PS4 Pro Specs: AMD Polaris Architecture, Double The GPU Power And Boosted CPU Clock Rate Speeds Confirmed

An impressive jump.

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ps4 pro specs

The PlayStation 4 Pro was never going to be the kind of beast that Microsoft is promising with the Xbox One Scorpio- it was always promised to be a smaller, more incremental step up over the existing PS4 model, a bit like the New Nintendo 3DS in principle. But we have to say, what Sony have announced at the PlayStation Meeting has still impressed us.

The PS4 Pro will ship with the same Jaguar CPU that the standard PS4 does- but its eight CPU cores will be clocked higher than on the standard PS4. The GPU sees a more substantial boost, with Sony claiming that it will have over double the power than the standard PS4 GPU. Sony is also claiming that they have adopted several features from AMD’s Polaris architecture, and some from beyond it. Higher bandwidth memory was also confirmed for the PS4 Pro at some point, although no more specifics were given.

All of this is to allow for better support for 4K and HDR visuals. Sony are claiming there are a number of hardware innovations they are adopting for rendering 4K images efficiently. All in all, it looks to be a pretty substantial upgrade- and it looks like for players who want the best PlayStation experience, the Pro is going to be an easy buy to gravitate to- especially since the library will be interoperable with existing PS4 systems

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  • Robert Torralba

    Any word on the disk drive? Will It play 4K blue ray disks?

    • Starman

      Nope …lmao !!!!

    • Riggybro

      Yeah more of the same. Sony focused on gaming. MS focused on media.

    • bruce livingston


    • Bad wolf

      Nice joke Mr.pony or should i say Mr.xrat , so were the games at oh wait delay after delay after delay and don’t get too excited with the 4k games it’s not going to be native games on the ps4[poor]

    • Nintengods
    • Troy Marcel

      Nope, still stuck with old tech.

  • maximus

    So double power for 4 times the pixels, doesn’t sound that brilliant to be honest…

    • The truth-ier

      its not, this guy who wrote the article is just a fanboy for sony

    • Fleetwood

      Yea that last paragraph just totally shouts out “fanboy.”

      Also, how is this a “easy buy to gravitate” without an actual price-tag announced?

    • Gabriel Porto

      It will be more than enough for high quality VR with the resolution that PSVR uses, but 4K is a total illusion in my opinion.


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