PS4 NEO and Xbox One Scorpio Are ‘Great For The Industry,’ Says EA’s Peter Moore

Another publisher openly expressing support for the two new platforms.

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EA’s Peter Moore might not have been too hot on the Nintendo NX – he sounded positive, but non committal, all said and done – but he seems all on board with the PS4 NEO and the Xbox One Scorpio, the upcoming mid life refreshes for both consoles that will also bump up their specs by a bit.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Moore expressed enthusiasm for the concept, noting that it would be good for the industry in the long run. “We’ve been very public about how supportive we are for Sony and Microsoft’s plans for Neo and Scorpio,” Moore said. “From my experience of having to launch two platforms and planning for a long life cycle – first parties have so much to cater for now. Getting ready for 4K, getting ready for VR, this kind of mid-cycle refresh is great for the industry, great for publishers like ourselves, great for developers to get some more tools, more power. I’m nowhere near any of that in my new job, but that’s what I’m seeing.”

Ultimately, I am inclined to agree with Moore here- the PS4 NEO and the Xbox One Scorpio are going to be good for the industry in the long run, as it is freed from the restrictions of having to adhere to a discrete generation based cycle.

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  • jayblazer

    They are good for the industry. Peter Moore and E.A. is not…

    • sgt_hammertime

      how isn’t EA good for the industry?

    • jayblazer
    • sgt_hammertime

      I checked out some of those links and the reasons are the same as every other publisher… it doesn’t answer how is EA bad or isn’t good for the industry. They’ve brought many new IPs and games that people love, they’re #1 in sports games, sims is HUGE it’s like a cult. why shouldn’t they release sequels….whats wrong with sequels?

    • jayblazer

      My main beef with them would be saying something is dlc when its on the original disc.

    • sgt_hammertime

      hmm, I don’t get what you mean. but if there is an ultimate and a standard sku…wouldn’t the people who bought the standard sku have to get the downloadable contents of the ultimate version separately?

  • Nintengods

    Both are cancer

    Nintendo will Save the industry once again


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