PS4 System Update 4.01 Now Available, Does Absolutely Nothing

Another stability update.

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Earlier this year, Sony released PS4 System Update 4.00, a major new firmware update that overhauled the UI, and added a plethora of functionality to the console’s OS. It was one of the best firmware updates Sony had released for their console yet- arguably, it as the best one, without any qualifiers attached.

So how do they follow that up? They follow that up with firmware update 4.01, which is now available to download. And what does this firmware update do? It does nothing. It is a ‘stability’ update, which is techno-speak for ‘no meaningful front facing features or changes.’ That said, it may well have reworked the framework in the background to address some bugs and glitches, or to plug some security holes and exploits. If so, we won’t know, and Sony understandably won’t tell us.

The update, which is available to download now, is 302 MB in terms of file size. Hopefully the next one is a little more meaningful.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    LOL. Haters will write articles saying a stability update does absolutely nothing.

    Meanwhile over in Xbox land, the Xbox One console UI crashes so frequently that its a wonder how those same haters that write these articles never noticed how the Xbox One UI is so slow and clunky, constantly needs to be rebooted,or restored to system default settings, or why the controllers are constantly desyncing, or even why the console would make you change your router’s NAT settings so often, when every other internet connected device in your house just seems to work right out of the box. Hilariousness!

    • Francesgconnolly2

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  • Terminator

    Of course it does nothing, bet the PS Degenerate Drone Force won’t like this and will damage control by bringing up the competing console but I don’t blame them, their conole must be ejecting the games they put in it…Sony should update that lol

  • Mr Xrat

    Still manages to do more than the Xbone update does, lmao.


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