PS4 Hardware and Software Selling Faster than PS2 and PS3 in Asia

PS4 is, interestingly enough, outpacing its predecessors in the market.

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The PS4 continues to have a record setting run. SCEJA today announced that the console continues to outpace the sales of its direct predecessor, the PS3, and even the legendary PS2 (which is the highest selling console of all time), when it comes to both, the hardware and the software sales.

This is a bit surprising, because reports have always pegged the Asian market as a weaker market than the rest of the world- the announcement of yesterday’s price cut for Asian territories also left the impression that it was made to prop up a failing PS4. It doesn’t seem like that is the case- rather, it seems like Sony is eager to maintain a comfortable lead over their own best performances that they have established.

The software sales are what I really find the most interesting here, given that there has been no game that is truly appealing to Asian markets. Are tastes in gaming becoming more homogenized worldwide?

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  • Starman

    can you all please stop with the
    “save the playstation campaigns
    no one cares or believes anything a desperate sinking company has to say about there earnings … if you were doing so great your @$$e$ wouldn’t be in such financial turmoil …
    so plz stfu … and get your sht together ..

    • DarkSeptember

      Aww poor you , you sound upset for some reason. Is it because Nasty PlayStation is outselling your poor little Xbox ?
      And Sony a ‘desperate sinking company’ ? You do know Sony is worth billions don’t you ? Sony are going know where pal , so shut up with your pathectic whining and grow up.

    • legacy

      Somebody sounds hurt, don’t worry xbox will make some sales in the near future, and the number one console in the world don’t need a campaign, xbox do you idiot

    • Cypher-Unknown

      can you please stop with the
      “the playstation is rubbish campaign
      no one cares or believes anything a desperate stinking fanboy has to say about a company he so passionately hates … if you were doing so great in life your @$$ wouldn’t be on here engaging in such fanatical hate …
      so plz stfu … and get your sht together …

  • Hermione Granger

    to be honest i never liked the ps2 and the reason for this is much to the blurry and weak graphics. so i just stuck to pc instead at the time. but ms released the first xbox the graphics was better and then we also had widescreen 100hz crt tvs, so things was much better.. but then the xb360 arrived and i was gonna buy it but you gotta pay to play online and it was horrible hw. so when the ps3 slim arrived, i bought that instead… free online gaming, hd tv’s that was pc monitor quality and great games… things was getting together and i had my best years of gaming. then ps4 arrived pay2play online, remakes, remasters, missing features etc and all that garbage… lost interest in it totally, i loved the ps3, i was die hard sony fan. now i have a wiiu.. thats how it goes sony when you f*** over your loyal fans.

    ps4 is just hype and garbage and it cant do 1080p at steady 60fps…. the ps3 did 1080p at 60fps in 2010 with 3ghz and 256mb of ram for games…. just think about that for a second, ps3 is still the best console released.

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