PS4 Slim Leaked, First Pictures Inside- Rumor

That’s one major announcement from the event leaked.

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Well, it looks like at least one announcement from Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Meeting in September has been leaked- and that is going to be a PlayStation 4 Slim, it seems like. Much like how Microsoft took the wraps off of the Xbox One S and the Xbox One Scorpio at the same event, it seems like Sony will be announcing not one, but two new PlayStation 4 systems at once- much like what an analyst had speculated previously.

Leaked images of the PlayStation 4 Slim (Push Square via NeoGAF) give us a very thorough look at the console from all angles (though there is a distinct lack of good lighting in some of these pictures). It seems like the Slim is a fair bit smaller than the existing PS4, which was already pretty small to begin with- and much like previous Slim revisions for PlayStation consoles, it looks like Sony are opting for an all matte finish with this one, too.

For now, rumors are pegging the Slim for a September release, with the NEO release presumably following later. The Slim is also likely to be accompanied by a price drop for the PS4, so sales for the console are likely to hold going into the Holiday shopping season, too.

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  • Psionicinversion

    i find it funny how some sites are saying the X1 S is obsolete because of the announcement of scorpio… well the PS4 slim and the neo will be launching at vastly closer time intervals if not at the same time… i wonder what will be said about that

    • chaz

      Well, I think for starters, it needs to be considered that the NEO isn’t as substantial an improvement over the PS4/Slim as the Scorpio is over the Xbox One/S.
      Not that I think the S especially is obsolete- I think it’s a great purchase at this point.

    • Psionicinversion

      i think sony will try to get close to scorpio official spec because its using an RX480 cus the compute unit count is the same its a question of clock speed. I read somewhere they would be able to up the clock speed by removing the power supply from the system and have it external like the X1 has so inside the unit not as much heat meaning can up clock stuff and dissipate better. how true is that no idea. But would be mad if they got to 5.2-5.5TFLOP’s, MS going have to do some serious redesign to allow for 7-8 TFLOPs or its game over instantly

    • chaz

      I honestly think it’s too late for Sony to have any substantial redesign or respeccing for the PS4 NEO at this point- realities of production and manufacturing dictate that this thing have entered manufacturing around a month or so ago if its release date was intended to be October, and if so, then its specs are set in stone and there is nothing Sony can do about it, unless they are willing to write off, and take the hit on, the entire first production batch.

    • Psionicinversion

      they might do, it all come down to cooling. im damn certain the RX480 was created for sony and sold to us as dGPU’s with higher clock rates. which for AMD is a big cost saving which they need to do tbh jst dep[ends if sony has modified there design. the biggest cost incursion would be the chip but thats not happenign. so have to see

    • jp

      still using Jaguar processor = bottle neck.

    • The truth-ier

      people generally have no idea about how this things work…. a company just doesnt change major specs this far along in the process without delaying it.

  • Nintengods

    It’s almost as thin as it’s library of games

  • bardock5151

    What a horrid design. Looks like a closed 90’s laptop, it even looks like you’re supposed to lift the top off.

    Surely it’s fake, nobody would release something like that. Surely.

    • Troy Marcel

      PS3 slims say hello, they got progressively worse

  • kee1haul

    Where’s Xrat? He needs to see this.

  • The truth-ier

    looks super ugly

  • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

    Did someone order burnt PS4s?

  • lagann

    This is not very good looking.

  • Mr Xrat

    Looks like they’ll able to chop a good chunk off the price with this redesign if it’s true. Xgimps be scared.

    • Nintengods

      It’s as slim as its library of games and about to be destroyed by NX

      $onygimps shaking in fear and in damage control all morning. Top kek


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