PS4 Outselling Xbox One By 4:1 In Germany

Even the Wii U has higher lifetime sales in the country.

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With this week having been Gamescom week – which is Europe’s largest games convention, and which takes place in Germany – this news (via NeoGAF) is perhaps exceedingly pertinent. You see, it seems like, in spite of Microsoft’s best efforts to appeal to continental Europe with the Xbox One, they have been unable to break into the market.

According to this report, lifetime sales of the Xbox One in Germany stand at only 710,000 units- this is far less than the PlayStation 4’s staggering 3 million units sold there, but also less than Nintendo’s Wii U, which has managed to sell a neat 750,000 units there.

The performance of the Xbox One isn’t getting any better there, either- this year, for instance, the Xbox One has managed to sell only 105,000 units so far, while the PlayStation 4 has sold 460,000 units- meaning the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by a ratio of over 4:1. At least the Xbox One managed to eke out a win over the Wii U this year- that console is estimated to have sold 60,000 units in Germany this year. The Wii U slowdown, however, makes sense- what with the NX launching next year.

For now, Microsoft will no doubt be hoping that the Xbox One S and Scorpio help reverse their flagging fortunes in Europe a bit.

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  • Doggystyle
    • Michael

      On the contrary there, my little pony. I actually was expecting it from this journalist because he does it all the time. Once xb1 beat the the pony kings in the US I knew it wouldn’t be long before this came. Now that sony latest exclusive bombed in reviews the downplaying of xbox one will continue….lol

    • One The One

      “Journalist”, really?

    • Mr Xrat

      That 10,000 margin of a win in one month in the US is wiped out in just one week in Japan lol. The Xbone is a flop. 🙂

    • Reaper

      A flop? You do realise its sold 20m consoles? Admittedly that less than half of what the PS4 has sold, but it’s still better than the 360 at this stage. Its nowhere near being a flop.

  • Nintengods

    Getting destroyed by PC.

    $ony $hills annihilated. Soon begging for Nintendo games again. Sad!

    • Wontime

      Isn’t it time for u to rearrange your amiibo collection

    • Nintengods

      P$4 Neo 1080P 30FPS

  • StarkyLuv

    Linking to NeoGAF to post a NeoGAF-like “article” complete with fanboy editorializing. Even using Gamesom as a justification. Also, Germany = Europe! Didn’t know that!

    It’s just…sad.

    • Mr Xrat

      Crawl back to your Twitter safe space so you can cry about the Xbone’s failure there, StarkyMong.

    • Michael

      What’s the matter, Pony? You didn’t get your oats and honey today?….lol

    • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

      You always seem to have a hard time arguing facts, Mr Xrat.

    • Mr Xrat

      If only I had a fact to argue against. As it is, I have only Xgimp delusion.

    • Mr Xrat

      More delicious desperation. Shitpio’s gonna be $799 and your tears will be delicious when it still underperforms. Keep hoping, StarkyTwat.

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimps sure are quiet.

    • ATARI

      PS4 outselling XB1 4 to 1 in Germany isn’t such a big deal. See Germany is PC land where the biggest platform by far is PC and seeing as every single Microsoft exclusive looks/plays better on PC and PS4 is really cheap those German gamers are just buying them for a handful of exclusives they want to play. Sony aren’t going to benefit from that as PS4 is sold at a small loss and the only reason why the spend money funding “exclusives” is to try and lock gamers into buying all their multiplatform games on PS4 as Sony takes a big cut from all third party multiplatform games sold on their console as does other console manufactures however the Germans will be buying these multiplatform games on PC as they look/play better there just like the Microsoft exclusives. So it’s not like PS4 outselling XB1 i Japan where there’s no other relevant platforms

    • Nintengods

      $onygimps clinging onto sales in an area where PC gaming is winning because they have no games like the xboner and the NX is about to annihilate them

      And now both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dragon Quest XI are coming to NX so Japan has no reason to ever buy a P$4 either.

      Sad! No one will miss cancerous $onygimps or Xgimps, Paul 🙂

  • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

    Germany isn’t all of Europe, what does sales in Germany have to do with the entire European Union? Where’s Holland’s numbers, where’s Italy’s numbers, where’s Spain and Portugal’s numbers? UK used to be part of EU and the Xbox One S sold out there. This article is poorly written and is assuming too much off just one country in a union of dozens of countries.

    • BassieB

      Microsoft did horrible over here in the Netherlands. Postponing the xbox for localization, and than releasing it a year later WITHOUT the localization -.-

      So yea PS4 was easier to get here, so most got the ps4. Horrible mistake by MS. (same goes for belgium btw)
      Just like MS made that kinect bundle mistake at launch, also cost them a lot of sales.

      In Spain the ps4 was selling the xbox at 7 to 1 at one point, doubt those amounts have caught up.
      Portugal basically works the same as Spain when you look at the demography.
      So guessing thats not an xbox country either.

      In the UK the ps4 outsold the xbox one for a long long long time, doubt those figures caught up just cause they brought out the slim…..

      Anyways yea article was more correct than your mediocre reply.

      Oh and isn’t Germany like the biggest economy in the EU or something, making them like a guideline or something i dunno…..

    • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

      This was just in March, the score was 2.9-1 in all of Europe, considering the strong sales Sony and Microsoft have both had, this hasn’t changed much. So yes, this article is completely wrong and proves Germany isn’t representative of all of Europe. All your outdated facts make your response mediocre.

    • Reaper

      The UK buys more consoles than Germany, we bought 5.5m PS4s and 2.5m xbox ones as of February this year. both good sales figures, wish people would stop thinking xbox has done bad, just because PS4 has done exceptionally good. PS4 has still sold half as many as PS3 has at present and considering they’re releasing the Neo, I very much doubt the PS4 will outsell the PS3 ever.

    • Mr Xrat

      The Xbone is getting demolised Europe-wide. Deal with it.

    • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

      Your life is being consumed by console wars. XD you’re bellow crapgamer levels of pathetic. I bet you cringe whenever you hear about project Scorpio.


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