PS4: 10 Announcements That Sony Won’t Make On February 20th

What’s bound to be missing from Sony’s big announcement?

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It’s that time ladies and gents, when all our rumours of next generation hardware may actually get put to rest by an official announcement. Sony have cryptically told us that we’ll “see the future” of the Playstation brand on the 20th of February, corroborating this with a typically abstract video telling us the same. The media giant are holding an event for investors and the press on said date and, as these functions normally cost a hell of a lot of cash, it’s unlikely Sony are just putting this on for fun. The evidence is mounting that Sony are preparing to reveal the PS4 officially on the 20th and, assuming this is true, we’re going to get a lot of concrete info coming our way on the next generation of gaming. That said, Sony won’t be playing all their cards just yet, so here are ten things the Playstation fore-fathers won’t be letting us in on right away.

Launch Games


Though we may be graced with a hardware unveiling in the coming weeks, it’s more than likely that software won’t be touched on in any meaningful way. Certainly some games will be mentioned, as there will have to be some kind of video footage on show, but it’s likely that only one or two titles will be shown. Even then, it’s more than likely they will just be tech demos and not confirmed games. Time will tell what games will launch with the PS4

Bundled Software


For very similar reasons as to why we won’t get a full run-down of the launch line up, it also doesn’t seem plausible for software bundles and alternate SKUs to be announced. Bundles in particular seem to be increasingly sparse for console launches these days so, whilst they’ll be in abundance as killer apps get released more steadily later in the PS4’s cycle, the early days probably won’t have any such bundled software.



It’s hard to imagine that Sony will be able to commit to an exact price for the console with so much time before the estimated 2014 launch of the PS4. We can count on being given a price range, or a price tag for a single territory, but the full price ranges are probably not going to be announced until closer to the actual console launch.

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  • Roger

    They’ll be announcing their DOOM!

    • barry

      Yes, the PS4 will fail and it will be the end of Sony.

  • Kamille

    E3 2013, a new war begins.

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    aha, a list of things that wont happen!!! genius

  • blablah

    So basically you think they wont be announcing anything. Pretty stupid considering Sony invited many organizations for the meeting.

    • benbenkr

      +1, couldn’t have said it better.

  • kevieboy80

    Due to the extended life of this generation I believe Sony have a better plan then expected. While they wont show all there cards and leave details foe E3 I can see them pushing Ps4 all the way to lead this generation release. I also feel we could see Sony do a Nintendo and release the console worldwide on a given date. Why would Sony release info rhis month only for Microsoft to shift their calender and release before them especially in Europe.

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