PS3 owners “can probably hope for” a Crysis 2 demo

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Crytek’s Nathan Camarillo, executive producer of Crysis 2, while in conversation with PSU at EA’s “Swing Into Spring” event, said that PS3 owner “”can probably hope for” a demo of their upcoming sci-fi First Person Shooter.

“We want as many people to play Crysis 2 as possible,” said Camarillo, smiling coyly. “I can’t say anything too specific … we haven’t announced [the demo] yet.”

When PSU asked him about whether they will be supporting Crysis 2 with DLCs, he said:

“You can imagine we will [support Crysis 2 with downloadable content],” he said. “It’s a big game and there’s a lot of fun to be had, so you can imagine we’re doing some [DLC], but I can’t say specifically what it is yet.”

He also said in the same interview that both the console versions of Crysis 2 will be equally good.

Stay tuned for more info.

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  • aquaman22

    you know i think this is bullssshhh. if they really want “as many people as possible to play this game” then why is there a demo only out for xbox??? Don’t hold your breath for the MP component of this game for the PS3 fellas. I will say this, this game will most probably end up being really good if not great, but i foresee network issues with it on the PS3 side of things. what I’m getting from them is this nostalgic feeling of COD network issues. Oh and by the way, i went on black ops late last night for the first time since the beta for kz and it took me like 10 minutes for get added to a stupid party! Aqua Out!!!

    • dh4645

      i’m sure the ps3 version will be fine. you need to sell your COD towards killzone 3 copy like i did. bunch of glitchers/cheaters on there.

      dh out

    • aquaman22

      I will not be selling COD anytime soon only because i have not gone through the campaign. I chose to skip campaign and just exhaust the MP so that then i can turn my attention to the campaign and after im done with it, i would be excited to jump back into the MP. But with the frustrations i’ve been experiencing i’d just might sell the game after i beat it and get my trophies of course. Aqua Out!!!

    • dh4645

      oh ok i see. the campaign is fun, i just couldnt stand the online. i was ok, but i am a crap ton better on KZ3. i got all but 2 or 3 trophies…the zombie ones. no plat for me.

      DH OUTness!

  • Thatruth86

    Shit there better be a demo for this thats what im expecting.., as for the multiplay idk care ill b buying a game for sp .. And watchn mulply videos for this didnt like it one bit thats just me though .. What ya think?


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