PS4 Pro Delivers Good Results on 60 Inch, 4K TVs

Shocking, we know.

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So the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t quite deliver native 4K results. Regardless, the upscaled 4K still looks pretty damn good and will add to your overall gaming experience on a 4K television.

The question then arises: What would be the best size TV for these results?

Sony attempted to answer this on its official FAQ for the PS4 Pro. It did note that it couldn’t “give official recommendations on TV size due to variables in room size, seating distance, and media type,” they do have an unofficial answer which seems a little extreme.”

However, it also says, “Unofficially, the staff of PlayStation.Blog has observed good results in average living rooms with 4K TVs sized 60″ and up. If you’re in the market for a new 4K TV for PS4 Pro, we strongly recommend selecting a model with HDR10 compatibility, which will enable increased image vividness and contrast in HDR10-enabled games and movies.”

Do most consumers have that kind of space in their living rooms? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • lagann

    Something seldom talked about is that enabling HDR on compatible TV’s increase input lag greatly…some models more than others. The ball is now on TV manufacturers court to make that lag non existent now that the two major consoles have embraced HDR.

    • d0x360

      A high end TV with HDR doesn’t have input lag. You get what you pay for. Lots of gamers buy Vizio TVs…they shouldn’t.

      Sharp or Samsung, that’s it

    • Clint Hoffman

      You might want to update yourself on the latest facts. HDR absolutely adds to input lag. This includes the highest end Samsungs as well as all other brands. All of the hdmi ports are not equal on the tvs as well and can have varying degrees of lag. Lack of a game mode also affects a majority of the tvs. Turning on any extra features will also fubar the input lag. Upside is that if you are not doing multiplayer you are less likely to notice. And there are zero gaming monitors on the market that match a great 4k tv.
      For reference

    • d0x360

      ….right ok.

      You have been brainwashed. I’ll say it again. You get what you pay for.
      As for game mode…no I’d never use a game mode. It makes the image look like garbage and unless you are running your TV with noise reduction, any motion plus, dynamic contrast etc then it does nothing.

      If you properly calibrate a TV you don’t need to use the TVs built in image processing but even if you did unless your TV is using cheap components because it’s a cheap TV the amount of lag added is less than a frame so if you are playing at high frame rates it makes no difference. Even if it was 4 frames unless you are in the MLG I don’t think it matters.

      As for HDR itself adding lag…not on a good TV. Stop buying crap TVs with crap internals.

    • Clint Hoffman

      Did you even check the link I provided above? Facts don’t lie.
      I’m not brainwashed…you’re just delusional. You even admit that the TV’s have a Game mode but your don’t like it because it makes the picture bland. Why do you think the TV manufacturers made a Game Mode that turns off all the pretty stuff? Are you really that dense?

      Just because you want all the features of pretty pictures without a penalty doesn’t mean you get it.
      Just because a TV manufacturer says its a great TV doesn’t mean it is one.
      For the record… I would love to have a 4K 65″ TV with a great picture and low input lag (without turning off all the features that make the TV pic look good), but it is simply not going to happen in the near future. Even the best of the best are all about tradeoffs. $5k for a ‘tradeoff’ TV…no thanks.

  • d0x360

    I don’t see the point in buying a 4k console that can’t render modern games in 4k.

    People trashed the Xbox one for 900p but 900p is closer to 1080p than the ps4 pro will get to 4k. Any new title is going to be upscaled from likely 1440p. Wow…great job sony.

    As for TV size, 60inches isn’t that big. I have a 60 in my bedroom. Soon it will go to my sons room which has a 42. I’ll be replacing a 70inch LCD with a 70inch 4K set probably in the spring but we will see what’s rumored around that time before we buy. All I know is I already own Denon 4k Atmos receiver, my PC can stream 4k video but I’ll be buying a Vega GPU for 4k gaming then after that I’ll grab a Scorpio so I can move one of the Xbox ones into my bedroom. Chromecast just doesn’t cut it.

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  • Mr Xrat

    Quick, Xgimps, find a new FUD vinyl to spin!

    • Nintengods

      The panic from the Sonycucks over the PS4 Prolapse has been hilarious. Keep the keks coming and buy a gun. You will need it for the NX reveal when Nintendo blows $ony out once more. Then you need it to put it against your head and pull the trigger 🙂


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