“PS4 Neo is Still A PS4,” Says Sony Japan President

Atsushi Morita reiterates.

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Reiterating Sony’s firm stance on how the PS4 is to be positioned, Sony Japan’s President Atsushi Morita told Weekly Famitsu magazine (thanks, Dualshockers) that the PS4 Neo is, in Sony speak, “Still a PS4.” As opposed to, say, a PS 4.5, or 4K PS4, or rushed-to-the-market-PS5.

Morita discussed how, for long, the market has recognised the concept of a console life cycle, and that this was something PlayStation historically moved according to. However, with increasing convergence, and developments in other markets, particularly the mobile and PC markets, Morita feels that it is time to reconsider the old approach.

With PS4 Neo, Morita implies that Sony is looking to bring in something more akin to PC, with faster, iterative updates that bring enhanced experiences, without completely upsetting the existing ecosystem.

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One have experienced incredibly fast uptake, the PS4 especially: There are over 40 million PS4 units out in world as of now. Understandably, Sony’s playing it safe with the Neo, offering it as, essentially, an enhanced PS4, to avoid alienating early PS4 adopters.

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  • cweb1988

    So literally exactly what Microsoft has been saying…..except everyone’s whining about how “confusing” it is and how Microsoft is giving mixed messages…..

    They’re both doing the same thing…..and it’s not hard to understand….

    • sgt_hammertime

      but one is Microsoft and the other is Sony and we all know how that goes already

    • Paul

      And both will be PC’s in the long run at this rate.

    • kma99

      They are basically low end pc’s already

    • Paul

      True when you can get something like the RX480 for $200 which has the power more in line with Neo and not far behind Scorpio, considering the new consoles will be out in 17 or so months, well Scorpio anyway, by then a 1070 might be reasonably cheap.

    • Troy Marcel

      You should know by now if Microsoft does it, it’s bad but Sony different story.

    • justerthought

      XB1 uses DDR3 multimedia RAM for gaming. That’s bad.

      PS4 uses GDDR5 gaming RAM for gaming. That’s good.

      MS give gamers a console that specialises on multimedia. That’s bad.

      Sony give gamers a console that specialises in gaming. That’s good.

      XB1 was going to have online DRM. That’s bad.

      PS4 uses an open disc management like PS3. That’s good.

      MS Scorpio is a full gen change re-design using a new architecture that is not backwards compatible with the XB1. That’s bad.

      Neo is compatible with the PS4 because it’s within the same gen architecture. That’s good.

      …..I could go on forever, so where is your comparison that MS and Sony do the same, with a different good or bad applied.

    • Corey

      You are misinformed and incorrect.

    • justerthought

      Not same. Read my comment above to starman detailing the difference.

  • kma99

    Scorpio confusing. Neo not so confusing i get it lol

    • Starman

      Spoken like a true fangirl … reading is ther key , not listening to other fanboys like yourself…

    • kma99

      Please you proper grammer when trying to insult someone. I won’t even try to decipher your message

    • F1NATiK

      This guy.. get a grip dude. Grow up

    • justerthought

      Here’s the biggest confusion. MS are struggling to sell the XB1 and have just announced an XB1S, then they shoot themselves in the foot by announcing the XB Scorpio. Are you one old the fools who will buy an XB1 or an XB1S with a more powerful XB Scorpio coming out next year.

      Then we have the confusion over compatibility between the XB1 and XB Scorpio. The PS4 was a perfect design from the start, so the Neo is just more of the same, without any need for a design change and new architecture.

      That is not true of MX Scorpio. The XB1 was a lame games console because the hardware was designed to perform best at multimedia. That means no XB1.5 iteration. MS have to go back to the drawing board and re-deisgn the whole thing from scratch, so that means a full gen change and new architecture with GDDR5 gaming RAM instead of DDR3 multimedia RAM.

      That means zero backwards compatibility between the XB1 and the XB Scorpio. MS confusing claim backwards compatibility exists, but it will be the same fake backwards compatibility we see with the XB1 playing 360 games. The XB1 is not powerful to run 360 games in simulation, so a select number of 360 games are pre-converted to run on a XB1and placed on a server ready for download when you insert the 360 disc. Welcome to reality.

