PS3 outsells Xbox 360 by 0.7 million units in France

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Sony’s confirmed that the PS3 has sold more than 3 million units since its launch in March 2007, in France. The Xbox 360 has only managed to sell 2.3 million units in the country.

The figures, released by GFK charttrack are very solid and they also reveal that software sales for the console has bought in €418 million in revenue, which equal about 8 million units sold, this is far higher than both the Xbox 360 and Wii who has made €239 million and €337 million, respectively.

The PS3 has sold more than 42 million units worldwide since it’s launch.

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  • tareq salah

    serious question, is there any country other than the us were xbox is outselling the ps3?

  • nmalthus

    Not even sure 360 is outselling PS3 here. PS3 is more flexible. Can install a 2TB drive, the Move has more use than the Kinect. Plenty of reasons to get the PS3 over the 360 if someone is new to consoles and looking for a nextgen system to dive into.

  • Fucking YAWN….

  • PrivatePyle

    Look out, this might start a console battle on here.
    With that said, hell yeah PS3!

  • jbg0623

    a well deserved victory over the Xbox 360. kneel before the power of bluray

  • bman128

    Considering all the rumors of a PS3 price drop again, Xbox is probably going to be hurting for a while

  • LMAO at all the 360 fangirls crying hard over theese sales figures. Everyone knows the 360’s terrible graphics and lack of exclusive games cause it to sell poorly, even the Dreamcast had more exclusive games than the 360’s had.

    The PS3 just continues it’s domination as it is easily the best console in the history of the planet and with great games like Infamous 2, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 3 all on the horizon it’s clear that the PS3 isn’t just the best choice – it’s the only choice for games.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Sir, I don’t know what you are “taling” about! lls I’m playing man. Anyway, all I’m going to say is graphics aren’t everything… tho they do matter.

  • doub7

    Its only news because the PS3 acutally won 4 once. 2 bad we never got 2 c a Zune outsells iPod story…lol.

    • For once? What are you taliing about? If you actually did some research on the videogames industry you would know that the PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide for the past 2 years running.

      LOL…..gotta love 360 fangirls, always rushing in without checking the facts and making fools of themselves.

  • PilarVIRUS

    I’m going to be a little off topic here; people just love Xbox vs PlayStation debate… I have no idea why, I think they’re both great systems. Anyway, I think that it’s great that the PS3 selling good in France.

    • tareq salah

      yea it doesn’t make sense, its not like we get a check every week if we fight for play station or microsoft. these companies are making billions while we waste time energy fighting over their products.

  • doub7

    I have evry viable system & play them all. That’s really all that matters, its all about the games. There is no way as a gamer I could miss out on Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable or Xbox Live. Wouldn’t wanna miss the PS3 exclusives either, Uncharted 2 is 1 of my fav games of all time. So I am no fanboy.

    • tareq salah

      i wish everyone looks at this subject the way you do, internet forums would be peaceful :p

  • tareq salah

    my question was serious. reason being, and i might get flamed for that but when i talk to people and search the forums and see review videos on youtube for non-exclusive games. i get this fealing that people in the US (not all of them) but i see a great deal of kids buying the xbox 360 simply because its american. im not knocking on anyone here. i am a play station owner. i bought the xbox 360 first, i played with it, and after a while i liked the exclusives ps3 is putting so i sold the xbox and bought a ps3.

    if you want to play HALO, then get a xbox. if u want to play uncharted or little big planet or what ever then get a ps3. this is the only reason i base my decision on. and of course the blu-ray player.

    i dont believe in who has the better graphics, you can’t tell, its realllly hard to tell the difference.

  • shastyxmcnasty

    do any gamers even really care about this anymore…for the most part all serious gamers I know usually have all 3 systems?

  • ghostkill221

    I feel like the PS3 being chosen as the best console by the French, is still a victory for XBOX. seriously what do the French know? aside from amazing wine, and cowardice.

  • doub7


    I have no problem w/ anythin u said man. Its another user who I feel was bein a lil ridculous w/ his fanboyism.

    I know Europe is a Sony stronghold & always has been. Haven’t seen any recent figures…has Sony passed 360 in worldwide base?

    • tareq salah

      thanks for being understanding and mature enough to treat the subject seriously.

      i actually really want to buy a 360 but i’m just waiting for more exclusives to be released.

      as for sales, i think ps3 sold more worldwide than xbox, its the fact that the world got used to the name sony play station with ps one and ps 2. its gonna take time before they start looking at xbox 360 as a real gaming device rather than trying to be a play station enemy.


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