PS4 Receives New Concept Screens For Gaikai/PlayStation Now, Shows Remote Play Potential

Sony starts teasing the new service with concept screens.

Posted By | On 09th, Mar. 2014 Under News

PlayStation Now

Sony have been pretty mum regarding its upcoming cloud service for PlayStation – PlayStation Now. However, they have finally updated Gaikai’s website with new concept screenshots for PlayStation Now which show the potential of the new service. PlayStation Now has been in the beta phase since January end and is poised to release this Summer.

Despite facing some criticisms from Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, Sony is going full steam ahead with the service. It will be interesting to see how Sony promotes it, especially now that E3 is just a few months away.

PlayStation Now will first launch later this year in North America. There is no release date specified for European regions, however it is expected to follow the North American launch. This cloud service will apparently bring selected PlayStation titles across a range of devices including PlayStation consoles, handhelds, mobiles and tablets.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    should call it the PS Lag, not PS Now!! when millions jump on this at once its going to die. PS 4ail

  • trfe

    I’ll pass. Who cares about old games?

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      hardcore gamers. apparently, you’re not one of them.

    • trfe

      Haha. Says a Nintendo fan. Go play wii baseball with your elementary school friends

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      How old are you 12? You don’t even own a Nintendo console-heckler you don’t even know how to use a single one that was ever made, now go rage quit about the gf that dumped you because you suck at COD lowlife. Seriously hilarious how you’re so naive. At least I can play baseball in real life better than you score any friends online. I know more than you realize but given your underdeveloped intellect I won’t even bother boring you. It would be too much fun. Bye now sweet cheeks.

    • trfe

      Pure nonsense.

      You seem awfully bitter about something. Maybe your life is crappy I don’t have a clue but Nintendo has fallen off a cliff. Enjoy your Pokemon games you dork.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      yeah, you’re 12 and have never touched a 80’s or 90’s era console. So pathetic-you act like you got it all down bro bro when it’s just all a delusion to convince yourself Sony and Microsoft have less competitors, thinking that means better games, when actually it’s quite the opposite. I’m just giving you fact son; you can’t handle the truth I give you go cry about it like a baby until you’re all better. Nintendo is climbing up a cliff to be on the top of the mountain. Sony and Microsoft may be near its peak but Nintendo is catching up. You’ve never played a Pokemon game meathead so quit dissing games have no clue what they’re about or how to play them. P.S. My library isn’t limited to Nintendo games but I don’t expect you to believe me since you’re shortsighted when it comes to fighting your denial. I’ll leave it at that-think about it. Did you make sure to wipe your butt before taking a hike-if not do so and then come back when you don’t have any petty spouts of nonsense to gyrate in my face. Sayonara, hippie XD

    • trfe

      Nintendo is catching up? HAHAHAHAHA


      Too funny!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      it won’t be funny anymore once it becomes reality, def punk.

    • trfe

      I have nothing against nintendo. They can do well, that’s fine.

      I don’t see them as a competitor to MS or Sony, that’s for sure.

      I don’t care for their games really, they’re all too kiddie for me.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I’ll take your word for it. I don’t care who they compete against; I only care they make great games that I enjoy playing and that’s all that’s ever mattered to me; first party has been my main reason for my dedication to them and their only reason they’ve come this far and that’s not gonna change. define kiddy: too simplistic and easy compared to games on other platforms or just not enough adult content for you to feel like you’ve matured as a gamer? just curious.

    • Dan Davidson

      Are you for real? Never heard of a little thing called nostalgia?

    • trfe

      I am. I play a game and move on. Too much great stuff out now to go back and play stuff from when I was a teenager.

      It’s simple. There’s only so many hours in the day. I’d rather play a new game than an old one.

    • Dan Davidson

      You’ve never picked up an old GTA, or Crash Bandicoot or Sonic game or whatever and had a play of it? I remember when I was a little kid playing Tekken, Spyro and Point Blank and recently I’ve been getting hold of these old PSone games, not for a great gaming experience that you’d get from The Last of Us or Infamous Second Son, but for something deeper, to reconnect with myself from 15/16 years ago and think about the great times I had playing these games by recompleting them and seeing how much the franchises have changed. It’s just like looking at photos of a passed relative that you loved. You’re looking back and that little kid that played those games isn’t around anymore, but the memories are and they’ll always be a part of you. So I’m assuming that you’re new to gaming or would rather not look back on your life in fondness because you have nothing to be fond of. Because otherwise you’d surely value old games for nostalgic reasons – if of course you were a gamer 10+ years ago and loved it.

    • trfe

      Nope. It never plays the same and is always a disappointment after experiencing the most current games.

      First games I played were on an intellivision when I was 8-10. Nostalgia is for women.

    • Dan Davidson

      Nostalgia is for women? You’re very ignorant, clearly. Or an Xbot troll. I think it’s best we all stop wasting our time trying to talk to you.

    • trfe

      Oh, so someone doesn’t think exactly like you and they are a troll? Who is the ignorant one now? Your teachers at Chepstow would be very disappointed with you right now!

      Who cares about nostalgia? I look forward not backward.

      Sure I can fondly remember playing WInter games on my Mac when i was a kid, it doesn’t mean i want to play it today.

      Quit being such a toolbox.

    • Dan Davidson

      This is nothing to do with people thinking exactly like me. You’re ignorant because of the moronic statement of “nostalgia is for women”. It conforms that you’re not worth talking to. Grow up and goodbye.

  • Rupz007

    I can’t wait!! the thought of even having any form of older games being played on various formats this gen is an incredible achievement. Gaikai is incredible and i’m sure after maybe a few teething problems, it will run smooth. If they didn’t have anything workign now, it wouldn’t have been announced.


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