  • Eddie Battikha

    Sony is switching to 3 year refresh cycles, this way technology isn’t held back and evolution will continue. 55 inch 4K HDR TV and New PlayStation here I come.

    • Starman

      You forgot something ….. that crappy station doesn’t support “HDR” so, there you have it … stop listening to fanboys ….

    • Eddie Battikha

      No HDR LMFAO, just stay in school little kid.

    • Starman

      You fangirls like to cop out with The “kid thing” from a real debate… the system doesn’t support mp3’s but you all thing it will be the best thing since sliced bread …Mark my words ..the neo is Sony’s last piece of crap the industry will ever have to deal with , little boy ,
      for the record , my oldest is 29 …KID ….

    • justerthought

      Well if you want to pull the age card, I’m even older than you …kid. Nobody is going to mark your words because you are talking rubbish.

      You haven’t got a clue what your talking about, shouting your mouth off calling people fanboys. If you moved out of the naive deluded bubble you live in, you would know the PS4 does support mp3 and plays them at a very high quality.

      Neo will be a huge success because most gamers have a 1080p TV and will do so for a long time. Neo games running 1080p 60fps with lush rich environments will look far superior on a 1080p TV than a more powerful XB Scorpio running 4K pixels that you cannot see, with a jerky 30fps frame rate and simplistic environments, just so it can deliver the 4K.

      In fact, Sony haven’t revealed the Neo specs yet. They have leaked some sample specs to test the water, but the final specs have yet to be revealed. The new Sony TV’s are HDR 4K, so don’t you think it would be a bit strange if the Neo did not have HDR to match them. Even XB1S and XB Scorpio have HDR and MS don’t even make TV’s.

      Open your narrow mind.

  • Paul Savoie

    I think Microsoft will be trying to coax people into dumping the Xbox One and One S in favor of the Scorpio. They want their ecosystem to be the Scorpio/PC and not have to worry about games running like crap on the One/S compared to the Scorpio; or have to sacrifice the potential of the Scorpio so that games run effectively on all systems. If Sony is wise, they match any trade in program that Microsoft offers.

    • Troy Marcel

      I’ll be buying both the S and the Scorpio. I’ll still keep mine regardless, I don’t like trading in my gear because you always lose out.

    • justerthought

      Listen to yourself. You don’t like trading in gear because you loose out, but you’re going to buy a XB1S. The XB1S gen is only going to last one year then you will never use it again because you will use the XB Scorpio and never look back.

      Instead of wasting the money, give it to charity if it’s burning a hole in your pocket.

    • Troy Marcel

      Does it look like I give a damn what you think, the answer is no.

    • justerthought

      If you don’t give a damn, why are you telling us what you will do.

    • Starman

      Sony doesn’t have the cash to do so … they’re stuck , they can’t weezle their way out of this one , not this time … no more smoke and mirrors …MS just took their soul away from them … chew on that fangirl…

    • justerthought

      I wouldn’t start celebrating just yet. Everything about the XB1 has been smoke and mirrors so far, so why would MS suddenly change the way they do business. Smoke and mirrors obviously worked well on you …lol. BC for example.

  • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin
  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimps desperately trying to compare this clear statement with MS’ multiple contradicting statements and multiple clarifications. It’s just embarrassing at this point.

  • Nazyair Sengikar

    it keeps all the games on both systems so no bid deal then ps5 will come out so some will get the neo as there first others will jump from ps4 to ps5

  • Allfor1

    If its a Ps4 then I’ll be passing on another Sony console. Will gladly wait for the Scorpio. Not that confusing really. More power, better eco-system. Console to PC and vice versa.

    • harlemsfinest027

      …and ZERO games. Microsoft showed ZILCH at E3. What games are we to look forward to on Microsoft? All that horsepower mans jack-shit if there’s nothing to play

    • Starman

      Now you’re reaching …They only showed what’s coming this year and first quarter next yr… Sony showed a bunch of tech demos , without an engine ….that wont be seen nor heard of for the next three years … you’re looking like a true fangirl bro…just stop…

    • harlemsfinest027

      Ummm…for the 2nd year in a row, Sony has a Game of the Year contender. Where’s Microsoft’s? What’s on tap for next year? They’ve got Horizon in February, Detroit, Crash Remastered, God of War 4. What’s in Xbox’s line up?


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