if your ps3 suddenly starts to work “tomorrow” peferably as early as possible…(preferred 12:00am-3:00am in your time acceptable time 12:00am-…….-9:00am at latest i dont want to wait that long

  • Question to the Author

    You say your PS3 has been offline but have you updated the firmware since then? I wold assume so as you’re playing Uncharted 2 and I think that game required a FW a certain update (albeit the one that gave devs more ram to work with).

    In any case, what I’m thinking is that this problem was caused by something in the firmware.

  • iKnow

    psn back online eveything should be fixed!!!!

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  • my ps3 is still offline so explain that the uk is offline


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